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Page 11 of What People Like You Want To Tell You About TripInsuranceStore.com

The newest comments are on the last pages. Some have the author’s name & city, state / province attached and some do not. These are are the real (not made up) words we have received from our customers. In case you’re tempted to think we just sit around and make these up, here’s why we don’t:

  • The obvious reason is that it’s dishonest and unethical. This shouldn’t need to be said – I (Steve) do say it up front because that’s the kind of person I am
  • Deanna, Kim & Steve are not that creative
  • We are busy. It’s a lot of work running TripInsuranceStore.com. I (Steve) have better things to do than have Deannay & Kim sit around and make up kind words, feedback and testimonials. Click here to go to our feedback form if you’d like to leave us any comments.
  • Some of our clients say it’s OK if you want to talk to them directly. If so, email Steve here and we’ll help you get in touch with them.

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We were purchasing an HTH Trip Protector Preferred policy for an Alaskan cruise. I want you to know that your page about Secondary vs Primary was the most intelligently written page of information we have ever read. It is completely understandable and perfect.

I discovered a phone call is the best way to transact a travel insurance policy. Thank you! Sincerely, Betty S., Lee’s Summit, MO

This is the 2nd time I have used your company for my son. Both times I had no idea of what I needed. Teresa and Deanna were so helpful, I would recommend your company to anyone who needs travel insurance. Judith H.,. Lemont, IL

Your website Trip Insurance Store.com is fabulous! David S., Los Angeles, CA

Tara was helpful in pointing me to the right section on your website. Lois G., Torrington, CT

I bought insurance from you last year for my big Europe trip. Fortunately, I never had to use the insurance, but your personal approach to this business made me feel in safe hands. Also, the fact that pre-existing conditions were covered was a huge determining factor for me to buy this insurance since my daughter had health issues not covered by other companies. You sent me a personal letter wishing us a good trip and giving information and phone numbers, etc. Again, this was so reassuring when going out of country and knowing you might need help.

I really appreciate companies who want to make a difference in the way business is done and you are one of those companies. I recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you so much. Johanna P., Port Hood, NS, Canada

Becky was great. After a day of hassles with airlines and travel agencies, it was a pleasure. Thanks.

Becky was very knowledgeable and easily answered all my questions to my complete satisfaction. I hope I will never need this insurance, but spending the money for it couldn’t have been more pleasant.

I appreciate the call back and I will use you in the future because of your going over and beyond with your services. Jerome D., San Pedro, CA

I’ve worked with Becky on trips before and she is always so helpful!

The strengths and quibbles pages were very helpful in making my decision. I didn’t use Live Chat this time, but did in the past and found it very helpful; it is a nice thing for you to provide. Thanks for the great service.

I was looking for a less expensive way to have CDW coverage for a rental car during our honeymoon. I was surprised to find out my regualr car insurance did not cover a rental car. I could not find an insurance company to cover just a rental car. You don’t know how happy I was to find the insurance you offer and at such an affordable price. Thanks for leading the way at offering a better alternative to the extremely high rates at the rental car counter.

Great to work with and I really appreciate the follow-up.

I have used Trip Insurance Store.com at least four times and have had excellent service and information. I especially like talking with Steve about our trips and travel experiences. You are a great company! Jerry H., Puyallup, WA

My cousin, whom I am traveling with, recommended I call you. She said you were very helpful and made it fast & simple for her. She was right, and I would also recommend you. Thank you, Becky !!!

This is the first time I’ve ever gotten trip insurance and your website was simple and easy to use. I was able to get the information I needed to make an informed decision. I then compared prices with other sites and found the prices comparable. Of all the info provided, I especially liked the percent of total cost and the insurance company rating. Excellent job Trip Insurance Store.com!

I have past experience with Trip Insurance Store.com. That’s why I keep coming back. I also like having my past coverages on file so if I need to book quickly, I can always call and have you pull up my personal information.

This really helped me. Teresa was great and so was Tara. I didn’t know what to do about insurance and they helped me sort it out. I think I saved about $125 which I liked. I will recommend you to my friends AND my travel agent.

Had some difficulty with filling out the application form, probably my fault, but was assisted over the phone by one of your representatives, who filled it out for me. Great service. Thank you.

Quick, easy, painless. I already had an idea of the coverage I needed, but with so many providers to choose from, it was worthwhile to be guided through the choices.

This is the second time I have bought insurance thru Trip Insurance Store.com and both times it was very easy.

Becky was very helpful, and I really love your website. Also appreciated the information about the recommended agencies – it’s a jungle out there! Thanks!

I have past experience with Trip Insurance Store.com. I enjoy using, and recommending, Trip Insurance Store.com. Very professional, helpful,and friendly. Thanks, Tom D., South Bend, IN

I recently purchased travel insurance again this year, thanks to your kind assistance. Catherine A., Kyoto, Japan

Cruise critic.com highly recommended you and I can see why they do. The staff member who put my travel insurance package together was very competent and friendly. It made the process very easy and stress free.

Margaret and I have been so pleased at how this was all handled the first time that we came back again. I am also going to get my insurance through you. Suzanna G., Victoria, BC, Canada

This is the third trip insurance policy I have purchased through Trip Insurance Store.com and I wouldn’t do it any other way. Thank you.

Dear Tara, Please do modify our policy as you suggested. This is quite a surprise to us, in the past we’ve used other online companies and no recommendations to change our insurance were ever made. Kudos to you and your company. You really do offer great service plus advice, a real leap ahead of other companies and all online insurance companies that we’ve used in the past. Many Thanks! Regards, John C., Novato, CA

Your site was very informative. It was easy to navagate and to purchase my policy. I usually just buy the cruise insurance from the cruiseline, but you made shopping for coverage very easy and I saved about $149 for better coverage. William A., Magnolia, NJ

I enjoyed Deanna’s friendly manner. Thanks so much for all the great information – wading through it all takes a while, but worth the time. Deanna answered the phone and was very helpful and friendly. Patricia W., Port Townsend, WA

Thanks Becky for making my purchase informed and easy. I keep coming back to Trip Insurance Store.com to insure and reassure myself against the vagaries of travel. Thanks Steve and company! Gene R., Woodbine, MD

Trip Insurance Store.com was recommended by CruiseCritic.com and very easy to use. Thank you very much!

I’ve dealt with Steve with Deanna and now with Teresa and they all are great people. I sent you at least 10 people, who were also satisfied with your answers. Thanks guys, Joseph F., Oshawa, ON, Canada

The person I spoke with (Tara) was very helpful. Arranging insurance for two trips took only a few minutes. Very pleased with your service. This is my second experience and I’ll surely be back again. Joan C., Derwood, MD

I did not buy online, I purchased my insurance over the phone and it went very well.

The gal I talked to at Trip Insurance Store was extremely helpful, patient, well-informed, and personable. It was so simple to purchase my insurance coverage. I hope I won’t need it, but I feel better knowing I’m covered. Thank you!

Excellent service on the phone. Clear and concise explanations. Thank you. This is the second time I have used your service and I am very pleased.

Thank you so much! You’re great!

It was great “talking” to you,nice to know there is still someone around that understands service.Thanks for all your help our cruise insurance quest. Peter C., East Brunswick, NJ

I have been doing business with Steve for at least 5 years; I wouldn’t deal with anyone else. He is knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant. Vera E., San Francisco, CA

I can’t believe how fast I got my policies by email! And, you answered all of my questions and your page on “pre-existing conditions” was clearer than anything I have ever seen. Thanks

Becky is awesome. She is so helpful with my questions. I’ve insured multiple trips with you and have been very happy. I’ve never had to actually use the insurance, but having it sets my mind at ease. Thanks for all your help, Tonya

Steve, Thank you so much for your help,even on the 4th of July — we didn’t expect anyone to answer the phone. You information was excellent, as is the web site. You gave us excellent advice. We will recommend you to all. Tom & Pat L., Des Moines, IA

Excellent experience on line and on telephone (I called to get an answer to a question).

Teresa was not only helpful in choosing the policy which best fit my needs but she was also friendly and professional! I will surely recommend your service to friends and family. I will embark on this Round The World excursion knowing I am properly covered from any unfortunate occurance. Thank you!

Travel companions recommended you above insurance companies with tours.

I really appreciate having a website that is backed by real people who are available via a toll free number 7 days a week. You did a terrific job answering all my questions for over an hour, and I am very grateful for your assistance. I am confident that I purchased the highest quality/best value for the money policy for my situation. Thanks again. You’re awesome! Alan D. Philadelphia, PA

Cruise Critic recommended you. Thanks Steve – a real pleasure!

I love the way you can email the comparisons to yourself or anyone else to look them over. 2nd time I have used your company and once again you were great. Becky is very knowledgable and very nice. Thank you!!

Thanks. We love your online trip insurance store.

You have a very good website, very helpful. Howard S., Wilmington, DE

This site (Trip Insurance Store.com) is great! I’m glad I found you. I’ll tell all my friends, too. Kim P., Indianapolis, IN

Trip Insurance Store.com is the most impressive website I’ve ever seen. Your site’s one of the best I have ever used. Sidney S., Silver Spring, MD

You have a very effective service. I really like the commemorative stamps, too. Burton T., Lake Worth, FL

Dear Steve, Your advertising is clever and it works. I randomly picked Trip Insurance Store.com for comparison and found that CSA fits the bill. Since your prices are the same as the insurance company, I’ll use you every thie we travel in the future. Gerry F., Ottawa, ON, Canada

Travel Insured really came through for us on our claim! Thank you for your fine service. Jerry H., Puyallup, WA

I appreciated the follow up and “properly sizing” the per trip cost. Thanks! Andrea C., New Baltimore, MI

The service was great. I stumbled across Trip Insurance Store.com while doing an Internet search to see what travel insurance options were available. The quote from our travel agent was about $200 more than we paid for the policy we selected. Your site provided the information we needed to make an informed decision and also the capability to go ahead and complete the transaction online. We called to get one point clarified and that was handled promptly and in a professional manner. After we purchased, our order was reviewed and an adjustment was recommended by your staff to make it better for us. We certainly appreciated the level of service provided. We’ll be recommending you to our friends. Lawrence B., Silver Spring, MD

Trip Insurance Store.com has the best customer service I have every dealt with and I would never buy insurance from any other company. Robert P., Johnston, RI

Thanks Becky & Teresa. Fast, clear and good feedback. (Many of the competitors have upgraded their insurance by 50%.) Since the price was the same we chose you. Carol & Richard P., Rancho Santa Fe, CA

This is the second year we have used Trip Insurance Store.com for our travel insurance. Doing business with your representatives is a pleasure. Mary was so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful last year; and we found Becky to be the same this year. Thanks. We’ll be using your company again when we book our next cruise. Henry B. Jr., Mart, Texas.

Thanks – I gave your number to Joan and Coleen – and I play tennis tonight with Ed. So don’t be surprised if you hear from those names – and Naomi said she was calling you. Thanks for your help. Terry L., Ventura, CA

Wow, thanks for the quick reply. We will place an order fairly soon. Wanted to say your site was informative and easy to use. Thanks. Tom and Ruth A., Kokomo, IN

Steve, You are the best! I will pass my kudo’s on to Kim A.. We are pals you know. She was right, you are very helpful. In the mean time I will share this with our little group and get back to you. Don’t be surprised if after getting the information the contact you directly – we are an independent mish mash of folks that have lots of fun. Thank you again. I will get back to you soon. Karl H., Kirkwood, MO

OMG – you ARE amazing! This most certainly adds peace of mind for our friends, if heaven forbid, Jimmy were to be activated for reasons out of his control. I thank you so much for the information. Again, it is a pleasure doing business with you. And it is Kellie and James who are traveling. Thanks! Cathy B., Oceanside, NY

Put in request for quote last June – Steve responded immediately and, I felt, personally. Blew me away. Then when I had put this process off to the last minute decided to call – 3:30PM my time and didn’t expect to speak to anyone and Mary Warren answered and was most helpful, delightful and we ‘did the deal’ in minutes. Just a terrific,but unfortunately unusual, experience through the internet. Thank you, Jim C., Mill Valley, CA

I had a large claim last year and it was handled very good. I have been treated real good. It’s too bad that this policy can’t continue and we will have to look for other coverage next year. Perhaps there will be something by then. It is a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks. Allan O., Kelowna, BC, Canada

Becky was very helpful and I was able to get a policy for a trip my wife was making and a policy for a separate trip I am making all with one phone call. It was quick and efficient. I recommend Trip Insurance Store.com to people who sign up for my Notre Dame travel programs. Tom D., South Bend, IN

I believe this is the third time I’ve used your company and believe the ease of comparison is well done on your site. It’s easy to eliminate companies without becoming overwhelmed with choices.

I also like the quick response to questions and always plug your site on cruise critic as a result. Randy R., Castle Rock, CO

Steve, Thanks. Sorry you lost the commission but I think you can plan on future business as we begin our retirement travels. And thanks to your staff. Dave T., Corpus Christi, TX

Your website Trip Insurance Store.com is fantastic! Thanks for all the good and helpful information. Kristy, Indianapolis, IN

I love Trip Insurance Store.com! You have so much helpful information. Darla D., Humble, TX

So far, it would appear that you understand good old customer service. Customer service is something that’s missing in so many places we try to do business today. Thank You Deanna, Pete Shaw

Terrific website – it is incredibly informative! I wish I had discovered it years ago. Karen P., Concord, MA

So far,it would appear that you understand good old customer service. Customer service is something that’s missing in so many places we try to do business today. Thank You Deanna. Pete S., Listowel, ON

Thanks, Deanna! Great service! (which is why we’re a repeat customer!). Mike C., Peperell, MA

Steve and Becky, Thank you both, your respective customer service skills are awesome!!! I have recommended Travel Guard to several of my friends and I will come back to you. Sincerely, Art K., Ontario, Canada

Becky was very easy to talk to and answered my question to my satisfaction. William L., The Villages, FL

What a great company to deal with. So quick and polite and friendly. I will use the company again. Ann S., Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

Becky was a wonderful help to us with our travel insurance claim. Ruby B., Nine Mile River, BC, Canada

Steve, I love your website Trip Insurance Store.com – I look at a lot of websites and yours is the most comprehensive website I have ever seen. Sheila K., Los Gatos, CA.

Hi Steve, I recently received a letter from you regarding the insurance policy I purchased for my son for an upcoming trip. I wanted to let you know that Teresa really helped me and Becky finished off the order when I finally called back to purchase the insurance. You have a good group of people who are really commited to taking there time to help the people who don’t quite understand much about these trip insurance.

Thank you very much for your help, my mind is at ease when we leave for Thailand in October. Best regards, Andy T., Thousand Oaks, CA

We’ll add more comments as we receive them.

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