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Steve's Pre-screened and Hand-Picked Travel Insurance Companies:
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Travelex Max, Select | Travel Guard Gold | Travel Insured | TravelSafe USA, Canada

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Please tell us what you think, liked or don’t like. We welcome both positive and negative comments. We appreciate your visit, feedback and business. TripInsuranceStore.com’s goal is turn our visitors into customers and turn our customers into repeat customers.

There are many ways you can give us feedback. In spite of all the hype, “liking” a website on Facebook doesn’t help other travelers.

Instead, tell the world about your experience with TripInsuranceStore.com. Here are somew popular travel and consumer forums (let us know if you have a favorite not listed here so we can add it):

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You can also leave us feedback, though leaving it on any of the public forums above are better places that will help other travelers make up their minds about travel insurance.

Another way you can help others find out about TripInsuranceStore.com is to write a Letter to the Editor of your favorite newspaper’s Travel Section. Here’s what a customer named Alison wrote to the LA Times that ran on Sunday August 21, 2016:

“Although I’m a savvy traveler I’ve received great advice from Steve Dasseos and his staff at Tripinsurancestore.com. The website is also filled with nuggets of info that will help anyone diving into the confusing thicket of trip insurance. Tripinsurancestore.com, (888) 407-3854”

If you do want to leave Tripinsurancestore.com any feedback, either use our email contact form here or write Steve at fbk@tripinsurancestore.com

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GeoBlue HTH MedJet Assist has an AARP Discount available for its members
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