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Page 7 of What People Like You Want To Tell You About TripInsuranceStore.com

The newest comments are on the last pages. Some have the author’s name & city, state / province attached and some do not. These are are the real (not made up) words we have received from our customers. In case you’re tempted to think we just sit around and make these up, here’s why we don’t:

  • The obvious reason is that it’s dishonest and unethical. This shouldn’t need to be said – I (Steve) do say it up front because that’s the kind of person I am
  • Deanna, Kim & Steve are not that creative
  • We are busy. It’s a lot of work running TripInsuranceStore.com. I (Steve) have better things to do than have Deanna & Kim sit around and make up kind words, feedback and testimonials. Click here to go to our feedback form if you’d like to leave us any comments.
  • Some of our clients say it’s OK if you want to talk to them directly. If so, email Steve here and we’ll help you get in touch with them.

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This site was wonderful. Easy to understand and use. I had a question and had to call. Becky answered quickly and answered my question clearly. A few days later, Deanna e-mailed me with a suggestion about my policy. She was very helpful and it was over and above anything I expected. I will recommend this site to all my family and friends. Greg O., Osprey, FL

Your travel expert Teresa was ex-cep-tion-al!!!

As usual, a very pleasurable experience.

We had a wonderful time on the Blue Danube cruise. Thanks for all your help. Heddy S., Miami, FL

Dear Deanna, Thank you so much for helping me yesterday with arranging our trip insurance for our trip to France in May. Appreciate your answering the couple of questions I had and sending me the confirmation so quickly. Will let you know if I don’t receive the paperwork in the mail. Many thanks. Jean C., MA

I guess the best thing about your company is that it gives the feeling that if something goes wrong and we need the insurance that you will be there to help us. We used you to cover our cruise for our family of ten to Mexico in November. Nothing went wrong and we didn’t need you. I’m going to Russia on business in February. I’m 81 years old and explained what I needed and Mary was forcoming with the selection of TravelSafe to cover any pre-existing conditions and coverage in case I get sick or worse. She was most professional and gave me the protection I need. I hope you don’t hear from me in February or March!!! I go knowing you will answer the phone if I need to call. Many thanks, John H., Woodland Hills, CA

Appreciate all the help given on cruisecritic.com. This takes awhile to understand and your company is certainly the only one I buy my insurance from since I found it. Thank you! Kathryn R., Springdale, WA

2nd time using your company; prices are very competitive.

Your service was as advertised: quick, expert, friendly and helpful. Thanks very much. Marty M., Albany, NY

I am thrilled that I did not have to spend time and brain cells getting frazzled trying to pick something myself.


I hate having to figure things out on my own on line. I certainly will call you again and recommend you. Mary was really helpful, and so far everything is just great!

Everyone is sooooo pleasant! When I couldn’t reach Becky, Teresa called back. In this day it is so very difficult to get answers when you want them. Steve and his people respond almost immediately–pleasant change from the norm. Very helpful in explaining wording in policy. I will absolutely do business with Trip Insurance Store.com again and will recommend you to my friends.

Thanks so much for replying so quickly, Steve. You really do have to be careful when it comes to insurance. Anita G., Taylor, PA

Trip Insurance Store.com was recommended by the Cruise Critic web site and everything flowed smoothly. Thank you

You have a very easy website to get through. I will use Trip Insurance Store.com again and recommend you to all my friends. Steven W., Greenfield, WI

I liked that Becky was very courteous and also answered all my questions. She compared prices for me, and gave me the best possible price. Instead of me having to go thru all the companies you did the work for me.

Using the Web made the application very easy. And, we appreciate the very fast response to our application. Thanks!

The site was very easy to use, even for somebody like me who is very computer illiterate. Getting older and very stuck in my ways, that’s what my daughters both tell me but they still love me. Bruce

Deanna was extremely helpful & friendly, felt like I made a new buddy!! Will definately recommend this site

Not really…just want to say what great information you provide, in a friendly, courteous manner. Thank you!

You were great..very helpful and honest and quickly found out answers to questions you didn’t know.

Very personable! I really like how each agent takes their time answering your questions, and never gets in a hurry to get you off the phone! They spend all the time you need to understand the policy.

This is my second time using your services. I have recomended it to others who are also as satisfied as ourselves with the whole experience. Thank you.

I found the staff that I spoke to very helpful and courteous. Will certainly recommend you to friends & family.

The program was easy to use and the information given good, including insurance company ratings. I hope that I do not need to use the policy but if I do, your assurances of performance are comforting.

Steve, I want to thank you for your personal assistance and responsiveness after having written my note requesting information in regards to my claim for medical service reimbursement while in Europe. I also want to tell you how pleased I was at the level of service provided by your staff when I took my travel insurance policy thru your firm.

We returned home from Europe on the 10th of December 06, and I found the necessary claim forms waiting for me in the US mail thanks to your having made arrangements while we were in Europe.

I submitted my claim with all the required paperwork directly to TraveInsured International on 13 December 06.

The claim was processed quickly and I received a check in full reimbursement on January 20, 2007.

My thanks to you, your staff and to TravelInsured for the manner in which everything was taken care.

You may be certain that I would recommed The Trip Insurance Store to our friends and will certainly use your services when we travel next. Again, thanks for all of your help. Your’s truly, Harold S., Novato, CA

I have travelled with Trip Insurance Store.com before and found them excellent. Will always contact them when I go abroad again. Reginald B., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Trip Insurance Store.com is a great company. I tell everyone that I talk to about travel insurance that if they want great customer service and a friendly person to talk to, to call you. Nancy D., The Villages, FL

Side-by-side comparisons page is too large for the computer screen. I would never have known about Travel Insured’s policies if one of your staff had not mentioned that she thought one of their policies was the “best” You should tell people that they need to scroll to the right. *Note: Steve took this advice on 2-15-07 & added instructions to the Get A Quote page.

Everything was TOP NOTCH!!!…..Enjoyed your service.

Very pleasant service and no hard sell. Took time to answer all my questions and researched a few to make sure answer was accurate. Thank you to Becky. Jim W., Depote Bay, OR

Trip Insurance Store.com seems like a reliable, and easy to use company to deal with. All too often I rent cars and purchase the LDW at $25 a day or more, and never have a problem with the car, but I wondered were there other options….sure enough! My rental hasn’t occurred yet, but I’m sure things will go smoothly! George E., Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

We used Trip Insurance Store.com for our last trip and advised my in-laws to do the same. Steve kept in touch with us, advising us of the proper amounts that we should have insured and even handled all of the transactions to change it over. I felt safe and secure knowing someone was actually looking over the policy. That is why we are using it again and have recommended it to other travelers. Lorelei G., Uniontown, PA

Steve recommend coverage, Becky sold the policy. That’s the way I like it. Sending all the policy information is not what I wanted so I really liked having someone listen to my needs and advise me as to what would meet my requirements. As soon as that happpened, I called back and bought the policy. Thanks, Ernest W., Lovington, NM

I had a very pleasant experience when I called your toll free number and spoke with, Tara, a representative of your company. She was helpful, knowledgeable and sent me 4 different quotes from which to choose.

Just keep up the good work! Your site is so very informative and easy to use. We recommend Trip Insurance Store.com always to our friends.

Dear Steve, I received the refund for our cancelled Travel Insured policy. Thank you, and thank you too for all your help over the phone. When we need another policy, we will definitely purchase from you. I will also tell my friends about your great, informative site as well. Best, Patty D., Hayward, CA

Steve, The process for obtaining insurance coverage seemed to be very cost-effective and efficient. I am hoping not to have to use the coverage. However, if I do, the proof of the value of using your firm will be your responsiveness under those circumstances. Regards, David L., Irvine, CA

Hi Deanna, Thanks so much. You have been a wonderful help! Best regards, Jeh C., Kirkland, WA

Very satisfied; hope we’ll not have to use it!!!

I had a little difficulty getting help with a claim. I would like you to be more involved in assisting me if a problem arises during a trip. I received an apology from Steve and have continued to do business with you in the hopes that you will be more helpful if I ever have a problem in the future. You seem to care about you customers. Don H., Chula Vista, CA

The design of the site looks a little amateur which almost steered my away to another site, but once I started reading I’m glad I stayed!

I thought that your website was very good and was certainly complete.

Very quick and easy! Excellent service.

I wish you continued sucess. I am old customer and highly recommend Trip Insurance Store.com. Galina, FL

Your clear explanation of insurance terms was extremly helpful, I have not seen that anywhere else. Good job!!

Just to talk to a real pearson was worth everything. Candy P., Woodruff, SC

Thanks for your excellent customer service! Judy M., Allentown, PA

We are repeat customers, and we have also recommended you. Donald & Bertha E., Chesterfield, MO

Trip Insurance Store.com was relatively easy to navigate site and get prices. When I had a question I called the 1-888-407-3854 number and they helped me. The only thing I didn’t understand was on one of my fill in the insurance forms it asked for a referring person. I wasn’t sure if I needed to put you all to get credit or by using your site link it let them know you were referring….but I called and asked and was told they would know that I came from your site…..Thanks. Robert N., San Antonio, TX

This is my third time buying from your company and I have been satisfied both times before.

Steve is wonderful. I couldn’t believe how quickly Steve personally answered my questions. I don’t recall having ever received such friendly and personalized service at any price!

Thank you Deanna for helping me at the 12th hour to make a good decision for our travel. I will contact again in the future.

I’m very satisfied. No need to call me. Phone was answered quickly and promply answered my questions. Thanks Dick M., Cape Coral, FL

I liked being able to talk to a knowledgeable person who guided me so that I didn’t have to pay an exorbinant fee for unneeded insurance. I liked being able to insure for a partial cost of the trip and absorb some if anything happened so that I could keep the cost of the insurance down. We seem to be traveling more frequently than anticipated and I have peace of mind knowing we’re insured, but not overinsured. Thanks for helping us. Barbara D., Playa Del Rey, CA

You have the most impessive website I’ve ever seen or used. Siney S.

I was very satisfied with your services and will continue to use Trip Insurance Store for all travel insurance. Steve quickly answered every question I had both by email and phone. I feel very comfortable using your company. I had called other companies prior to yours, and they all seemed like telemarketers.

This is the second time we have used your service. The first time we did have to cancel our trip and within a couple of weeks after we forwarded the completed papers to the chosen insurance company (your recommendation), our check in full refund arrived. Try that when you use the tour company’s offered travel insurance! We were very impressed and recommend you to others.

So far it was a great experience. Casimir M., Clemmons, NC

THANKS!! I love the trip insurance store!! Have bought my insurance here for all my vacations! Terry H., Easton, PA

Hello Steve…from a 78 yr. old geezer USN Submarine Vet! Impeccable efficiency. Well…I am extremely disappointed that I cannot lay ANY negative comments on you (Grin). Seriously, I am greatly impressed with your response time in responding to satisfying our needs. Also, of particular importance is that you saved us a significant amount of cost. Cheers. George C., Engelwood, FL

I have used Trip Insurance Store multiple times and have always been very happy with their service and prices. Very informative website. Great service!

Hi Tara.Thank you for this message. Yes, please go ahead and round up the trip cost to $1500 per person. I appreciate your review of this and your response. My experience with Trip Insurance Store has been great. Milt O., Littleton, CO

Friends’ recommendation. Easy to compare. Helped eliminate confusion about what to buy. Jon D., Hutchinson, KS

Thanks for the great service. Tom S., Norristown, PA

Deanna, I received my trip policy today. Thanks so much for helping me. Cordially, Jim N., Los Gatos, CA

You were available on a Sunday morning and we could get our insurance plans settled with a review on the web and one short phone call. Teresa was very helpful and made it all very simple. This is our second time of purchasing trip insurance through your company. We have and will continue to recommend your services. Anne M., Cupertino, CA

I have applied and paid for travel insurance by phone with Teresa a few days ago using Travel Insured International. Your site was extremely helpful with respect to comparisons of price and coverage, as well as providing a good comprehension of how the exclusions work. Thanks for the kind response to my note. We’re traveling to Southeast Asia for three weeks in April. I have received the Travel Insured package and I’m ready to go right now! Marvin L., Portland, OR

Ok. Thanks for excellent service. I’ll then just purchase the travelite plan again. Have a great weekend. Anita G, Chatsworth, CA

Thank you, Becky….you were wonderful, and I so appreciate your help! Sue M., FL

People who answered were not only friendly but knowledgeable and very eager to help. Esta S., Land Island, NY

Hello! I spoke with several of your helpful insurance experts before ordering on the phone. Everyone was so nice and extremely informative. Much thanks to Becky for her kindness and patience. She was great! Dr. Alan E., Rushville, IL

I especially appreciate the honesty of your agents. I spoke with Tara this morning to arrange for Travel Insurance. She answered all my questions and made suggestions that saved me a lot of money!! Your company really does look out for the customer.

My wife and I were doing our own planning for a 25th anniversary holiday in New Zealand. We knew we wanted trip insurance, but had no idea who to use, your website delivered everything we were looking for.

Thank you, Tara. I was not aware of the pricing catagories. We may indeed incur more cost than the $850 per person, but I have actual receiptsto date for that amount. With the clear understanding that it will not increase our premium, I authorize you to increase the per person trip cost for Elizabeth and myself to $1000. I assume we will receive an updated declarations page showing the new amount of coverage. I have reviewed the provisions of the policy, and they seem appropriate at this time. Richard N., Lincoln, NE

Deanna, Please increase my trip insurance to $1500.00 per person as per your suggestion. Thanks. Tribowan L., Claremont, FL

Your rates are very reasonable for the coverage you get. Mary was very easy to work with. I hope we don’t have to use the coverage but I feel very secure by having it and if for some reason we have to use it I really believe you will be there for us. Thanks Regis S., Elyria, OH

I was very impressed with the information on your web site. I liked the comparisons between the plans and your take on the plans. Although I booked my policy directly from the Travelex web site, I added your agency number to the application. I thought you should get the credit for helping me make up my mind on which plan to use. Suneel B., Clarksville, MD

I think you have an excellent website, all the info one needs plus live answers to those hard to ask questions. Did not know about your guarantee until after I had bought the insurance, that was great, too! Great, easy to use web-site.

What I liked: The pages showing the policy limitations & those providing a clear interpretation of the policy differences were very helpful. Chosing the right policy and ensuring that it includes the coverage that you want is not simple, and Steve at the Trip Insurance Store really helped! Thanks Steve

Thanks so much your site was easy to use and had you not had the comparison feature I likely wouldn’t have. Jennifer L, Seattle, WA

Your services are very helpful; I am a repeat customer. I recently recommended your site to a friend looking for trip insurance. I like being able to compare the companies so easily. This particular time, I went with CSA because I wanted to get coverage for pre-existing conditions when it has been one year since we made our initial deposit. Even though you are not including them in the side-by-side right now, you still provided good information about their policies.

I know you include a lot of information on your site, so it is probably a challenge to present it all. But, one comment for improvement, is if there was a way to make the home page less busy by categorizing some of the information on that page to make less choices there and to get more detailed information at subsequent links might make it easier to navigate, especially for a newcomer. Kim G., Allison Park, PA

Great site, very informative!

I found you all are very professional, and am very satisfied. Sam I., Tamarac, FL

Second time buying travel insurance…just like the first time…easy. Pleasure doing business with you. Leonard S., Reno, NV

We’re back. The trip was great and we did not have any mishaps. Thanks for providing the insurance and feeling of comfort for us. We will certainly use you in the future for other trips. Ed G., Ann Arbor, MI

Was thrilled to find you – had always just used Travel Guard and was pleased to know about alternatives. Janet M., Franklin, WI

Thanks for your excellent website (tell Steve) and your responsiveness. Alan G., Arlington, Virgina

Agent Deanna Benzick gave me recommendations which we were able to incorporate after the policy was purchased. Very helpful service. Thanks for your help! You’re great. Reed O., Cincinnati, OH

Dear Steve, We just received your letter, complete with a ____. It definitely got our attention! Thank you for the letter with its tips and your offer of help (and the surprise!). I have found your company to be very helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. Well done!

So when we saw the [note] saying [if you will be flying the same day as getting insurance click here] it was using your time not ours, because it would be same day their but not here 🙂 lol Thanks for the quick responce and help [very helpful] 🙂 Will use your site again probably tomorrow 🙂 for our sons cruise if available 🙂 thanks again Darleen & Jerry S., Coarsegold, CA

helpful and friendly to someone who was not knowledgable in this area. You knew your stuff. David B., Closter, NJ

Friendly, professional, honest service. Teresa even referred me to a different insurance broker in order to meet my needs. The other broker referred me back to you. I could not be more pleased and I’m very glad I found you. I referred a friend to you! Thanks a million, you are super! Kelly K., Bishop, CA

Thanks, Steve. Teresa fixed me up. You guys are always the easiest part of my travel planning. Thanks! Amy B., Pittsburgh, PA

We spoke to Steve, Mary and Tara before we finally made up our minds about which insurance and everyone was a lot of help. Thanks Susie R., Savannah, GA

Thank you. Quotes were good – staff was helpful, and we bought the insurance some time ago. Pete R., Levenworth, WA

I created the quote below when I was selecting a trip insurance plan for my parents. And I had them call you and they bought it over the phone from you. I’ve bought our last 3 cruise insurance policies from you and my parents have bought their last 2 policies from you. All in less than one year. You have an awesome website and provide great service. Thanks! Diane B., Bloomington, IL

I purchased insurance though you before and was impressed with your customer service. Gerald H., The Villages, FL

Thank you for your amazingly prompt response. I have written to a few companies and yours was the only to actually address my situation – a personalized response – thank you! I have purchased the insurance you recommended for my whole family – two separate plans as my husband will only stay a week in the States. I am thankful that I stumbled across your site via good ole’ Google and a Frommers article. Again, thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Catherine A., RI

Dennis from D and D Travel recommended you for comparison to the Carnival Cruise insurance…..and I can see why…always pleasant and friendly person answering the phone, very informative, Thanks!!! Judi V., Warren, MI

After purchase I had a question which was answered fullyby the boss!! Thank you for your help,your knowledge of the product and your patience. Doris S., Picton, Ontario, Canada

I normally do not buy on line but you were recommended in an LA Times travel article about 1 and 1/2 years ago and I have used your services twice before. Very convenient.

Your service was excellent. I saw an article somewhere about Trip Insurance Store.com

Hi Steve I actually purchased insurance after all my nit-picking. I purchased it from your site because you were much more responsive and knowledgeable than anyone else I had dealt with. I certainly will let others know. Jess L., Newton, MA

Becky – When I originally talked with Deanna, I believe she said that you folks typically issued one policy for each person since that increased the coverage but the cost remained the same. Did I misunderstand that? I only got one insurance number so I assume you only wrote one policy. I’ll appreciate your response. It was a pleasure dealing with you and i appreciated your comments and suggestions. Bob C., Unionville, CT

Fantasic site, I learned about Trip Insurance Store.com from an older MSNBC posting on the web. Keep up the great work…

Compard price this morning with my preferred insurer, USAA. Their cost was only 8 dollars less, so I decided it was worth it to deal with you rather than them. Carl J.,

Appreciated the advice on increasing insurance to maximum limit. Made a quick call and they reissued my policy with new coverage amount. Thanks very much!

Read more testimonies and comments:

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PPS - Even though TripInsuranceStore.com is the world's most informative travel insurance website, you are still responsible to know the coverage terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your plan. No comments or explanations confirm or deny coverage. You need to refer to each plan's policy wording.

PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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