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The newest comments are on the last pages. Some have the author’s name & city, state / province attached and some do not. These are are the real (not made up) words we have received from our customers. In case you’re tempted to think we just sit around and make these up, here’s why we don’t:

  • The obvious reason is that it’s dishonest and unethical. This shouldn’t need to be said – I (Steve) do say it up front because that’s the kind of person I am
  • Deanna, Kim & Steve are not that creative
  • We are busy. It’s a lot of work running I (Steve) have better things to do than have Deanna & Kim sit around and make up kind words, feedback and testimonials. Click here to go to our feedback form if you’d like to leave us any comments.
  • Some of our clients say it’s OK if you want to talk to them directly. If so, email Steve here and we’ll help you get in touch with them.

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Hi Deanna, Thank you for contacting me. Please update our policy as you indicated. Your website is fantastic. I purchased my policy from your site after looking at a few others. Your prices were as good as (or better) than others and you provided an incredible amount of information to help me make an informed purchase. Plus, you have very fast, informative response to my e-mail inquiries. Best regards, Ed L., Oaklyn, NJ

Terrific website — it is incredibly informative! I wish I had discovered Trip Insurance years ago. Karen P., Cambridge, MA

This is the 3rd time I used you for my overseas travel; I remember receiving Steve’s first letter to me with a penny attached. Very satisfied! Jacqueline S., Bridgeville, PA

Thanks so much for your recommendations and easy to use web site.

Good Customer Care. While filling out the insurance form I needed clarifications and Customer Rep Deanna Benzick was GREAT to help me out with precise information. Nitin S, Round Lake, IL

Deanna made this somewhat daunting task of getting travel insurance for our Weddingmoon in the Cook Islands a snap. We had to book everything waaay in advance (almost 9 months!). So we had a lot of trepidation about all the money going out – and what if something happened… She carefully explained the ins and outs of the “Cancel for any Reason” option and gave us a quote in seconds! She was terrific!! I will totally recommend Trip Insurance to anyone needing travel insurance! Janice A., Los Angeles, CA

Have used Trip Insurance on numerous occasions and have always been satisfied with the services provided. Most definitely Steve, you have a great staff. Keep up the good work! Ben and Evelyn M., Jacksonville, FL

We’ve used your service for several years now and wouldn’t use any other. The website’s easy to use, you’ve helped us get the most for our money, and helped with the one claim we had. We always recommend you when the topic of trip insurance comes up on tours.

Many thanks! I can’t wait to recommend you folks to the people I work with. You’ve been extremely helpful, and I appreciate it very much. My experience with Trip Insurance has been a very good one, and I am happy to tell my friends, colleagues, and relatives all about it. Thank you again for your help, Julie H., Portland, OR

I really appreciated the call before we left on our vacation last year to remind us what to take with us, that you would fax anything we couldn’t find that we needed, and wished us a safe trip – always do that. It meant alot.

I’ve used you on several occasions and always received outstanding service and information. I’ve recommended you to anyone who asks me about trip insurance. David J., Burbank, CA

Easy great service!

Thank you very much. I did misplace it, but was able to locate it last night. You are very thorough! Thank you again, I will be sure to recommend you. Christine, W., Orlando, FL

For me, your BBB history was VERY important. When I spoke to Mary, there was no pressure to buy right away. I deeply appreciate the recommedation and direct answers to my questions. I will do business with again and I will recommend this site to others. Ronald U., Fredericksburg, VA

Becky was great. She helped me choose the right policy. I’ll certainly recommend and use you again. Steve, I love the games, etc.

I liked the pluses and minuses of the different choices. Wade N., Indian Harbor Beach, FL

Referral from Cruise Critic. Incredible service, some of the best I have received from anyone or anyplace. Steve took the time to answer questions and walk me through everything. There was no pressure to make a decision, just answers and explanations for all my questions. Would do business with again!

The customer representative, Deanna, was unusually helpful, nice, and patient. Barbara W., Chevy Chase, MD

Very informative website. Very, very user friendly. Richard B., Dayton, OH

Seemed to be very efficient

This is the 3rd time I have gotten trip insurance through Trip Insurance, and like everything about your setup. Yours sincerely, Kent F., Patterson, NY

Thanks so much for your speedy reply and reassurance about Travel Guard. Appreciate the heads-up about increasing insurance coverage in a timely manner. Love your website!! And you were so great. Debbie K., Hurst, TX

I have lots of good experience with you.

Steve/Deanna….first of all, you have a TERRIFIC website. Second. thanks for your responses. Alan W., Powell, OH

Thanks soooo much! Y’all have been really great to a first time travel insurance buyer. Kimberly F., Springfield, GA

Great personal service

Deanna was great. I spent nearly 3 hours trying to find the insurance I wanted and got it from her in 5 minutes! Great job. I’m very happy and you can use my comments if you want to. Gordon S., Burlington, ON

Loved the process, easy to do research then call for anything not quite clear then book online. Flexibility of process really made this stand out as a great experience. Pam B., Montverde, FL

A real person answering the phone is HUGE especially in this day and age. I’m tired of punching numbers and dealing with automated phone systems. EXCELLENT!!

Your personal service is the reason I keep coming back. All questions are answered promptly and acurately and the confidence that the correct insurance to cover our travel needs brings great piece of mind. Keep up the good work! Terry H., Easton, PA

We certainly are very pleased to be able to get affordable travel insurance with your company. Most insurance quotes make it almost impossible to travel outside the country at our ages. Its pretty bad when the insurance costs more then the plane ticket. Thanks again for looking after us so well. Carol R., Belle Plaine, KS

It was so fast and easy!

I only checked the most important things to me – that especially differentiated you from the competition.

I’ve used insuremytrip in the past – and purchased the same insurance that I purchased through you. The choices they present can be a little overwhelming. I do like choice, but I also appreciate the fact that you’ve chosen to only sell what you think are the best policies. I still get to choose, but I don’t have to weed out companies with less than an A rating, etc, etc.

I also like your “quibbles” column where you make some of the contract jargon easier to understand. My experience calling for more information was also very good. Becky answered the phone almost immediately and was able to answer my questions. It was clear that she knew her stuff! I don’t really mind touch tone phone trees when they work well, but if my call is answered quickly by somebody who can handle my call herself, that’s ideal. Brett B., Princeton, NJ

Deanna was most helpful!

Used the Chat, Steve asked me a few questions and made a recommendation, it worked very well. Scott F., Aurora, CO

Takes 2 minutes to order a policy. EXCELLENT Morton K., Montreal, QC

Thank you so much for all of your assistance in answering my questions. Trip Insurance is very informative and helped clarify things for me. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a policy within the next day or so. Thanks Again! Brenda P., Miami, FL

I was very pleased with the explanations Steve provided and the helpfulness of Becky. Steve actually returned my voice message as soon as he got into the office.

Steve, it was a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you for all the time you spent explaining how the insurance should work. I know I’ll be back in touch in a few weeks or months. Meanwhile I’ll read the rest of your web information slowly. Oh and I’ll also be watching out for cement trucks in the mean time! Happy holidays. Best, Julie H., Portland, OR

I hadn’t noticed Medjet Assist before. Thanks, too, for letting us know about the discount.

I’ve used you for several trips, and have always been more than satisfied, but Steve really needs to get a life. He, with cheer, answered my call at 11 PM and gave me very helpful advice that I would have not found on my own. GREAT Customer Service!! Edward L., Andover, MA

I used live chat for help. Great site – easy to use – will be back in the future!

Responsiveness, knowledgeable staff, accessible. Hard to find a company on internet is so user friendly. Keep up the good work. Joe R., Cupertino, CA

An actual person answered the phone. Refreshing! Trip Insurance was the only company that I called that gave me prompt answers and walked me through the process. It is refreshing to talk to an actual person and not get caught up in voice-mail prompts. The prices were also less expensive than at other websites. Everything was perfect! I think what you are doing is just fine. Everything was delivered timely. Hopefully I won’t have to use the insurance, but I’m glad I have it.

Would definitely recommend to others. Everyone is pleasant to deal with, and very knowledgeable!

I very much appreciate the wealth of information on Trip Insurance as well as the extra effort you expended to make sure I got exactly what I needed. Gary Z., Franklin Lakes, NJ

Steve was very helpful.

Deanna, thanks very much for the tip. And, yes, please do modify our trip cost. Thanks very much. As always, it’s a pleasure to deal with Trip Insurance
Leah S., Annapolis, MD

Hi Deanna, I received my MedjetAssist card in the mail along with the literature so I’m all set – Thanks for making the process so easy. Regards, Alison K., Sebastopol, CA

I like talking to a real person and getting good information.

Yes Deanna! I’ve got it all, including the great information letter (with the surprise – great touch!) you’ve sent with some helpful tips in case of emergency.

I want to thank you folks for all the great information and “hand holding” you’ve provided us up to now. I’ve made several recommendations to my friends and on the travel message boards about your excellent service and website. The fact that you sent this reminder letter is yet again testament of your commitment to your clients.

The only other thing I can think of at the moment is if you’d kindly send a prayer up that we won’t need to use this policy 🙂 We’ve had one or two glitches at the last minute with this trip (administrative–not medical) that we’ve managed to work out and hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out!

Looking forward to our vacation! Thanks for everything–you guys rock! Sincerely, Janet J., Navarre, FL

Heard about you in an article at Brian P., Angwin, CA

Trip Insurance is very helpful, but I like the added benefit of talking to a live person. Deanna was very pleasant and gave me options that I hadn’t noticed on the website. She also informed me when and what I could expect for documentation. Thanks for the excellent customer service.

Just to tell you that I am back from my trip without incident or accident. I knew you were there in case of… Thanks, Hedwig P., Washington, DC

Steve’s the best. Don’t trust someone else if they say the opposite of him unless they can put it in writing and document it! Steve knows what he’s talking about – and he didn’t put me up to this. We have never met but he helped our group make insurance arrangements before and we were very careful in reviewing the fine print and asking him lots of questions because it was the first time we worked with him (we were referred to him). AND he did a great job for our group of 16. Karl H., St. Louis, MO

Thanks, Deanna. I was pleased to refer Dr Z___ to you. You have always been most helpful. Best, Leslie O., Fort Myers, FL

There is no need to look any further than the Trip Insurance I feel confident with the pre-screened companies and if I have a question I can call and get a prompt personal reply by speaking with someone. We have insured every vacation for the past 5 years and will continue to do so.

Dear Steve, Thanks again for the excellent service. Of course I hope never to use this insurance, but it is comforting to know it’s there. Joyce D., East Brunswick, NJ

It’s great to be able to call you & actually talk to you. Ed U., West Grove, PA

Steve was great to speak with last weekend! I learned alot about travel insurance. Some of his emails were sent to my AOL spam folder, though. Thanks for your help and I’ll let you know if the cost of my trip increases or decreases.

Becky was very helpful and professional…no sales pitch just good business practices!!! Thanks, Cole W., Prosper, TX

Steve – Thanks for your great service yesterday. Our conversation left me feeling very confident that I had made a good choice of agency for my insurance purchase and I would not hesitate to recommend your website to anyone who might be interested. Linn F., La Jolla, CA

Always a pleasure doing business with you.

It’s a welcome surprise to find an internet retailer that feels like you’re interacting with your local trusted expert. And to get this level of generous service from an insurance broker is even more impressive. I knew zero about travel insurance, and thanks to your site I learned a ton and was able to purchase the policy I needed. I also very much appreciated the individualized contact from Becky in the form of email and a voicemail. John C., Los Angeles, CA

The personalized service was outstanding Jim L., Mount Hermon, CA

I trust Steve. My husband and I, and our close friends have used Trip Insurance Store for a few years now, we wouldn’t consider even looking anywhere else. I felt assured from the moment I first spoke to Steve, that he was looking out for our best interest, helping us select the right plan considering I had a parent in poor health and was worried about having to cancel our trip at the last minute or fly home for an emergency. The peace of mind is worth every penny.

I feel like Steve was very easy to talk to, took the time I needed to answer my questions, and essentially took the “mystery” out of insurance….travel insurance anyway! Mark R., Los Angeles, CA

I’ve used the Trip Insurance Store for all of my vacations over the past five years, and have always been extremely pleased with their service. Since I’m often dealing with multiple issues such as weather and elderly parents, I am particularly pleased with the ability to speak with a real person and get an opinion on which travel insurance plan is best suited to my needs. Plus, the people at the Trip Insurance Store understand that getting the best deal is important to me. I would never go anywhere else for my travel insurance! Cheryl E., Hudson, IA

Since I am navigating in new waters, it was a relief and pleasure to talk with Steve, get good advice and feel comfortable. Thank you.

Thank God you picked up when I called to find out about travel insurance. “You got the gig” because you were available during the weekend, friendly, helpful, and straightforward about what the different travel insurances have to offer. I’m a sucker for good customer service and good products. Thanks again. Stephanie B., Kansas City, MO

I felt very comfortable talking to Steve and enjoyed the experience. I had talked to TravelSafe directly before I called Steve and chose to use him because I liked his website and him personally. Niki S., Scottsdale, AZ

You were recommended by friends. We have found your representatives courteous and helpful, and the prices are reasonable. Fortunately, we haven’t had to make any claims.

Your website is terrific! Anita F., Arlington, VA

Although the web site is quite complete, talking with a person is recommended for clarification and recommendations. Bob R., Glen Mills, PA

I selected our insurance on line effortlessly. The following day I received a very nice email thank us for our busines and informing us of options to get more a bang for our bucks. We were delighted with our first experience with Trip Insurance and with Deanna Benzick. We will highly recommend your agency to our friends and fellow travelers. Thank you

Very easy the side by side comparisons

Big thanks to Becky. I had my comparisons up on the screen but was having some difficulty discerning which choice represented the best VALUE. Becky was great. She listened to what I felt was important and then guided me with her recommendation and the reason for it. Perfect. Art K. Stroudsburg, PA

I’m a happy past customer. Freddie L., Williamsport, MD

Professional & courteous.

Knowledgeable intelligent friendly service. Philip G.

I like that the prices matched what I had already looked up on the internet (no extra charges), but with free advice and information. Mary was very helpful in explaining what was a covered item and how to determine the cost of my trip. I will highly recommend this company to family, friends, and anyone that asks about travel insurance. Thank you, Alberto H., San Diego, CA

Great service. A joy to do business with.

It was great chatting with you over the phone today. Thanks for helping me with my travel insurance policy. Cheers, Meg P., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you Steve for your advice. This is what I thought. You just saved me from making a potentially costly mistake. Michelle F.

Great customer service

Hi, Deanna. Thanks for your email. Yes, we have the info and will be packing it shortly. We appreciate your follow-up and great customer service. Best, Sharon H., Atlanta, GA

I was very pleased with your website. You explain everything and give tips and recommendations. It was a one-stop shopping experience for my travel insurance. I will definitely use your service in the future as well as recommend it to others.

Once again, Steve’s store with himself on e-mail and Mary on the phone provided its usual first class service. Let me know whenever I can provide a recommendation. Philip S., Pasadena, CA

Prompt, friendly help – important if you have a deadline (e.g. meet deposit date), Thanks

My original contact was made through a reference from my Allstate Insurance agent. Initially I contacted you by email and received feedback from Steve. I like the idea of talking with a person and called your listed number to confirm and purchase our need for travel insurance. Steve was very accommodating and returned my phone call within one minute. Thanks again Steve for your help. Thanks for the offer for some free gifts, but I will pass on your offer. Have a great day. Frank M., Alva, FL

complete understanding of the choices for my needs

Thank you, Deanna. Please change the coverage to $2500 per person, at the same premium cost. Actually I had included the domestic airfare, international airfare and cruise costs, but had failed to include 3 nights lodging in Barcelona, so the $2500 per person is more accurate.

Thank you for your follow-up. I have been very pleased with the ease of arranging the insurance via the website. I have been very pleased with you follow-up. And of course, I hope that I do NOT require any other services from Travelex regarding this trip, as that would mean I would be filing a claim. So the last thing I would ask of your customer service staff would be to wish us safe travels without any incidence! Bill V., Austin, TX

Let me just say how awesome you guys are … all of you. Thanks for the double check and for all your follow through. I have the copy of the policy, so we are good to go. Again, THANKS! Virginia & Gordon V., New Lenox, IL

4th year, no problems in the past

Your site is very easy to navigate. The most impressive part of your business to me the personalization you give it. Reading the client comments was illuminating and bares out what I just said. You instill trust in your company. Coverage is coverage and can be purchased from many vendors but personal service is to me the number one motivation to use you and your company. Keep it up.

Just received your thank you letter with the two bucks attached. That’s a nice touch. I is not the 2 dollars that’s important but that you care enough to thank your customers for doing business with you. As one of your customers I want you to know that I appreciate your wonderful attitude about customer service. So I say, keep it up, your business should flourish, even in the toughest of times because of your attitude. We customers don’t like being taken for granted and many firms do not realize this. Product is available from many sources and now all over the world. Those business men and women who truly serve the customer will be the winners of the ballgame. You have earned my “trip insurance” business for the future. Mark L., Melbourne, FL

I really appreciate your work on this. Thank you so much. Excellent customer service. Susan K., Chicago, IL

This is my first time to purchase travel insurance and we appreciate the kind and courteous way we were treated. Hope to use you again.

Deanna, Thank you for the e-mail… we are good to go. My best to you and Steve … he makes buying insurance less painful than it usually. I was going to say “fun” but that would be a stretch. Karen L., West Sacramento, CA

Found out about you a few years ago via the Palladium Addict web-site. Rich L., Forest Hill, MD

Steve, I really appreciate you personal help and input. You helped me get much improved coverage.

Deanna has become a friend through our dealings. So nice to have her recognize me when I call and she has all the information at her finger tips. She is SOOOO patient in explaining all options and choices. Thank you Steve and Deanna. I’m a satisfied customer!! Wally H., Telluride, CO

You do not have to purchase on line. And. one weekend, got the President himself, he was really patient with my multiple questions, understood my worries and then changed his first recommendation to a policy that would cover my greatest concern.

Although I rarely have to call as I do my insurance on line, when I do, everyone is courteous, professional, yet friendly. Always a great experience. John W., Santa Cruz, CA

Personalized Service. Steve, it is rare to find a business dedicated to customer satisfaction. Your company appears to walk the walk instead just talk about it!

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PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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