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Page 2 of What People Like You Want To Tell You About TripInsuranceStore.com

The newest comments are on the last pages. Some have the author’s name & city, state / province attached and some do not. These are are the real (not made up) words we have received from our customers. In case you’re tempted to think we just sit around and make these up, here’s why we don’t:

  • The obvious reason is that it’s dishonest and unethical. This shouldn’t need to be said – I (Steve) do say it up front because that’s the kind of person I am
  • Deanna, Kim & Steve are not that creative
  • We are busy. It’s a lot of work running TripInsuranceStore.com. I (Steve) have better things to do than have Deanna & Kim sit around and make up kind words, feedback and testimonials. Click here to go to our feedback form if you’d like to leave us any comments.
  • Some of our clients say it’s OK if you want to talk to them directly. If so, email Steve here and we’ll help you get in touch with them.

Read more testimonies and comments:

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Hi Steve, thank you again for being so nice in helping me to get the refund – they just paid the full $191 (hotel, one meal and 3 taxi rides). Really appreciated your service – shall definitely refer people to your office. Sincerely, Vinh B., Scarsdale, NY

Staff knows the products and the way you encourage people to call with questions or to buy. Keep the personal touch!!

Thanks for noticing my name was transposed on the insurance confirmation and correcting it. Michael L., Carmel, IN

I wanted you to solve what I thought was a special problem and Denise did it just fine. Thank you, Denise.

I am a repeat customer and have placed my trust for travel insurance in Steve and feel confident he and your company stand ready should we have a need. Scott A., St. Peters, Missouri

Your people are cordial and exceptional. Thank you all for the good experience!

Just wanted to say thank you. It was nice to be able to call someone on the phone and then to have live contact on the telephone line within moments. I am glad your company is here and I will look for it in the future. It is good to know there is a company that helps to look out for travelers’ insurance needs. Thank you, Colleen M.

It was easy and fast – and didn’t have all the headaches of extra charges and fees for everything.

Liked your web site. Really appreciated the toll free phone number. Talked to Mark who helped me understand things a little better, and placed the order for me. Thanks

I like the personal touch.

My only concern was the legitimacy of your venture. While I was reassured by the BBB logo, I still logged on to their website to check you out. In addition, I checked out Travel Guard as well with the BBB. Thank you for having that link. Hopefully, I won’t have need to see how the product actually works.

Service was great

Your agent, Mark was very helpful. Because of his explanations, I purchased the insurance.

Just keep giving the same good service that you have given to me so far.

I appreciated the follow up telephone call, since I had misplaced the insurance information.

Mary was very helpful and helped me pick the plan that was right for me! Thanks

This is a great webpage for a business. The straightforward language indicates honesty and customer – centered orientation.

I enjoyed my experience dealing with your company. I found Denise to be cheerful, and very helpful with my selection of the proper insurance coverage for my father. Hopefully you will not hear from me until my next vaction in a couple of months.

This is a great site. Because my time was limited, I called and immediately was assisted by Mark. He answered all my questions and very quickly a policy was in place. I love having web site information available, but I also like being able to call and be connected immediately to a courteous person who speaks my language and can assist me. That situation used to be routine .. now it’s rare indeed!! Many thanks … I’ll be back. Hadley H., Raleigh, NC

Here’s just one more reason why it pays to get independent travel insurance. As you know, my husband and I booked our travel insurance through you for our Oceania Mediterranean cruise. But on the same trip, our parents booked through the travel agency because they are upper 70’s / 80 and the rates were much cheaper to get the basic insurance. However, they are also deviating their trip and adding a hotel stay at the end – as well as prepaying for some independent tours.

Here’s what I found out when I inquired as to what the cancellation policy was on their insurance: Those travelers who book insurance through the cruise line (or the agency booking the cruise) do not have coverage on ANY independent arrangements. When traveling to other countries in particular, it is customary that arrangements must be guaranteed on a credit card in advance and there are usually very strict cancellation penalties. In the case of our trip, my in-laws will be responsible for those costs, but we will not. πŸ™‚ Jolene A., St. Louis, MO

You were there with everything I needed, actually made differences in the types of coverage clear, because I really didn’t know a lot of the little things. I also didn’t get hassled just for looking.

Quick to answer my questions.

As a first time traveler I had many questions. Denise was helpful and courteous! Great site! It was a pleasure dealing with someone directly. A live voice on the phone, with no “menu options” to select! WOW!

I can think of nothing to improve TripInsurance! I’m just so glad I stumbled upon your web site. The BBB rating was a real plus in reassuring me in my choice of provider. And when I had to call back, I was able to speak to Denise again – a “real” person! Very rare! and much appreciated! Bravo! Lydia S., Broadway, VA

Friendly, helpful, went out of your way to make sure I got what I wanted.

Plenty of good information, explanations etc. Thanks, Tara. Don S., Albany, NY

Keep up the good work!

Enjoyed this service. Nice to have small, reputable group to immediately price compare and have live voice walk you through the differences between plans. Teresa was great to speak with and very competent. We travel a lot and will use you in the future. Ina L., Philadelphia, PA

Friendly phone person.

I loved the fact that I could call real people to ask questions about a policy. I can’t see a need for any improvements. Thank you! Kelly S.

Teresa is terrific.

My experience with Trip Insurance Store.com was just great. Thank you.

You were there with everything I needed, actually made differences in the types of coverage clear, because I really didn’t know a lot of the little things. I also didn’t get hassled just for looking.

Mark is great.

Didn’t have to use it, but great price and immediate feedback! Marisa, Jacksonville, FL

Cordial, knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Steve, Thank you very much for all your assistance. I will definitely keep your company in mind for the future and for referrals to family and friends. Best of luck with everything. Debbie D.

Your customer representative Denise made a terrific impression on me.

Currently I have not experienced any delays or problems related to getting the insurance. So far, all has gone very well beyond my expectations.

All went well through pre-trip sales exchange. Steve was helpful and informed. We will be back and tell others.

Thank you for your thoughtful e-mail, I hope the weather holds and doesn’t cause delays. Thank you again, Brian D., Kissimmee, Florida

Professional service provided.

Person was very kind.

After twice buying trip insurance through you in the last six months, I’ve been telling friends and family that this is what they need to do before their next trip and that this is the place to get it done. The insurance provides peace of mind. And your outfit makes it easy to get. We had to cancel a European trip because of illness and not only got reimbursed, but when the insurance company questioned one item, you stepped in and quickly got us back another $100. Phil S., NC

This is my 3rd time buying from you. I’ll be back.

Steve, we ended up having a wonderful hassle-free trip to the Yucatan. Whenever I began to worry that something might go wrong, it was reassuring to have that CSA Silver policy number in my wallet.

Steve answers the phone and actually talks to you! What a concept!

Pleasant & helpful people.

I found your site when I searched for travel insurance. My husband was taking a short trip to California. I was worried about his traveling without us and wondering what would happen to my son and myself if (heaven forbid) there was an accident. After purchasing your insurance my husband and I both felt “at peace” and comforted by the knowledge that even if “the worst” happened, my son and I would be okay. The cost of the insurance was so reasonable, I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t purchase coverage every time they fly. I’m happy that I didn’t need to put in a claim. However, I’m certain that if I did, it would have been as easy as purchasing the coverage in the first place. Sincerely, Lori F., Long Beach, NY

Quick response to email questions.

Great experience. First purchase of travel insurance has been a positive one!

Just keep up the good work. So many people think travel insurance is sooo expensive. I give your name and number out to other travelers because I think you are most reasonable. If you sent me some more business cards I could advertise more for you.

Everything just fine – I would certainly recommend.

Thank you Steve, you have been a great resource to our IT department by reporting the system quirks that you find. We appreciate your incredible patience! I have been happy to work with you and wish you and your business the best. Thanks again for your extreme cooperation! Andrea M., Madison, WI

Very Friendly & very nice to talk to.

Mary was very helpful. She even found us a lower price than what showed up online. Great service.

You saved me even more money by explaining how the pricing schedule works. We’ll use you again and will recommend you to our traveling friends. Thanks for a great site.

A live person makes it easier to get questions answered and better advice.

Thank you for your earlier prompt reply and for answering all of the questions I have. I appreciate the fact that you were the first to respond and (out of several companies) only one of 2 agents to actually answer my questions. Paul W., Dominican Republic

I really appreciated the help and advice Steve gave me.

Very friendly, attentive, explains details.

It was very refreshing to work with people who listen. I will do business again with this company for sure and have already told others about it.

I especially appreciated the return e-mails and advice.

Worked for me. Also, I’d inquired earlier about an apparently rather specialized product that the young lady tracked down for me. (Unfortunately I was not in touch in time to make it worthwhile to buy it.) But I appreciated the extra effort, which is why I went back to you when I needed trip insurance for my son’s trip.

Mark did a great job. He answered all of my questions and was able to take care of my request quickly.

Spoke with Mary earlier, very helpful with explanations. And booked policy with Denise, most pleasant experience.

I’m glad I came across your web page. I was very lucky to connect with Steve who answered the phone on Good Friday and calmed my fears that I would be able to find good coverage for my 80+ husband from Canada. Steve spent much time explaining various plans and the pros and cons to each. Steve, thank you for all your help over numerous phone calls and your expertise in advising the appropriate plan for my hubby. Dominican here we come! Mary T. Ontario, Canada

Your website is one of the most friendly and practical websites I have ever been to. Maria C. New York, NY

I think more people should take advantage of this type of policy. Especially if they don’t have enough life insurance in place for their family. It gave me peace of mind on my trip. Thanks

Keep up the good work and continuing answering questions. You are the only site which provides detailed information on the differences in coverage between policies. This was very helpful!! Benji, Sarasota, FL

I was very pleased with the service I received and the explanation of the differences in coverage under the various plans offered by Mary. She was very patient with my detailed questions and thorough with her answers. Great job!

I spoke to Teresa – and she handled trip insurance for me – I am very impressed with her – and hope / am sure that the company is outstanding – hopefully I won’t have to use it ….but I’m sure that your company will be supportive – Sylvia O., Tucson, AZ

I was quite satisfied as a first time user / cruiser.

Never give up your immediate and friendly response to all calls, before and after trip insurance secured. The most reassuring thing is to know your questions will be answered promptly. Thanks, Diane

I liked speaking to a real, knowledgeable, helpful person. This was my first experience with trip insurance and I was totally pleased.

Staff knows the products and the way you encourage people to call with questions or to buy. Keep the personal touch!!

This was a very pleasant experience. Keep up the good work and continuing answering questions. You are the only site which provides detailed information on the differences in coverage between policies. This was very helpful!

Denise, it was a pleasure talking to you on the phone. You sound so gentle and kind. I was very pleased with your service, and I will recommand it to anybody interested on buying a trip insurance. You offer the best prices in the market. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Shkurta M., Detroit, MI

I called the toll free number and Mary was very helpful.

I’m very pleased with the personal service. Fred R., Thousand Oaks, CA

Teresa – I have already recommended you to my financial planner who deals with many people who take trips. Hopefully she will pass along my positive remarks concerning Trip Insurance Store.com. Randy, CA

Every one I’ve worked with has been great and I trust you to find the best travel insurance for my needs.

This is my first experience with travel insurance. I was very pleased.

I was most interested in your product because it was available for purchase on a flight I was taking the very same day.

Improve? Nothing…you made everything easy! Thank you for making this so easy.

The people I spoke with were very professional, yet friendly, very informative and I liked their suggestions very much. I will recommend to all I know. Keep up the good work.

I appreciated the fact that I could have the side by side comparisons and prices to review prior to calling. I then spoke with Denise who answered my questions and was very helpful in assisting me to make a decision as to which company would meet my needs. The whole process was far easier than I anticipated.

There is nothing that I don’t like. David

Thanks for your good work!

Clear comparisons, great service from a PERSON, no long wait on the phone to reach a PERSON.

If it had not been for my phone conversation with Steve this morning, I might have blundered into purchasing more costly travel insurance than I needed, only to find that it didn’t provide the essential coverage that I was looking for, considering the particular trip my daughter was planning on undertaking.

It really pays off–in the most literal sense–to be able to reach an experienced person live, when you’re trying to make an informed decision regarding insuring a loved one’s trip. Thanks for all your help, Steve!, Gene R., Silver Spring, MD

P.S. I’ll know where to come in the future.

I think this is a great site and definitely made what had been a desperate and frustrating Internet search for travel insurance much less painful! Sharon C., Los Angeles, CA

Very helpful agent (Tara). J.S., Overland Park, KS

The website is great and comprehensive. There is nothing that I do not like so far. Jennifer Q., Miami, FL

Thanks again for your help. Just as when I bought the policy for my parents last August, I’ve had a very positive experience with Trip Insurance Store.com. Lynn B., Boston, MA

You were very nice and very helpful.

I was interested in purchasing Rental Car Damage Waiver Insurance and came across your web site. The site was quite informative and answered nearly all my questions. I needed some minor clarification of the coverage and quickly reached Mark at your toll-free number. Mark was exceptionally helpful and friendly and offered to set up my coverage on the same call. He took my information quickly, and I had a policy confirmation in my email inbox in a matter of minutes. I am very impressed. You made a potentially complicated transaction quick and easy. Keep up the great work! Dave R., Kansas City, MO

You were very easy to use and gave us the security that we needed.

Straight information. Very helpful site. Love it.

I didn’t realize I could round up to $1,000 or that increments were $500. Appreciate the increase. I only purchase insurance from the Trip Insurance Store and have always been 100% satisfied! Colleen H., NJ

Dear Mary, Thanks for your incredibly prompt service. I already received CSA’s 15-page policy. Peter K., Forest Hills, NY

This is the first time that I have used the Trip Insurance Store. If the service continues to be as good as the procedures that I have encountered thus far, I would use it in the future for our semi annual trips.

I thought it was very nice the way you handled things. Even the thank you letter you sent for doing business with you. It’s not very often you get that kind of customer service anymore. Mary R., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for answering this email fast. Marcos L., Mexico City, DF

Denise: Thanks for the update and the accommodation. I dealt with Mary. She was very helpful and made the transaction painless. I will use your services in the future. Thanks again, Tim C., Irvine, CA

Mark was really helpful because he could answer all of my questions immediately and steer me to the right policy for my 16 year old son. I was impressed with how smoothly and quickly the whole process took.

My son called from Florida to finalize our travel plans he was given all the pertinent infomation and great customer support. Many Thanks, Myra H., Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Nothing can be improved – It is all very simple. Linda B., Birmingham, AL

I used it last year. Very reasonablly priced; glad I didn’t have to make a claim πŸ™‚ So far so good, I have been pleased.

Thanks for your Help. You made my day.

Used your service over the telephone. Very good experience. Thank you, Detlef E., Rancho Mirage, CA

Dear Steve, What a Surprise to get your gift in the mail yesterday. ItÍs a great idea and with our limited Spanish will come in handy. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. We are at the age where we need travel insurance and we will call you again. Our whole family is excited about the cruise. Thanks again, Carol D., Tierra Verde, FL

There was nothing I did not like. Fast, efficient service.

I loved cutting through all the information and talking to someone live. It helped me boil down to a decision much faster! Thanks – Sandy M., Golden, CO

Hope we don’t need the insurance. You did your part, expect the insurance company will do the same if we have a problem. Robert W., IL

Last year I chose your company for my visit back to the States and was very happy with your service. I would like to purchase again this year. Howard L., Italy

Steve, Just a note of thanks – I just purchased this policy, though your web page, of course. Will check back with you for my next trip, of course. Best regards, Sherri W., Spain

Great Job, though I hope I don’t use the insurance!!

I use you because I have in the past, at least 3+ times, and never had a problem. Good work, Steve!

Very helpful. Patient. Will use Trip Insurance Store.com again.

Your prompt answers are very appreciated. I find the company client friendly. I believe this is my 4th trip with you. Thanks, Marilyn K., Clearwater, FL

My experience with Trip Insurance Store.com was great. Mark recommended a plan for us and I talked with Tara when I called back to place my order. I will definitely use Trip Insurance Store.com again.

All round excellent service. Easy to use, and you can now relax and just look forward to your trip, with no worries. Thanks for a great service, and a great price. You beat the price, and had better coverage for $100.00 less than the company that came with our trip packet. Thanks again! Paul K., Salinas, CA

Thanks for the weekend help…You have very convenient hours. I liked working with a Minnesota company. Debby K, St. Paul, MN

Your site is great. We got the trip insurance we wanted at half the price the tour company wanted to charge us. Thanks so much!

Courteous and pleasant.

Mark was very helpful. He gave me all the answers I needed, including one he had to research. I like that you use 5 companies. It is enough for a good comparison, but not too many to be intimidating. Kelly, WI

I found your web site very helpful maneuvering through the difficult world of travel insurance. Maine

Mark was very helpful and friendly. The information was very useful in making a decision. Thank you and hopefully we will not need to use the policy we purchased.

Your prices were competitive and you offered some items others didn’t. I hope I never have to use trip insurance but feel reassured knowing that I have it in the event of an emergency.

Everything went smoothly.

I’m glad we didn’t have a claim! Everything went well & we felt more at ease by having this travel insurance. The next time we travel, we will purchase from you again. Thank You, The Frankfords, Ocala, FL

Over all, I liked that fact the your web page was clear and concise. That fact alone made it much simpler to make a clear choice for travel insurance that met my needs. I even recommended Trip Insurance Store.com to one of my friends even before I purchased my travel insurance policy and he thanked me for the great advice. Justin T., Eastlake, OH

I’m glad to offer that easy consumer feedback, and impressed that you made a change so swiftly! Thank you for your help in arranging for our insurance. Best, Melanie S., New York, NY

I like the folksy way your site feels. William D., Mongomery, TX

You have great customer service and followup. Bercu M., Westmount, Quebec, Canada

You all were wonderful in giving me the information I needed and giving me comparisions and detailed information so I knew what I was getting for my money. You were the best!

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PPS - Even though TripInsuranceStore.com is the world's most informative travel insurance website, you are still responsible to know the coverage terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your plan. No comments or explanations confirm or deny coverage. You need to refer to each plan's policy wording.

PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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