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Policy Changes

If you are changing your travel plans due to Covid, Travel Supplier changes or other events and you’re not losing any money nor incurring penalties, scroll down this long page to see what you can do with your trip insurance policy. Deanna, Kim and Steve are happy to help you. If we don’t answer the phone, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (we have caller ID) whether you leave a message or not. Or, contact us here.

As a policyholder you have every right to file a claim. If you ask us if your claim will be paid, we tell you to the best of our knowledge. That said, the only way you can be sure if your claim will be paid or not is after you file your claim. We cannot pre-determine the outcome of your claim. The insurance company has the final say.

You’ll find each of our company’s contact emails and links to specific forms below. If you’re not as computer savvy / literate as you want to be, call or email us and we’ll start the process for you.

Each company requires you to furnish all your supporting documentation. This includes documentation from any travel arrangements you bought independently for the same trip. If you bought airfare on your own, the airline is likely waiving the change fees when you re-use the tickets. This is not the same as getting a cash refund.

Except for us, companies are currently experiencing unusually high call volumes and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

Here are the kinds of questions the Insurance company typically asks customers when they request a date transfer or a premium refund. You will be responsible for furnishing all your supporting documentation from your travel suppliers and travel agents:

  • Did you incur any penalties from the cancellation of the original trip? This applies to all your travel suppliers including any that you booked independently.
  • Did you get any Future Travel Credits from your cancelled trip?
  • Do you have any pending claims for the original travel dates?
  • What are your new travel dates (if known)?
  • What is your new travel destination (if known)?
  • Is there a new trip cost, or will it remain the same as listed for your original trip (if known)?

Travel Insured

Here’s Travel Insured’s Dedicated Coronavirus Page:
You may email Travel Insured at customercare@travelinsured.com
If your travel plans have been impacted, Travel Insured will offer you a voucher for a future trip, provided you meet the eligibility requirements below. If you know your new dates of travel, we will update your protection plan to reflect the new dates. If you do not know your new travel dates yet, we will note your current protection plan and email you a voucher for future use. Voucher eligibility:

  • Travel has not and will not take place.
  • You were fully refunded for the cancelled trip
  • A claim hasn’t already been filed against the plan.

The voucher will list an expiration date, based on the original date of purchase. The new trip will need to depart by this date.

Important: The voucher’s value cannot be used to pay for a premium on a policy that is already in force. Nor can you use the voucher’s value to buy a different policy than the one the voucher is associated with.

  • Here’s the link to Travel Insured’s Voucher Request Form: https://www.travelinsured.com/vouchers/
  • When you know your new dates of travel, we will update your protection plan to reflect new dates.
    – If your original purchase date is June 28th 2021 or earlier, your new trip must depart no later than 12/31/2023.
    – If your original purchase date is June 29th 2021 or later, your new trip must depart no later than 3 years from your original application date. Please note: this does not apply to plans that have existing vouchers on them or have been noted for future travel prior to 12/1/2021.
  • If a voucher was issued prior to 10/1/2020 then the expiration date would be as listed on the voucher details which would be 3 years from the original plan purchase date. The Voucher for your future use will be provided in an email format.
  • Even though Travel Insured calls this a “Voucher”, what you actually have is the same policy that you would re-use for a future trip.
  • If your new trip’s cost is higher, you would increase the coverage and pay the difference in price. If your new trip’s cost is lower, you would decrease the coverage and receive the difference in price as a refund.
  • We’re happy to help you make your changes. Let us know if you make any changes so we can keep your information up to date.

Click here to start a Travel Insured claim



As of Sept 6, 2023: TravelSafe will change the dates on your policy to a new trip if:

  • You have no penalties on the original trip and
  • We must be notified prior to your policy’s current departure date and
  • Your request must include proof that your trip cost was 100% refunded in cash or that 100% of what you paid has already been transferred to your new trip. This means we need the cancellation invoices and the new invoice showing the accounting of your money and
  • The new trip must start within 2 years of the plan’s purchase date.

If you choose to transfer your policy to another trip, you will be able to increase your insured trip cost if needed in the future.

Email edits@travelsafe.com or Click here to start a TravelSafe claim


CSA and Generali

Here’s CSA, Generali and TripAssure’s Dedicated Coronavirus Page:
If you are receiving a full refund or travel credit due to the Coronavirus, CSA / Generali can change the dates on your policy to new travel dates. The destination doesn’t have to be the same.

If you purchased a Generali travel insurance or CSA Travel Protection plan, you may be eligible for a travel insurance policy voucher. If you are eligible for a voucher, you will receive a voucher number within 10 business days of submitting your request. This voucher number can be used to apply your travel insurance plan to a future trip booked on or before March 31, 2022. While travel does not need to occur in 2021, your rebooking of the insurance will need to be done this year.

Voucher eligibility:

  • Original trip departure date is between January 29, 2020 – March 31, 2022
  • You must request a voucher by March 31, 2022
  • Travel has not already taken place
  • A claim hasn’t already been filed against the plan
  • You waive your right to file a claim for loss arising out of your original trip date once a voucher is issued

Voucher redemption deadlines:

  • You must apply the voucher to receive a new travel insurance plan before December 31, 2022
  • The future trip must have a departure date before December 31, 2023

Go here to find CSA / Generali Voucher Request Form: https://www.generalitravelinsurance.com/customer/voucher-and-refund

We’re happy to help you make your changes. Let us know if you make any changes so we can keep your information up to date.

Click here to start a CSA claim


IMG (iTravelInsured)

IMG’s Dedicated Coronavirus Page: https://www.imglobal.com/coronavirus
If your trip has been rescheduled, you may change your policy dates:

  • To accommodate your changing travel dates, IMG allows you to change your policy’s trip dates.
  • If you have purchased an IMG plan and would like to change your trip dates, please email a request to datechange@itravelinsured.com and include your name, policy number, and new trip dates in the email. If you have not confirmed your new travel dates, you can still send IMG an email request and simply indicate that you wish to change your dates, and they will honor your request once your new travel plans have been finalized.
  • You can alter the trip dates at any time prior to departure. Travel dates cannot be extended past a departure date that’s more than 2 years from the original purchase date. IMG (or us) must be contacted prior to the original departure date.
  • Travel dates cannot be extended past a departure of December 31, 2023 for policies issued in 2021 or earlier.
  • Please note that once trip dates are changed, you will not be able to make any claims on your original trip dates. If you have already submitted a claim, you will not be able to move your trip dates.
Go here to start a claim: https://www.imglobal.com/claims-center
We’re happy to help you make your changes. Let us know if you make any changes so we can keep your information up to date.


Travel Guard

Here’s Travel Guard’s Dedicated Coronavirus Page:
Here’s Travel Guard’s Voucher and Refund Form:
Please note the following for voucher requests:

  • The client must inform AIG Travel Guard of the trip cancellation prior to the departure date. It is imperative the insured make the voucher request prior to, and not after, the departure date. We cannot issue a voucher after the departure date.
  • The client must complete and submit the voucher request form under the following conditions:
    • You request a voucher prior to your trip departure date,
    • You confirm that you have not incurred any travel supplier fees, penalties, or unused, non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs, and
    • You have not filed a claim.
  • If the above requirements are met, our administration team will issue the client a voucher for the value of the premium. The voucher must be applied within two years from the voucher issuance date.
  • The voucher is not transferable and can only be used by the client it was issued to.
  • If the client does not apply the voucher to another AIG Travel insurance policy in the two-year period, the voucher cannot be extended.
  • If the new policy premium is more than the voucher amount, the client is responsible for any additional premium. If the new policy premium is less than the voucher value, no refund or future voucher will be given for the difference.
  • Select Refund if your policy was purchased within the last 15 days.
  • Select Vouchers if your policy was purchased over 15 days ago.
  • We’re happy to help you make your changes. Let us know if you make any changes so we can keep your information up to date.


Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP)

If customers are getting a full refund and can prove that for their trip cost BHTP allows you to do one of these two options:

  • You may move the travel dates to a future trip, but the request must be done prior to the departure date on the plan. If you or us, on your behalf, contact BHTP before your departure date, you may update your plan’s travel dates. If your policy was bought after Sept 30, 2019, a new quote would be calculated. If the cost is higher, you will the owe the difference. If it’s less, you’ll be refunded the difference.
  • If you do not update your dates prior to the departure date on your plan, you will have to provide proof of 100% refund to transfer the dates. Once the documentation is supplied, BHTP will then purchase a new plan and cancel the old plan refunding the cost of the old plan.
  • We’re happy to help you make your changes. Let us know if you make any changes so we can keep your information up to date.
  • You may also visit BHTP here to contact them
BHTP questions including what can be done with your policy should be emailed to: assist@bhtp.com
BHTP Claims questions can also be emailed to:


Geo Blue

COVID-19 Update for Members: Requests for policy cancellation must be received in writing to enrollment@geo-blue.com. There is no need to speak to someone for policy cancellation requests.
Contact Geo Blue here: https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/contact.cfm/

We’re happy to help you make your changes. Let us know if you make any changes so we can keep your information up to date.



Here’s Travelex’s Dedicated Coronavirus Page:
If you are changing your travel dates due to the Coronavirus, Travelex is allowing a one-time date transfer if the new trip is within 12 months of the original departure date. If the new trip is more than 12 months from the original departure date, the date transfer may be approved if all of the following guidelines are met:
  1. Traveler must pay the rates in effect at the time the new trip is booked.
  2. The new trip dates must be APPLIED to the policy within 12 months of the original departure date.
  • Notify Travelex of request (email or phone) prior to original departure date.
  • Trip must be cancelled prior to original departure date.
  • There cannot be any claims filed against the original policy.
  • The traveler confirms they are waiving their right to claim against the original insured trip under the policy.
  • The date the new trip is confirmed with dates becomes the new ‘initial deposit date’ for, pre-existing condition exclusion waiver, financial default eligibility and cancel for business reasons, where applicable.
  • The policy is effective at 12:01am the day following contacting Travelex.
  • Email customersolutions@travelexinsurance.com
  • Click here to start a Travelex claim
  • We’re happy to help you make your changes. Let us know if you make any changes so we can keep your information up to date.

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PPS - Even though TripInsuranceStore.com is the world's most informative travel insurance website, you are still responsible to know the coverage terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your plan. No comments or explanations confirm or deny coverage. You need to refer to each plan's policy wording.

PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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