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Steve's Pre-screened and Hand-Picked Travel Insurance Companies:
CSA | Geo-Blue | Global Alert | HTH Trip Protector 
Travelex Max, Select | Travel Guard Gold | Travel Insured | TravelSafe USA, Canada

“Client” means one that depends on the protection of another, one who leans on another for protection – we will protect you from getting the wrong policy.

What is TripInsuranceStore.com?
Who is the Ninja / Guru Steve Dasseos?
And Why Should You Do Business With Us?

Forefinger bullet point TripInsuranceStore.com is the world’s most informative travel insurance website and is a Better Business Bureau Online Member. You also are protected by our 100% Unconditional Ironclad Money Back Smile of Satisfaction Guarantee.
Forefinger bullet point TripInsuranceStore.com only hires smart people, so expect to have an intelligent discussion with someone who can “read between the lines”
Forefinger bullet point Steve is the Head Honcho, Chief Bottle Washer & Trip Insurance Guru. Steve has just 9 Pre-screened & Hand Picked Companies. You get personal service, recommendations & advice from trusted companies.

I (Steve) used to be a Certified Financial Planner. In the year 2000, my retiring clients started asking me to find them travel insurance. I started praying for ideas, and, by the grace of God, I realized there was a business opportunity giving detailed travel insurance advice. And I had my Grandparents example of how to run a business.

Forefinger bullet point You get the right advice without being pressured to buy anything (no Sales Pitches). And, you don’t pay anything extra to use TripInsuranceStore.com (you get the same price from us as if you went to the companies directly)

Trudy V., Wyckoff, NJ says, “Steve, Becky did a great job answering my questions. And, she did not “encourage me” to get one of the more expensive plans – I appreciate that!”

You will best fit with TripInsuranceStore.com if you are:

  • Nice, Kind & Happy
    We only work with nice people, so if you’re not nice, kind & happy, there are lots of other travel insurance sellers who will gladly take your money.
  • Educated & Curious
    You could be educated formally or through the School of Hard Knocks. You enjoy learning, which is part of why you like to travel.
  • Honest
    You will get the truth from us. We will tell you if travel insurance won’t work for you and your situation. We won’t sell you a policy just to let your claim get “sorted out later”.
  • Sensible and Down-to-Earth
    You don’t like “Assembly Line advice”. You won’t find that here. Nor will we ever rush you through a phone call. When you call or email us, helping you is the most important task we have.

Here’s more from Steve Dasseos:

As I (Steve) looked into travel insurance, I made four startling discoveries:

  1. Most travel insurance is sold by non-insurance licensed travel agents
  2. The few online travel insurance sites offered mediocre advice
  3. Many sites offered too many plans (100+ choices)
  4. Very few websites had real people with real names available to speak with. If you could find an email address, it was usually info@… or service@…

I started praying for ideas, launching TripInsuranceStore.com in February 2001. I was too cheap to hire a programmer so I taught myself programming, writing and basic website design. TripInsuranceStore.com now has 6 employees.

International Experience
I was raised with a love of traveling. I also have relatives in Greece, Sweden and Great Britain. And I lived in Mexico & Guatemala from July 1985 to July 1986. I learned Spanish in Guatemala and did volunteer work with many missionaries. We have an International Family, too. My wife and I adopted our son from Russia and our daughter from Guatemala in the last few years.

TripInsuranceStore.com is the Internet’s first Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance comparison website with pre-selected, trustworthy and reputable travel insurance providers. No other travel insurance comparison website pre-screens its Travel Insurance providers and limits which ones it offers based on that pre-screening.

This question from a client sums it up best:

Pre-screening certainly makes the number of choices more manageable, but I’d feel more comfortable knowing the specific reasons for your company selections. I tried two other sites, where I was first drawn to the policy I eventually purchased, although I had to wade through more choices. Why should I, in general, rely on you to eliminate the companies I would eliminate?

That’s a great question. Here’s my answer:

  • Many policies are very similar. In my opinion it’s better to have a smaller selection of different plans than a huge choice of substantially similar ones. There’s less confusion all around.
  • Not all companies’ claim departments can be relied on to take care of their customers. My due diligence has found many surprises that unsuspecting consumers are vulnerable to.
  • Since I am the one person that is ultimately responsible for making sure each of our customers gets the right plan to fit their trip, I have to be 100% confident in the companies I’m willing to associate my name and reputation with.


Ready to Purchase? It's easy and safe to purchase online or over the phone - just call Deanna, Becky, Kim or Steve at (888) 407-3854 or (816) 282-6858.

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Trustworthy Travel Insurance Companies

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GeoBlue HTH MedJet Assist has an AARP Discount available for its members
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PPS - Even though TripInsuranceStore.com is the world's most informative travel insurance website, you are still responsible to know the coverage terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your plan. No comments or explanations confirm or deny coverage. You need to refer to each plan's policy wording. Click here to get each plan's complete details of coverage.

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