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Trip Cancellation for Any Reason Coverage

“Cancel For Any Reason” is just that – cancelling your entire trip for a reason that is normally not covered (e.g., changing your mind). It’s not “Delay For Any Reason”, nor is it “Change Your Travel Arrangements For Any Reason”.

These Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance plans offer a 75% “Cancel For Any Reason” (CFAR) as an optional upgrade (this adds at least 50% to the price):

These Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance plans include the 75% “Cancel For Any Reason” (CFAR) if purchased by the deadline:

Here are some common trip cancellation reasons that aren’t covered by Travel insurance as a standard reason, yet are covered by a Cancel For Any Reason Plan. Any of these events (and a lot more) are covered by a Cancel For Any Reason Plan:

  • You want to cancel your trip because you don’t feel safe at your destination. With the rise of global terrorism, there are a lot of places in the world that were fine to visit, but now they can give you pause.
  • Civil Unrest and War. If these are happening at your destination, you probably won’t want to go on your trip, either.
  • You just don’t feel right about leaving. Maybe you “just have a feeling” it’s not a good time to go on your trip. Ever had that “feeling” and you were glad you listened to it? I have: I was very close to my Paternal Grandparents. On August 29, 1997 I had a strong feeling I should, without delay, go visit my Grandma who lived 200 miles away. I left immediately and had the best visit I ever had with her! Exactly 2 weeks later she died in her sleep. And, I was privileged to give the eulogy at her funeral.
  • You change your mind and don’t want to go on your trip
  • You get a new job and your boss won’t let you have the time off
  • Your adult children are idiots and their melodramas might cause you to cancel your trip
  • Your child or grandchild’s team which is normally in last place is now in the State Championship Finals
  • Your already approved vacation comes at a bad time and you know it would be better if you didn’t take your trip
  • Even though you and your significant other are “madly in love”, you still want to have a way out (maybe that plants a seed of discord?). More on this below.

All plans require:

  1. You insure 100% of your expected prepaid non-refundable trip costs if you got hit by a cement truck on the day you were leaving for your trip and had to cancel at the last minute. There will be no coverage available under the Cancel For Any Reason Benefit if you insure an amount less than your total prepaid trip costs that are non-refundable on your Departure Date.
  2. You are not disabled from travel at the time you pay your premium
  3. You insure the entire length of your trip
  4. You cancel your Trip more than two days (Global Alert, MH Ross, Travelex Max & TravelSafe) or forty-eight hours (CSA, Travel Guard & Travel Insured) prior to Your Scheduled Departure Date. Important: 48 hours does not equal 2 calendar days. See why 48 hours does not equal 2 calendar days.

Here’s a big drawback (besides the price & the fact you don’t get a 100% refund) in the “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage:

A trip cancellation claim that is paid under the “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage means that any benefit you would get from cancelling your trip for a covered reason is lost. For example:

  • 2 people (significant others) are sharing a cabin on a cruise
  • Even though they are “madly in love” they still get “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage (maybe that plants a seed of discord?)
  • They have a falling out and one of them cancels their trip using their “Cancel For Any Reason” benefit
  • The other person does not receive the benefit (as in getting any money from the claim) of the additional cost incurred during the Covered Trip as a result of a change in the per person occupancy rate (single supplement).
  • If they used Frequent Flyer miles for their airfare, the re-deposit fee is not a covered trip cost because it is incurred after the trip is cancelled.

The reason the traveler still going on the trip doesn’t get their single supplement costs paid in a claim is because the “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage allowed their former friend to cancel for a not-covered reason. And, not-covered reasons are not-covered.


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