Steve’s Long Covid Breakthrough

by Steve Dasseos on April 12, 2023

Anyone that’s talked with me in the last 31 months probably heard (as I tend to overshare) about my Long Covid symptoms: Fatigue and brain fog that affected me until the middle of the day. I wrote about it here on Jan. 21, 2023. Not surprisingly, I lost business due to delays in my responses.

Most people extended me grace and kindness and thankfully kept doing business with us. Plus, Deanna, Kim and my programmer Amrit went out of their way to help me for free after I laid them off. survived, I hired everyone back and we’re busier than ever.

Disclamer: I am not a doctor. I don’t have any medical training of any kind. Nor, do I have any other training in nutrition, diet, pharmaceuticals or any other related area. I even discount my doctors’ advice because I think I’m smarter than them.

I got the original Covid. My taste and smell came back after 19 months, but the fatigue and brain fog was slowly getting worse. I tried lots of ideas: foods, nutrients and vitamins. I thought if I got in better shape it would help, so I joined Crossfit four months ago even though I’ve never done weight training. I also looked online for anything diet-related to help benefit from Crossfit.

On February 6th I found “Glycine for Bodybuilding, Growth Hormone & Sleep” on This article cites many scientific references including the NIH.

Here are the excerpts from Brian’s article that convinced me to try it out:

What is Glycine?

“Glycine is a conditionally essential amino acid – your body can normally cover some of its daily glycine needs, so long as you get enough protein from your diet. The body primarily synthesizes glycine from serine.

According to research, the body can synthesize about 3 grams of glycine per day, which isn’t enough to cover all metabolic costs (most notably, collagen synthesis). The same researchers estimate that the human body’s ability to make glycine from other amino acids falls short by about 10 grams for a 70-kilo (154-pound) person. Meaning, we would need to get these remaining 10-12 grams through diet and supplementation.

This is important to know and act upon because glycine is quite important for the body. Not only is the amino acid is rich in collagen (which makes up about a third of its amino acid profile), but it also plays a role in many other vital processes within the body.”


“The importance of good sleep is undeniable because every single system and process is influenced by it in one form or another.

More specifically, sleep impacts cognitive function (memory, ability to focus, thinking skills, etc.), overall motivation to do things, energy levels, well-being, athletic performance, immune system function, hormonal levels, ability to burn fat and build muscle, blood glucose, and much more.”


“I started taking 20 grams of glycine every night before bed. The results it had on my ability to fall asleep and my quality of sleep was immediate. I woke up feeling more refreshed and just better after the first night.

It never seemed to stop working I continued to use it and I continued to have great sleep.”

I had some Glycine, so I started taking 20 grams a day. I woke up on Feb 7th at 7:30 am. Carol immediately noticed how alert I was. She asked me what changed. I said I’d tell her soon if it was still working. It’s been working for over 9 weeks! The brain fog and fatigue never came back. I’m sleeping better, but am still working until 1:30 am sending emails, etc.

A few weeks later I found this: “Glycine can prevent and fight virus invasiveness by reinforcing the extracellular matrix“. And, I keeping finding out good things about Glycine.

Where can you find Glycine online? The best places I’ve found are and I don’t get financial benefit if you buy from these places.

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