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The newest comments are on the last pages. Some have the author’s name & city, state / province attached and some do not. These are are the real (not made up) words we have received from our customers. In case you’re tempted to think we just sit around and make these up, here’s why we don’t:

  • The obvious reason is that it’s dishonest and unethical. This shouldn’t need to be said – I (Steve) do say it up front because that’s the kind of person I am
  • Deanna, Kim & Steve are not that creative
  • We are busy. It’s a lot of work running I (Steve) have better things to do than have Deanna & Kim sit around and make up kind words, feedback and testimonials. Click here to go to our feedback form if you’d like to leave us any comments.
  • Some of our clients say it’s OK if you want to talk to them directly. If so, email Steve here and we’ll help you get in touch with them.

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I talked with Steve and was very knowledgeable and helped me select the right insurance for our trip. Trip Insurance is excellent and the side by side comparisons are very helpful towards making a decision. Prices significantly lower than the Cruise operator. Would highly recommend your site. Harvey G., Boca Raton, FL

I like the way your company responded so quickly to solve a recently problem that I encountered with a policy mixup. Steve kept his word and got ahead of the problem even if it meant having to work on the problem on a weekend, when he could have been doing other things. You’re a great company to deal with. Henry S., Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Your “Why Buy It / Quibbles” section is very helpful. Your site explained differences better than anywhere else I found. That, combined with reaching Steve on the first ring to answer a last question proved the promise of personal service when needed. Thanks. I hope we never have to put any of this insurance to the test, but if we do, I am glad to feel there will be help navigating any claims, if needed. No need to reply, but I am glad to leave my e-mail address. Nina G., Bar Harbor, ME

Thanks for calling. We have referred you to two or three friends; you’ve been so helpful, and we are very glad we found you! Mary B., Estero, FL

Very friendly. Very professional. Very informative.

Thanks for the inquiry, Tara. I have received copies of everything from Steve last week as a result of my inquiry to him. The luggage tags were nice. Mike K., Monroe, MI

Tara is very helpful and easy to work with. This is my third policy I’ve ordered from you. Stan S. Dacula, GA

Trip was great – thanks for the thoughtfulness! Kyra H., Fremont, CA

Nice job .. we bought trip insurance from you for a trip to Italy last fall, very pleased! You suggested a change to larger amount for the current trip purchase, and will take care of the change, which is appreciated. Thank you. Joan C., California, KY

I received personal contact and recommendation for problem with policy I bought from somewhere else. I love the personal contact. Have already recommended you to friends and family. Kay H., FL

I’ve got everything I need for my trip, and I’m very happy with the service you’ve provided. I’d recommend you to my friends! Anthony S., Central Islip, NY

It was so nice of you to call. It’s been a pleasure talking to you. James M., Franklin, WI

As usual, service was fast and efficient. This is the 3rd time we have purchased through you and we have always been well satisfied. Hopefully we never have to utilize the insurance benefits but it gives us peace of mind to know we are covered, especially when we are traveling outside of the United States.

Well, that is awfully nice of you to call!. We have everything ready to go. I’m happy we are covered for travel delay. John H., San Diego, CA

This is the first time I’ve used your service, so I have no experience about collecting on the insurance. With that said, the info you provided and the accessibility of your representative (Tara) by phone were great!

I appreciate you’ve put as much information as you have on Trip Insurance It’s very helpful. You made it easy for me to pick the right policy. Tom H., Durham, NC

Thank you so much, that was the first thing I packed. You’ve been a delight to do business with. I will definitely be using your service again! Myrna Sue Shimberg, Tucson, AZ

You know what you’re doing.

Thanks again. You were more than helpful. Denise R., WA

The live chat online was great.

Friendly and helpful – no pressure sales

Wow, didn’t expect a response this quickly! Many thanks for looking into this – we just didn’t want to head out with a policy that may no longer be valid. Document well received. – Thanks very much. Paul C., Palo Alto, CA

No room for improvement.

I will definitely recommend your company. You were much more helpful and knowledgeable than the people at my local Triple A, where I bought my last trip insurance. And you offered a choice of insurance companies and plans instead of giving me a one size fits all policy like my tour company sent me information on (no complaint about my tour company but their business is arranging tours not selling insurance). I was impressed with my experience with your company. Oh, and I also want to let you know our policy came in the mail last week. Sharon B., Wilmington, NC

It was a very nice experience. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you. Sincerely, Cristina R., Wichita, KS

That is so nice of you! What a great service! I travel a lot, so I will be a repeat customer. This call really made a difference. Margaret G., Saint Clairsville, Ohio

Thank you for your excellent customer service. I have been recommending Trip Insurance to my friends. Carol S., Ramsey, MN

Thanks for your email. I just got back from the trip and did not need to use the insurance, but it was a comfort knowing we had it. We keep copies with us at all times. Thanks again, Mary K., San Diego, CA

The best experience I have ever had using any live chat. It was great to be able to look at the screen and whenever I had questions I was immediately able to contact someone for clarification and their suggestions. This is a wonderful site to obtain insurance and not feel as if you were being pressured in to buying something you didn’t need.

Thanks a bunch. You guys are great. Best regards, Bob W., Highland Park, IL

You’re a doll for calling. I’d forgotten all about my travel insurance. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Dorothy G., Monroe Township, NJ

First time user. Your recommendation was most appreciated. Also the Best’s ratings of the insurance provider was really appreciated.

I am so impressed that you called me and are taking care of this. I am going to tell all of my friends about how wonderful you are! Mary W., Medford, MA

Tara was wonderful. She explained the different policies, the options and what I should be looking for with my son’s trip to Kenya. She helped put my concern’s at ease by helping me choose the right policy. I will recommend your company to everyone. Judy H., Lemont, IL

Thanks Steve, you have been wonderful. I will definitely use your service in the future. Dianne F., Salt Lake City, UT

The number and diversity of choices were overwhelming so the expert phone assistance was greatly appreciated. Tara was very helpful and we settled on a choice in record time.

Tara, thank you for your patience on the phone. This it the first time I am purchasing trip insurance. I know it will make my wife and I feel a lot more comfortable when we go on our vacation. Thank you, Quenton L., Freehold, NJ

Thank you for catching the error. I will be calling today to sign up for a flight insurance policy. I had questions when trying to do it on line. Bill M. Ann Arbor, MI

I talked to a “live person” and did not go through “press #’s” to get answers to my questions. Very personable and helpful staff! Helpful recommendations since I was concerned about emergency health care in a foreign country which language I cannot speak or understand. I wanted primary medical coverage so I don’t have to deal with my health insurer back home. Edwin H., Hilo, HI

Quick, smooth transaction. Thanks. Steve R., Granite Bay, CA

Everything was done efficiently and I’m very impressed. Andrew M., Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks Tara. Great service. I felt much more assured during our trip knowing we had travel insurance. Happily everything went GREAT. Except for “delayed” luggage which eventually showed up. All is well. Thanks again, Michele M., Bethesda, MD

Thanks for the great service! Rich S., Honolulu, HI

Thank you for the letter. Tara was extremely helpful in obtaining my travel insurance. Denise R., Oak Harbor, WA

Good website with a lot of details. Scott E., Charlottsville, VA

Great service!

Thank you for your recent letter acknowledging our purchase of travel insurance through Travelex. You were right, the surprise was an eye catcher. I also want to thank you for the two travel tips that you pointed out in your correspondence. We used Travelex this past August for an Alaska cruise and were satisfied with their service. As a result we decided to use them again. We also recommended you to two of our friends who will be joining us on our trip. Thanks again, Marc R., Sarasota, FL

I called Tara 2 days after confirming plane and hotel reservations and she was able to obtain a policy for us in hours! As a matter of fact, after comparing policies on their internet site, she was able to recommend a policy that addressed my wife’s concerns and, at a cheaper price! It was nice to talk with a live person and there was no time spent on hold at all. Thank you, Tara! Don B., NY

I was pleasantly surprised by your quick and friendly response. Was expecting quote of $495 and got $367. Second time user and very pleased! Carl L., Hickory, NC

Steve’s knowledge of plan details! The biggest ‘draw’ for my returning as a customer is Steve’s immense knowledge of plan details. Keep up the research, Steve. Keep up with changes. Keep the easy access to you, your staff & good website, AND I’ll keep coming back. Cheryl Z., Bellevue, WA

I think the personal attention you give to your customers via the toll free number is invaluable. With so many choices out there it is reassuring to speak to a live voice to answer questions and advise the best policy to purchase per each specific need or type of trip.

A friend had one of your policies for another trip; I went to your website and found the information which was satisfactory. It was easily ordered from your website.

Hi Steve, It was a pleasure doing business with you. It felt like I was dealing with a friend. I appreciate the plan comparison and the questions you asked to ensure I purchased the right amount of insurance for my trip. I will definitely refer friends to you & I hope to use your services again in the future. Kind regards, Lee W., Frederiksburg, VA

Everything was fine, thank you. Dean J., Council Bluffs, IA

Teresa was extremely helpful in sorting out my options. I really like the idea of having the web available for a start and then dealing with a real human. Keep up the great work. Charlie L., Rome, NY

Dear Steve – I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your personal care, the information about claims, and the very “eye-catching” note. Thank you for your attention to detail. Sincerely, Pat D., Highland, MI

It was great to be able to call and ask a REAL person about a question I had! I also liked how easy it was for me to get insurance (even while I was abroad – in Mexico.) Renting a car can be last minute decision and I was glad to be able to arrange the insurance online and feel the confidence about being insured the next day when I went to get the car! Thanks.

The only issue I had with the service was a message that popped up when I selected National Rental Car (something about not covering financial default…), I tried to search the website to find out what this meant but couldn’t find anything, so I called and the person on the line explained everything.

Great website!

You have a great website. I appreciate the thoroughness and the depth of your of your explanations. Ed, Nashville, TN

Trip Insurance is a good website and a great service. Audrey K., Bristol, CT

You have very good customer service and followup after the sale. Bercu M., Westmount, Quebec, Canada

There is not one negative thing I can say about my contacts with Teresa – all positives. We insured through Travel Guard for our last Ireland trip, which was quite costly. I have a mental block when it comes to insurance – I might as well be reading a foreign language. I told Teresa what we needed and she recommended the policy which would best suit our needs. Teresa saved me the agony of trying to figure out which policy to go with. A real human who answered all my questions and who was extremely pleasant to deal with. I have passed on the information to my other traveling companions and have highly recommended your service at Trip Insurance I will definitely use only the Trip Insurance Store for future trips. Thank you for the peace of mind on the insurance front. Trudy A., Schererville, IN

Teresa was thorough and knowledgeable. Thank You! I am very impressed with the phone skills provided by Trip Insurance Keep up the good work.

So far the experience has been excellent. Tara was very helpful and had all the answers I needed. Thanks so much Tara.

I had a wonderful lady to help me this evening (Teresa). Thanks and have a great day!

My experience with Trip Insurance has been entirely positive. I first ordered insurance in July 2005 over the phone. Tara helped me and was very friendly and knowledgeable. I had some traveling problems on that trip where I thought I might actually need to use the insurance – as it turns out I didn’t, but it was comforting to know that I had a good policy in place just in case. Time for a new trip now and your site and the insurance were no-brainers. I also very much appreciate the follow-up letters and emails – thank you for not making them annoying spam-like missives.

Trip Insurance obviously holds customer service to be an important part of its business practice – it’s a welcomed change from most service providers. I will continue to use Trip Insurance and to recommend your services to friends and family. Well done, everyone, well done! Jennifer F., Reston, VA

Steve was very helpful, also Teresa. I heard about your company while listening to Clark Howard on the internet on WSB radio in Atlanta, Georgia. I really have faith in him and now I see why he endorsed your company. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Alan Y., Naples, FL

Reasonable price for short term product to supplement my own insurance coverage.

Greetings Steve: Thank you very much ! We are feeling more secure in our travels having the comfort of your evacuation insurance policy! We have been using Travelex insurance for several years now on our world wide travels. Fortunately we never had to need to call on our policies, but we feel very much at ease during our travels because we can depend on your policy in case of need. Sincerely, Gerard V., Glenwood Springs, CO

I had to cancel a trip last November. I had HTH for my travel insurance. The transaction could not have went any smoother. After I filled out the claim form I was anticipating more paperwork. To my suprise the next letter I recieved from HTH was my reimbursment check. The entire process only took about 2 weeks. I was very pleased. Joel J., Menlo Park, CA

This is the 3rd or 4th policy we’ve bought from Trip Insurance because you are all just the easiest people to work with. Joanna P., Mandeville, LA

Your site saved us time to shop around. Thanks!

Your suggestions are really appreciated. Thank you! Yves M., New York, NY

I’ve done business with you before and I like your service. I’ve recommended you to others. Myrna S., Tucson, AZ

This is quick and easy to get the trip insurance. It is so fast and easy to get our trip insurance through this company. Every one is so nice to deal with and the confirmation is quickly e-mailed to us. This is our third time with getting trip insurance with this Trip Insurance Thank you so much. Joyce T., Rimbey, Alberta, Canada

This is my first experience with Trip Insurance Store, I did take out a policy with you because of the good service I received when I called you. I also appreciate the follow-up letter from Steve and his concern for his clients, to be sure they understand the policy. I am very impressed with Trip Insurance so far and would recommend you and plan on using you in my future travels. Clinton G., Penn Valley, CA

I liked the fact that you have the BBB and the BIB affiliation.

I spoke to Steve first and he gave me a complete explanation of the coverage. Then I called back and spoke to another young lady (don’t remember her name) but she was very helpful and most professional.

I was very impressed with the pleasant, courteous and helpful assistance that I received when I called to purchase trip insurance. Teresa could not have been nicer or more helpful as she walked me through the process – such outstanting service is very rare in today’s business world! I am so very glad that I chose your company. Thanks, Donnie Flynn, Florence, KY

Dear Steve, Thank you for everything. I am really happy to have obtained my travel insurance from you on one of the Companies you trust. Rest assured that I will recommend your store to friends and relatives who need travel insurance. Best wishes. Yours truly, Ramanathan P., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

I talked with Steve and Deanna regarding the purchase of travel insurance. They were both very helpful. I would recommend this group to others. It’s nice to have the piece of mind – just in case something goes wrong.

This is my first time using trip insurance so I don’t have much to compare with. You were recommended by my sister and the agency I booked with. I did like the quick response on my request. Nancy F., Harrison, OH

Great prices on CDW for rental car. 2nd time I’ve used you. I was able to buy at 5am before I got on the plane.

Deanna was very helpful. Like being able to compare plans and I like your pre-screening. Owen C., Cream Ridge, NJ

I liked the easy application on the Internet. We haven’t traveled yet, so I can only comment on applying for the insurance.

Saved a lot of money on rental car! Thank you!

Steve and Staff, Your site is awesome, and better than anything else. I use you often, and refer you to everyone whom is traveling. Without taking your survey, let me just say out of a possible score of 10, you guys are 11+. If I can’t find the answer from your web site, then a quick call to you office and with your wonderful staff, my concerns are elevated. I would say keep everything as is, as you can’t get any better than the best. Thanks again for a wonderful product and services. Regards, Linda S., Hollywood, FL

Good first experience.

Good job. Gary M., Elmwood Park, IL

I loved your website. It’s excellent. I’m a very commited and loyal online buyer. Eileen K., Bluebell, PA

My dealings with you and Trip Insurance have been nothing but excellent. I have no problem referring Trip Insurance to my friends and family.

When I booked my River Cruise, they tried to sell me the trip cancellation insurance. I declined and decided to research on my own. I was trying to compare different plans which was time consuming.

When I found your site, it made it much easier. I was able to find a much cheaper plan that had the coverage that I needed. The information on the deadline to purchase to have pre-existing conditions covered was so helpful as you had the date right there. I purchased on of your plans and feel very confident about it.

I will be able to use the money that I saved towards something fun for the trip. Overall, a great experience. Diane D., Valley Stream, NY

I appreciated the time that the sales reps spent with me on the phone. I also was impressed on how quickly they returned my phone calls. I also liked that they helped me pick what I needed and did not push other services on me.

I forgot I had a policy for this trip. I wouldn’t have known about the policy had you not followed up with a call back. Thank you for the follow-up! Abraham K., Roswell, GA

Deanna, It would be great to have another copy, as a backup. Thank you so much for your email. While we don’t anticipate any problems on this cruise, I just felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Glad I found your website! Cheers, Nicki M., Austin, TX

Thank you for following up by email to tell us we could increase coverage for grandchildren with no extra cost. You have excellent service. Hope we don’t have to use the insurance! I appreciated that there was no extra charge for children.

I can tell you if I liked it all better AFTER my trip and I didn’t need the insurance OR if I did the pre-screened company handled it well! But for your part, I think side-by-side comparisons of pre-screened companies was VERY HELPFUL. Karen C., Euliss, TX

You are as good as it gets. Dan G., Bryn Mawr, PA

There was an actual name to attach to the company. I like the fact that you displayed the BBB sign and i could verify it. I checked another company that displayed it and couldn’t find them listed with the online BBB. Having a company officer’s name and address made it feel more personal. Although I truly hope never to have to contact you for a claim, I feel more confident if something should arise. Thanks.

Personnel are always friendly and courteous. You return phone calls promptly! And are open evenings and weekends.

I am a repeat customer – the service is always great as well as the prices. Thanks again, Bruce K – Cincinnati, OH

We don’t leave until May 1 and I have faith in the way you handle things. You sure were quick! Didn’t expect that. Here’s what I just wrote on Slowtrav’s Slowtalk board about you:

www.Trip Insurance was GREAT since I could talk with a human (Tara) who helped me with EVERY question I had on these comparisons. Cleared up a lot. And it didn’t cost more ! Highly recommended. The forms are easier to fill out and read there too.

Thanks for being there to help me, Andrys B., El Cerrito, CA

www.Trip Insurance is also very helpful and you can talk to an expert who will be able to address all your particulars. Callie B., New Orleans, LA

Too much information online to absorb but all the agents are very helpful and it is a blessing indeed to be able to reach them live when you want them!

This is a nice service and I found it benefical. I would have taken the wrong number and information with me on my trip if you had not called. Judy B., Milton, WA

Deanna, Picked up your phone message too late to respond telephonically. But I do want to thank you again for your assistance. We’re off with the e-mail contact/policy information you so graciously provided. Thank you again. You folks provide a wonderful service. Bob G., Reston, VA

Always a great service, Steve has heard it from me before. Isabel Barzun, New York, NY

Sales reps were efficent and helpful. Took very little time to get the job done. Refreshing to get something completed with one call.

Hello Steve – I’m glad I saved the info you sent me months ago. I just bought some insurance for my mom’s (Nina) trip and was very happy with the site, ease of use, and fast completion of the transaction. Many thanks ! Barbara R.

Had a little trouble booking on line. I used the phone to book. It was a good back up.

This is so funny. I was very impressed by you after our phone conversation, and then with your nice email. I thought “I bet she is from Minnesota…”, then I scrolled down and, yep, you really are! How funny. My huband and I are both from MN but live in Utah now. Some of the nicest folks are from the midwest. Thanks for your help, Barb M., UT

Deanna did a great job with all my questions. When she said she was going to email me info, it was there. Thanks for all the help. You were recommended by a friend who is one of the busiest travel agencies in Charlotte.

Thank you so very much. Teresa was polite, helpful and knows her stuff. I will be back whenever we travel. Thanks, again. Frances A.

Hi Steve – Thanks for all your help. I just wanted to let you know that I found your business through Al Borcover’s piece on travel insurance for the Chicago Tribune. I could not find the clipping I saved so I searched for it on the web & hit your link. His article is a great endorsement! You’ve lived up to it! I’m looking forward to receiving the policies. Suzanne S., Chicago, IL

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PPS - Even though is the world's most informative travel insurance website, you are still responsible to know the coverage terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your plan. No comments or explanations confirm or deny coverage. You need to refer to each plan's policy wording.

PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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