Are Quarantine Costs Covered if I Test Positive for Covid?

by Steve Dasseos on December 31, 2021

Will a Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance policy pay anything towards the quarantine costs if I have to be medically quarantined due to a positive Covid test? I don’t have Covid now and I am fully vaccinated and boostered. I have cruises, tours and land trips booked for 2022 and 2023, so if Covid is still with us I want to be sure I am covered.

All the Trip Cancellation Insurance plans we sell at include a benefit called Trip Delay. It’s also known as Travel Delay.

Let’s say you test positive for Covid two days before the end of a trip and a doctor puts you into a medically-imposed quarantine. If you’re on a cruise, you likely will be quarantined in your cabin and you’ll serve the rest of your quarantine at the disembarkation port. If you’re not on a cruise ship, you’ll serve your quarantine at a hotel wherever you are. And, in case you haven’t read my other blog posts, or the policy wording, you must see a doctor if you test Covid positive because it’s a medical condition.

Depending on what happens to you, you can be covered for any of these benefits: Extension of Coverage, Trip Delay, Medical, Emergency Medical Transportation and / or Trip Interruption. Here’s how you are covered:

Extension of Coverage

I explained the Extension of Coverage in detail on this November 11, 2021 blog post: The Extension of Coverage is an Important Benefit.

Trip Delay

Trip Delay is reimbursement for meals and accommodations that you might incur if your trip’s departure or your return home is delayed for a covered reason: You test positive for Covid two days before the end of a trip and a doctor puts you into a medically-imposed quarantine or an unexpected ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano cancels your flight and you have to suffer through extra days in Venice.

You’ll be reimbursed up to the daily limit for meals and accommodations (to the policy maximum) if your departure is delayed for more than the number of hours required for a covered reason during your trip.

In some plans Trip Delays can turn into a trip cancellation if you are delayed at least 50% of the length of your trip’s duration. This is a bigger benefit on shorter trip lengths.

Per Person Trip Delay benefits are shown as a dollar amount
(Benefits are paid as a daily maximum)
Plan Name & link to their detailed description page Trip Delay Benefit Daily Benefit Delayed for these many hours
CSA Freestyle $1,000 $150 per day 6 hours
CSA Freestyle Luxe $1,000 $200 per day 6 hours
Generali Standard $1,000 $150 per day 10 hours
Generali Preferred $1,000 $200 per day 8 hours
Generali Premium $1,000 $300 per day 6 hours
IMG SE (bought after 7/14/21) $2,000 $125 per day 12 hours
IMG SE for MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, WA (and for all other States bought before 7/15/21) $500 $125 per day 12 hours
IMG LX (bought after 7/14/21) $2,500 $250 per day 6 hours
IMG LX for MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, WA (and for all other States bought before 7/15/21) $1,000 $250 per day 6 hours
Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector $1,500 $200 per day 3 hours
Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector for MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, WA $1,000 $200 per day 6 hours
TravelSafe Classic $750 $150 per day 6 hours

Medical and Emergency Medical Transportation

If you get Covid bad enough and have to be treated by a doctor, you are covered for the treatment costs. If it’s so bad you have an Emergency Medical Transportation, you are also covered.

Trip Interruption

Because you are delayed returning home, you might have to buy a new return plane ticket or just pay change fees. Trip Interruption coverage reimburses you the unused prepaid non-refundable value of your trip plus pay the cost of one-way airfare home if you cannot return home on your scheduled date for a covered reason including your trip being delayed due to a quarantine. However, many airlines are waiving change fees so you might not incur this expense.

After having said all this, I can’t tell you if all plans will cover you because most Trip Insurance plans don’t meet my standards so I don’t offer them. In addition, if you are relying on your credit card’s travel insurance, you probably have no coverage after your scheduled return date.

All our Trip Cancellation plans cover covid the same as any illness. This has never changed because epidemics and pandemics were never excluded. Here are my recent Blog posts about Covid and how you are covered:


I hope this makes sense. If you want the right travel insurance advice, call us at 1-888-407-3854 and we'll help you figure it all out.

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