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How Does Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance Work?

Trip Cancellation Insurance gives you the money you lose if you can’t go or are forced to cut your trip, cruise or tour short by certain listed covered events as defined by the policy.

What are “Listed Covered Events”?

Trip and travel insurance policies don’t cover all possible events that might happen to you at any time, so those events which are covered are listed in the Description of Coverage or Policy. Travel insurance does not cover conditions or events that, on the date of purchase, are expected to cause a claim. It’s like wanting to buy Fire Insurance when your house is on fire. Read: “Do Callers Think We Were Born Yesterday?” or “Gina Didn’t Need Trip Insurance Until Now“.

This is very important when you want Pre-Existing Medical Condition coverage. That’s because a travel insurance claim will likely be denied if there’s not “a turn for the worse”. In other words, if the person with the pre-existing condition has already had “a turn for the worse” prior to you buying your travel insurance, there won’t be any coverage.

This is important: The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

How Travel, Trip, Cruise Cancellation Insurance Can Help You:

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance coverage:
    You, a close family member or a traveling companion gets hurt or sick before you leave (your doctor must see you in person and say you can’t travel). Travel Insurance can reimburse you the money you lose. This can include pre-existing medical conditions. Other common events that could cause you to cancel your trip are: Your travel supplier unexpectedly ceases operation, you are laid off, you’re required to work, terrorism at your destination, bad weather, hurricanes, natural disasters or unexpected jury duty.
  • Trip Interruption Insurance coverage:
    You, a close family member or a traveling companion gets hurt or sick during your trip and you have to return home early. Before the trip it’s trip cancellation. During the trip it’s trip interruption. Our plans can provide coverage for the unused value of your trip and the cost of one-way airfare up to the plan’s limit.
  • Emergency Medical & Evacuation Insurance coverage:
    You get hurt (ie – hit by a cement truck) or sick on your trip. Travel Insurance can reimburse you your medical expenses including emergency medical transportation. Did you know that Medicare doesn’t cover you outside the USA?
  • A Trip Delay forces you to have extra accommodation expenses
  • Your luggage is delayed, lost, stolen or damaged. If your checked luggage doesn’t arrive within 12 or 24 hours after you do, you can be reimbursed for items you need to buy. Or if it’s damaged or never arrives, most policies can provide coverage.
  • Or you can get a “Cancel For Any Reason” plan to cover any possible reason to cancel your trip including: you change your mind, you’re afraid to travel, you just don’t want to go.

Note: You don’t have to cancel your trip: Do I Have To Cancel My Trip If A Family Member Dies?

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The reason I stuck with Trip Insurance Store in my research was that I really liked Steve’s blog and various comments throughout, I felt confident about what I was reading (I hate dealing with insurance). When I called with questions I was extremely pleased with your answers and professionalism. No hard sell. Calm and competent. Will tell others. Thanks, Jean H. Allenhurst, NJ

Why should you get your cruise insurance, travel insurance or trip insurance from TripInsuranceStore.com and nowhere else?

  • You get our help if you have a claim
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  • You will get the truth, not a sales pitch. Pardon my insurance blasphemy, but not all trips need travel insurance (gasps). Andy from Virginia said, (after I told him not to insure his trip) “Steve, thank YOU for your prompt reply and candid advice! Andy”.
  • You get 9 pre-screened travel insurance companies. Don’t waste your time sorting out 100 + travel insurance plans!
  • You get detailed side-by-side travel insurance comparison quotes
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    We enjoy doing business with you. Professional yet cordial, patient and friendly. Your accessibility is a welcome feature of your business practice.” – Tom C. in Honolulu (12 policies).
  • Skeptical? See what many hundreds of others like you say. Teachers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, medical professionals and business owners especially appreciate all the details.

Yehey!!! Your site and your staff are truly wonderful (I want to use ‘awesome’ but for personal reasons, that word has been reserved for the Supreme Deity)! Regards, Bet M., Fords, NJ

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