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Geo Blue Voyager Essential and Choice Single-Trip Travel Medical Plans for Trips Outside the USA

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Single Trip Travel Medical & International Health Insurance

(Not available to residents of MD, NY and WA)

The Voyager Essential plan does not require you to have a primary health plan. * A Primary Plan is a Group Health Benefit Plan, an individual health benefit plan, or certain governmental health plan (including Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans) designed to be the first payor of claims for an Insured Person prior to the responsibility of this Plan. Medicaid and Veterans Administration health benefit plans are not considered a primary plan under this policy. Most Tricare plans are a Primary health insurance plan. Click here to see the list of eligible plans.

IMPORTANT: Certain GeoBlue policies are filed as secondary coverage. However, GeoBlue administers and pays covered claims upfront in a primary manner.

If you have Geo Blue, your claims are paid directly when you use a medical provider in their network of Foreign Country Providers. Geo Blue has contracted to accept assignment of claims and direct payments instead of you paying the Foreign Country Provider and submitting a claim for reimbursement.

Voyager Essential

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Voyager Choice

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Home Country is the U.S.; and
  • You must be under Age 96 and;
  • Enrolled in a Primary Plan*; and
  • For Children under age 6, must be enrolled with a parent and;
  • Initial purchase must be made in the USA at least one day prior to departing on your trip:

Family Members included in your Plan must be:

  • Your spouse; civil union partner or domestic partner age 95 or younger, and/or your eligible child(ren) or other eligible dependent(s) — see the Eligible Dependents list below.
  • Resident(s) of the United States except MD, NY and WA
Note: For existing and/or prospective members, injuries and Illnesses resulting from Terrorism and pandemics are covered as any other Injury or Illness provided all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The Covered Person had no direct or indirect involvement in the Terrorist Activity;
  2. The Covered Person has not unreasonably failed or refused to depart a country or location or is traveling to a country or location following the date a warning to leave or avoid travel to that country or location is issued by the United States government.

*Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) are not subject to the above exception and are covered as any other Injury or Illness. Medical Expenses associated with asymptomatic testing or expenses for quarantining (confinement outside of a hospital setting) are not covered under this Plan.

Q. I have a Voyager/Trekker medical travel plan. Am I covered for medical transport/medical evacuation if I have COVID-19?

A. You are not excluded from transport if you have COVID-19. If your request for transport is because of COVID-19, the decision to transport is based on medical necessity.

Geo Blue Voyager Essential and Choice Descriptions of Coverage:

Geo Blue Voyager Essential Description of Coverage Geo Blue Voyager Choice Description of Coverage
A brief description is below. For complete coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, select the desired Geo Blue Voyager Essential or Choice Certificate of Coverage. You can view or download Geo Blue Voyager’s Certificates with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Geo Blue Voyager Essential & Choice Medical Plans Cover:

Plan Name and Secure online order form link
(we don’t charge extra fees)
Geo Blue Voyager Essential Geo Blue Voyager Choice
Duration of Benefits and Services Single Trip
Availability All U.S. States except MD, NY and WA
Maximum Trip Coverage Period Coverage starts on the first day of any trip and continues for a maximum of the first 182 consecutive days of such trip.

Insurance Coverage

Maximum International Medical Coverage Limits Options include $50,000, $100,000, $500,000, $1,000,000
Deductible Options include $0, $100, $250, $500 per insured Person per policy period
Pre-existing Conditions Covered 180 Day Exclusion Yes
Maximum Emergency Medical Transportation Coverage $500,000
Maximum Repatriation of Remains Coverage $25,000
First Level Payment The Insurer will pay 100% of the Reasonable Charges up to a maximum benefit as stated on the Covered Person’s declaration page
Baggage & Personal Effects Coverage Maximum benefit of $500 per Trip Period and limited to $100 maximum benefit per bag or Personal Effect
Post Departure Trip Interruption* Maximum benefit of $500 per Trip Period
Is Post-Departure Trip Interruption coverage impacted for Voyager plans in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Coverage for Trip Interruption depends on when you purchased your plan. Coverage for Trip Interruption on Voyager plans is not available for trips to a country subject to a CDC level-3 travel warning, or similar warning from the government of the destination country. If the policy was purchased after the date the destination country became subject to such a warning, coverage would not be available.

There is no impact to Trip Interruption coverage for eligible members who purchased a GeoBlue Voyager plan prior to the listed dates and have travelled or are planning travel to one of the listed countries. Members who meet this criteria may use the Trip Interruption benefit as needed ($500 max).

Post Departure Trip Interruption None Deductible is not applicable. Maximum benefit of $500 per Trip Period
Toll Free Telephone Access to All Services Yes
24 hours / 7 days Global Medical Assistance Yes
Cancellation of this Policy Any date prior to Your Effective Date of Coverage, You may request a full refund of premium from Geo Blue.
Plan Name and Secure online order form link (you don’t pay extra fees using us) Geo Blue
Voyager Essential
Geo Blue
Voyager Choice

Ready to Order? It’s easy (and safe) to order online or over the telephone – just call Deanna, Kim or Steve toll free at 1-888-407-3854 or 816-282-6858.

Use the GeoBlue Voyager quote tool on this page to figure out the prices. You may buy from the quote, too.

Medical Insurance Important Information

If you have individual or group medical insurance it will have deductibles and copays when you are out of network (out of the USA is out of network). And, did you know that Medicare doesn’t cover you outside the USA? If you get hurt (ie – hit by a cement truck) or sick on your trip and you don’t want to pay everything out of pocket yourself, you will need Travel Insurance.

Plus, Medical Evacuations are expensive. The GeoBlue Voyager includes coverage and assistance for medical evacuation.

Eligible Dependents

An Eligible Dependent means a person who is the Eligible Participant’s:

  1. spouse; civil union partner, or domestic partner;
  2. natural child, stepchild or legally adopted child who has not yet reached age 26;
  3. own or spouse’s, civil union partner’s or domestic partner’s own child, of any age, enrolled prior to age 26, who is incapable of self support due to continuing mental retardation or physical disability and who is chiefly dependent on the Eligible Participant. The Insurer requires written proof from a Physician of such disability and dependency within 31 days of the child’s 26th birthday and annually thereafter;
  4. For a person who becomes an Eligible Dependent (as described below) after the date the Eligible Participant’s coverage begins, coverage for the Eligible Dependent will become effective in accordance with the following provisions:
    1. Newborn Children: Coverage will be automatic for the first 31 days following the birth of an Insured Participant’s Newborn Child. To continue coverage beyond 31 days, the Newborn child must be enrolled within 31 days of birth.
    2. Adopted Children: An Insured Participant’s adopted child is automatically covered for Illness or Injury for 31 days from either date of placement of the child in the home, or the date of the final decree of adoption, whichever is earlier. To continue coverage beyond 31 days, as Insured Participant must enroll the adopted child within 31 days either from the date of placement or the final decree of adoption.
    3. Court Ordered Coverage for a Dependent: If a court has ordered an Insured Participant to provide coverage for an Eligible Dependent who is spouse, civil union partner, domestic partner or minor child, coverage will be automatic for the first 31 days following the date which the court order is issued. To continue coverage beyond 31 days, and Insured Participant must enroll the Eligible Dependent within that 31 day period;
  5. grandchild, niece or nephew who otherwise qualifies as a dependent child, if: (i) the child is under the primary care of the Insured Participant; and (ii) the legal guardian of the child, if other than the Insured Participant, is not covered by an accident or sickness policy.

The term primary care means that the Insured Participant provides food, clothing and shelter on a regular and continuous basis.

A person may not be an Insured Dependent for more than one Insured Participant.

Any of these TriCare plans are considered primary coverage because they meet the minimal essential coverage requirements of the ACA: (minimum requirements for primary health with GeoBlue: min 50K medical limit and ability to consider international claims): TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Remote, TRICARE Prime Overseas, TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas, TRICARE Select, TRICARE Select Overseas, TRICARE For Life, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve, TRICARE Young Adult, TRICARE Young Adult Select, Continued Health Care Benefit Program, Transitional Assistance Management Program, US Family Health Plan.

GeoBlue is a trade name of Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC (Worldwide Services Insurance Agency, LLC in California and New York), an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

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Ready to Purchase? It's easy and safe to purchase online or over the phone - just call Deanna, Kim or Steve at 888-407-3854 or 507-214-3854.

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PPS - Even though is the world's most informative travel insurance website, you are still responsible to know the coverage terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your plan. No comments or explanations confirm or deny coverage. You need to refer to each plan's policy wording.

PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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