Travel Insurance Can be Bought After Final Payment

by Steve Dasseos on March 6, 2023

Hi Steve, We recently paid our trip’s Final Payment, but didn’t buy a Trip Cancellation plan. Based on what I read on other websites, it’s too late to get a policy. But, your name keeps coming up online as the person to get the right answer from, so can you help me? We don’t need coverage for any pre-existing medical conditions. Thanks, Maxine

Hi Maxine, Thanks for writing. I’m happy to tell you that, yes you are able to get a Trip Cancellation plan after you pay your Final Payment. There are only two deadlines for buying a Trip Cancellation plan after you paid your Final Payment:

  1. The day before you leave home for your trip. Or,
  2. Two days before something unexpectedly bad happens (i.e. – a covered reason to cancel your trip) where you wish you had already bought the Travel Insurance plan.

Here are some examples of unexpectedly bad things that could happen making you wish you had bought the Travel Insurance plan a few days earlier: You get hit by a Cement Truck, weather is forecasted or a natural disaster occurs that will affect your trip, a non-traveling family member has a medical emergency, a transportation strike, your company cancels your previously-approved time off and tells you are needed at work.

The reason I said “unexpectedly” is because if the circumstance is already known, it’s too late to get a plan to cover you. Here are some of the Blog entries I wrote that address this: Do Callers Think We Were Born Yesterday?, New Job Will Not Allow Me to Take My Trip, Don’t Buy Travel Insurance When You’re Ill and Past the Deadlines, Travel Insurance Can’t Help Debbie and Travel Insurance Won’t Help With Paul’s Pre-Ex Condition.

There are more entries along this line in the 373 other Blog entries I’ve written in the past fifteen and a half years since September 2007, but I think you get the gist of it.

PS – I’ve had a breakthrough with my Long Covid I’ve had since May 2020. I’ll write about it next time.

I hope this makes sense. If you want the right travel insurance advice, call us at 1-888-407-3854 and we'll help you figure it all out.

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