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Travel Insurance Plans’ Trip Delay, Missed Connection, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Coverages

Trip Delay, Missed Connection, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption incidents can be caused by any number of Bad Weather events as well as unexpected illnesses or injuries.

Q. How does Trip Cancellation work?

A. Trip Cancellation coverage gives you your money back if a listed covered event in the policy happens to you, a close family member (except for CSA) or a traveling companion that forces you to cancel your trip.

For example, you get hit by a cement truck going out to get the mail. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this bad! The policies provides coverage if one of you gets unexpectedly hurt or sick before you leave (and your doctor advises you against traveling). If you follow certain rules, you can also have pre-existing medical conditions covered.

Q. How does Trip Interruption work?

A. Trip Interruption is similar to Trip Cancellation, but it happens on your trip. Technically, Trip Cancellation refers to a pre-departure cancellation of your trip while Trip Interruption happens after you leave home on your trip.

Trip Interruption coverage reimburses you the unused prepaid non-refundable value of your trip if you are forced to catchup because you missed a portion of your trip for a covered reason. Or it could reimburse you the unused prepaid non-refundable value of your trip plus pay the cost of one-way airfare home if you are forced to return home for a covered reason.

For example, you get hit by a cement truck while you’re walking across the street in London – did you remember that they said “Look to the right first” ? If so, it’s likely you will be interrupting your trip and returning home earlier than planned.

There’s another scenario that could cause a trip interruption where you don’t return home: You’re on a trip and something happens to you medically. You end up being hospitalized or restricted from traveling by physician you are seeing at the time. Two days later you recover. The cost of re-joining your cruise or tour is a trip interruption.

Important: In the case of Bad Weather & other Natural Disasters, there usually has to be a 12 – 24 hour shutdown (depending on the plan) of Common Carrier services (ie – the airport has to be shut down for 12 – 24 consecutive hours) to have a covered Trip Interruption.

Q. How does Trip Delay work?

A. Trip Delay is reimbursement for meals and accommodations that you might incur if your trip’s departure or your return home is delayed for a covered reason like you’re still in the hospital after the cement truck incident or an unexpected ash cloud from Eyjafjallajokull cancels your flight and you have to suffer through another night in Venice.

You’ll be reimbursed up to the daily limit for meals and accommodations (to the policy maximum) if your departure is delayed for more than the number of hours required for a covered reason during your trip.

In some plans Trip Delays can turn into a trip cancellation if you are delayed at least 50% of the length of your trip’s duration. This is a bigger benefit on shorter trip lengths.

Note: Travel Guard now excludes hurricane as a covered Trip Delay

Per Person Trip Delay benefits are shown as a dollar amount, but the benefits are paid as a daily maximum
Plan Name & link to their detailed description page Trip Delay Benefit Daily Benefit # of hours to wait
CSA Freestyle $1,000 $150 per day 6 hours
CSA Freestyle Luxe $1,000 $200 per day 6 hours
Travelex Select $750 $250 per day 5 hours
IMG iTI SE $500 $125 per day 12 hours
IMG iTI LX $1,000 $250 per day 6 hours
Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector (WTP) $1,000 $200 per day 6 hours
Travel Insured WTP Plus $1,000 $200 per day 6 hours
TravelSafe Classic $750 $150 per day 6 hours

Q. How does Missed Connection work?

A. “Missed Connection” provides reimbursement for the additional costs to “catch up” to a cruise or tour if the cause of delay is a carrier-caused delay or documented weather condition. “Missed Connection” only pays costs incurred when you are en route to your final trip destination on the outbound leg of your trip if you are going on a cruise or tour. Read the policy wording carefully since “Missed Connection” doesn’t mean exactly the same thing from company to company.

Important: “Missed Connection” doesn’t mean the insurance will cover you in all situations. If you are going on a cruise or tour (depending on the plan) and miss its departure because you were up too late, you are not covered.

In addition, if your trip is just air without a tour or cruise, then your trip will be covered under “Trip Delay” and not “Missed Connection”.

You will find a brief summary of the Trip Delay benefits below. Please refer to the applicable policy’s Certificate of Coverage or Evidence of Benefits for the complete policy wording. Here are the links to our detailed description pages where you can find the complete policy wording, too: CSA Freestyle, IMG iTI or Travelex Select, Travel Insured and TravelSafe

Plan Name & link to their detailed description page Missed Connection Covers Just These Trips:
CSA Freestyle & Freestyle Luxe plans 3 hour delay for Cruise or Tour departure. In a CSA plan Missed Connection is only payable if coverage is not available elsewhere in the plan.
IMG iTI SE 6 hour delay for Cruise or Tour departure
IMG iTI LX 3 hour delay for Cruise or Tour departure
Travelex Select 3 hour delay for Cruise departure only. Missed tour requires a 5 hour delay.
Travel Insured WTP & Plus 3 hour delay for Cruise or Trip departure
Travel Safe 3 hour delay for Cruise or Tour departure

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PPS - Even though is the world's most informative travel insurance website, you are still responsible to know the coverage terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your plan. No comments or explanations confirm or deny coverage. You need to refer to each plan's policy wording.

PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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