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The newest comments are on the last pages. Some have the author’s name & city, state / province attached and some do not. These are are the real (not made up) words we have received from our customers. In case you’re tempted to think we just sit around and make these up, here’s why we don’t:

  • The obvious reason is that it’s dishonest and unethical. This shouldn’t need to be said – I (Steve) do say it up front because that’s the kind of person I am
  • Deanna, Kim & Steve are not that creative
  • We are busy. It’s a lot of work running I (Steve) have better things to do than have Deanna & Kim sit around and make up kind words, feedback and testimonials. Click here to go to our feedback form if you’d like to leave us any comments.
  • Some of our clients say it’s OK if you want to talk to them directly. If so, email Steve here and we’ll help you get in touch with them.

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Whether I’ve called on the phone or made contact through E-Mail, I’ve always been met with patient kindness and clear accurate information…THANK ALL OF YOU!!! 🙂 Corey M., San Pedro, CA

What a great company to deal with. So quick and polite and friendly. I will use the company again. Ann S., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I just wanted to share my experience. I had to file a claim, as we were caught in Florida during Tropical Storm Fay last August. We were traveling on Amtrak, which suspended service for several days. We had to spend an extra day in Florida,so our claim included lodging and meals for 5. I filed my claim,and a few weeks back received a reimbursement check for the full amount that was requested,with no haggling. I was very satisfied with your company’s product as well as the insurer. I am getting ready to book our vacation for next year, so I will be using your site in the upcoming weeks for my trip insurance. William A., Magnolia, NJ

It was a pleasure to do business with your company – great personal, old fashioned service and response!! This is the second time I have used your site!

Becky helped me with our travel insurance in August for our Thanksgiving week cruise. I was really pleased when she answered the phone today when I called to purchase insurance for our January cruise. Thanks for having friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful employees like Becky. I will definitely look to your company for all our travel insurance needs. Henry B., Mart, TX

You have excellent service. I always find your staff polite and helpful. John H., Vaudreuill, Quebec, Canada

I’d like to thank you for the ease of use for this which is something I did not even know something like this existed until I happened to stumble upon it. Thank you once again for making it painless and for the suggestions.

Using you is a great experience & you have a helpful service. Leroy T., Newark, DE

I love the fact that you don’t offer products from companies you can’t vouch for. Rusty A., Chandler, AZ

We had a most enjoyable trip to Vegas with Frank and Roxanne D., who had recommended you to us. I will carry your Toll Free # in my wallet to provide info to my friends who need travel insurance for their travel plans. Thanks for a worry free vacation. Eula and Kelly B., Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

The comparison tool with prices was beneficial. The links to the provider also helped to make a decision about my purchase.

I appreciate your informative links to explanations. The comparative quotes were awesome. A bit daunting at first, but they really help to compare the companies. Telephone customer service was excellent — helped walk me through all my questions. Ted M., Scottsdale, AZ

I didn’t use the website because my mother gave me your phone number. She’s used your company and I received the same great service. I got the information I needed that day and I was able to decide what insurance I wanted. You did the research and I only had to pick a plan that worked best for me. It was quick and easy, thank you. Thaya J., Pollock Pines, CA

Just a quick note to tell you that I have been very satisfied overall with my experience with your company. Travel insurance is so very complicated and confusing and it was very nice to have an impartial 3rd party to speak to. I got your company’s name initially from and will gladly recommend your firm. Your suggestions and information were helpful. Patrice S., Novato, CA

Steve: Thanks for taking the time to write. I am very impressed with the customer service of your company. Thanks, Mark H., Lake Mary, FL

Thank You for your response. Rest assured when anyone is looking for travel insurance I will refer them to Trip Insurance I am very impressed with your service. Debra H., Algonquin, IL

When my husband and I have traveled around the world, we have have consistently used Trip Insurance and feel secure about our travels! Nita W., Honolulu, HI

Thanks SO much for taking care of fixing our policy. And thanks so much for your phone call offering fix another policy! That was “personal service” unlike anything we could ever expect! You are very kind. This is exactly why we keep coming back to Trip Insurance Faye F., St. Louis, MO

You are very patient with all my questions.

You provide a really good service. Mari I., Portland, OR

Our first experience with you. So far delighted! If our group cruises again next year, we plan to recommend you (Deanna). Bob A., Naples FL

I have dealt with Becky twice now. I am so pleased when I called, Becky personally answered the phone, no numbers to push. She even sent me her business card. Personal contact is great. Clem S., Lacombe, AB, Canada

Thanks Steve, for the clarification as I’m sure it will help. I appreciate how you guys always respond to concerns and in a couple of week when I’m in PV (with your insurance certificate in hand), I’ll drink a cold one for you. Randy R., Castle Rock, CO

Excellent!! Becky was very professional,explained all I needed to know, was very pleasant. Thanks Becky. Sarah B., Mobile, AL

Steve, Becky did a great job answering my questions. And, she didn’t “encourage me” to get one of the more expensive plans – I appreciate that! Most especially appreciated your reference to God on your web pages. As a believer I was moved. Trudy V., Wyckoff, NJ

Customer Service Rep, Becky, was very helpful and courteous. She answered my questions without hesitation. Again, thank you Becky. Joyce H., Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Calling you saved me money. I was going to insure for more than I actually needed to. Joan C., Florida

I appreciate the fast and efficiant way you handle enquiries and make suggestions to help people to get the best coverage they can- even if it is not with you. I also appreciate the speedy answers to email and follow up. Thank You for the tips on what to do to be eligible for insurance especially for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Thank you so much. You give back hope for those who are still fit to travel but trapped by bureaucracy.

It’s wonderful to be able to talk to a live person, and a very knowledgable one at that. Teresa was a great help to us. I will always use Trip Insurance in the future when we travel. Thanks again.

Teresa was very helpful and called me back right away. She made the process very easy. This was the only site on the internet we found that we were able to insure our elderly parents and without it they would not have been able to visit us. Many thanks.

As with any insurance, the true test is when you have a claim. Everything on our trip went perfect so we did not need to file a claim. As for purchasing the insurance, it was fast, easy, and efficient.

I want to thank you for your excellent comparison of plans. It covered the critical points in a concise and easily readable format that made it simple for me to choose the company and the plan. You are right about planning being time consuming – your service made the choice easy! THANKS! Marcia M., Whites Creek, TN

As a Canadian I am glad to have this choice to deal with you wonderful people. I have been getting my insurance from you for quite a few years. Hartley V., Erieau, ON, Canada

Yes, you are friendly and very helpful. Deanna was very very helpful. 1 being lowest to 10 as highest. I would rate her as a 10.

Becky was very very GOOD and on all my questions thanks again Becky. Lorne H., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Steve and Becky were great to work with, and made it easy to find the right policy to cover our vacation. We will definitely use Trip Insurance again! Scott L., St. Louis, MO

Just wanted to say hi, and that we will definitely be using you for our travel insurance again – 3rd time in as many years – your service and prices are great, I won’t even look at the ‘offered packages’ on flight/travel sites. Thanks again – it’s nice to just pop your address in and know I’m not going to overpay for insurance packages – and I even get a choice! Sherry B., Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

This is the 3rd time I have gotten trip insurance through your website, and like everything about your setup. Yours sincerely, Kent F., Patterson, NY

Your attention to detail and your helpfulness to your customer is why we use you. Kirk W., Geronimo, TX

I’ve been very satisfied with your speedy service.

Of the 3 people I spoke to, everyone seemed knowledgeable and was able to get the information I needed quickly.

I really liked the side by side comparison on the net, and the honest and factual information given to me over the phone by Becky – That’s why I purchased my insurance through your link. Keep up the good work!!

I like the friendly phone service. This is my third year with your company.

Got the lowest cost & best coverage. Was done very quickly. Becky had all the answers right away.

I found this online site the most user friendly of all of them. I had been procrastinating on what I should do-just go with the ships and no work on my part or take an active roll in making a decision ourselves. You made this easy to do. Mary

Hi Steve, Thank you for the great experience using your toll free number. Last year I bought my policy on line and thought I would try to the HTH option. I hope I don’t need the protection, but feel so much better just knowing I have it. Thanks again, Linda

Very glad to have found you. Covered our entire party for the same price the cruise line would have charged for one person, and now we actually understand what is covered and know we got a better policy. Thanks!

So many great features, but the comparisons and being able to talk to a real person are best. I have alreaday recommended to friends.

Deanna was very helpful,freindly and responded very quickly to every question. She sent all the paper work quickly and it was very clear.

simple, straight forward and relatively inexpensive.

We are very pleased with the assistance given by Steve and Teresa despite the numerous calls we made before deciding to purchase. Thanks a bunch everyone…

As a long term customer, I am very pleased that you let me know of changes in your rules so that I could respond in time.

Live chat with Steve 🙂 , Deanna sending me an email with a helpful suggestion.

I appreciate all your speedy, friendly, correct information. Thank you very much.

We use you exclusively and have always been fully satisfied. Deanna handled my recent request with your customary excellent service

Always use you guys because you seem to have really researched the subject, know what you are talking about and are generous in explaining it all – thanks!

Have used your company for many many trips. We have never had to use the insurance to date, but certainly makes you feel so much better knowing you have insurance while traveling out of the country. Would definitely recommend your company and all of your personnel. They are pleasant and always try to do the best job possible. Thank you

Becky was very helpful!

Thorough analysis and interpretation of product features; lists of likes / dislikes by product feature. I was very comfortable choosing the insurance from your company because of your obvious knowledge and in-depth analysis and interpretation of the various products, feature by feature, including the “fine print”. Your links to detailed analysis of the various coverages helped tremendously.

Your website is great and the customer service is awesome.

I appreciated your “normal speak” explanations of some of the terminolgy in the policies. Also the page showing pro’s and con’s of a particular company. Great site. Also, your followup after I ordered the insurance suggesting something I may have missed means you looked at my purchase individually. Thank you.

Very efficient patient and friendly employee: Thank you Deanna for patiently answering my questions. You were friendly and thorough even though this is not a large policy. Next year when my husband retires we intend to travel even more. We know where to get our trip insurance now. Thanks.

I was confused about a pricing difference between your website (for the comparison) and the Travelex website (for purchase). However, Becky explained it to me over the phone and I was able to purchase the insurance at a reasonable cost (otherwise, I may have not made a purchase at all). Thanks!

Pleasant,professional and quick response to an issue I had with the policy I purchased. Took care of the problem.

Thank you so much for all of your help. My mother and I both called your phone number for help before we purchased a policy – it was so easy to get in touch with someone and get our questions answered.

I appreciate talking to a person instead of a flippin call-tree system….

I’ve used you in the past and I was impressed that you followed up after the purchase and that you reminded me right before my trip to take my policy with me.

My current trip offered insurance directly. I used you to verify the company (CSA) was legit, then bought same insurance through you for less.

I am very glad that I found Trip Insurance because you have a wealth of information at your finger tips and you are willing to share.

A very convenient method of buying insurance and truly find the side to side comparisons the most important feature of your web page.

This is the third or fourth time we have bought our insurance from TIS. Always been a great experience. It is interesting to note that there have been different criteria for selection for each trip. When we travelled with our grandkids, the policy with no charge for children was important.

‘Cruise Critic’ had only positive things to say about you and I use them all the time.

Becky did a great job in clearing up some confusing issues. Sure like the products and the people.

Great, reliable, friendly service. You have become my automatic ‘turn to’ company for travel insurance!!

Prompt service. Thank you!

You made this easy – I have never purchased trip insurance before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Thank you.

After much surfing I found no sites, articles, etc. that offers the clear, concise information that your site does. I wish I would have come upon it right away. It would have saved me a ton of time.

Just to let you know Trip Insurance makes selecting travel insurance much easier. Thanks

I never called your office, because I felt the info provided was great. It was nice to go to one place, and find so much info. Now I have it, and hopefully will not have to use it….

Thank you for making this possible with only 20 minutes left before my husbands flight. I appreciate your quick handling of this policy, I was stressed, now he can fly and I can feel peaceful. Scheri M., Middletown, OH

It was very easy to make the arrangements for our trip insurance. Becky was aware of our trip details as soon as I mentioned that our trip was to the Northwest with Bob G. It was great to hear such a pleasant, easy to understand voice answer the phone. Dave S., Springfield, IL

We were recommended by our travel agents, and they were right on with a great referral! David M., Clearwater, FL

Your side-by-side comparison is the most useful tool for selecting a product. You provide more information (especially in plain language) than many of the home sites of the policy carriers. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Your website is a great service. Thank you for providing a lot more information than many of the carriers websites offer (including underwriter info, etc). Joey R., Irvine, CA

This is the fourth year we are using your company, had no problems or claims in the past so far it’s OK. Paul O., Ottawa, ON

Travelex site wasn’t quite as intuitive to use as yours is. Great service over the phone, though.

Thank you Steve. Nice family, I am very impressed about you. I will keep buying from you. Thanks again, Xochilt K., Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Steve, Thank you for the crisp $1 bill and providing the travel insurance claim tips. I really appreciate you and your staff’s assistance throughout this process. Everyone was always courteous and helpful. I will certainly recommend Trip Insurance to friends and family, especially when Canadian travel insurance companies do not offer any coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Sincerely, Wendy J., Burnaby, BC

Dear Deanna, You were incredibly kind and helpful – I was totally overwhelmed and confused by all the options. You listened patiently and cut through all the doubletalk and got us just what we needed. Thank you! Nancy L., Providence, RI

Thanks guys, I especially enjoyed chatting with Steve today! Sarah M., Charlotte, VT

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PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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