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Flight and Airline Accident Life Insurance:

You wouldn’t get on a plane knowing there’ll be an accident, but if something happens you won’t walk away. You know how it feels to fly today – you need to consider someone’s sinister intentions. Flight Insurance won’t replace you, but you can have peace knowing your loved ones will be taken care of.

When you want Flight Insurance, this Flight Insurance plan is your best choice:

Just wanted to say thanks, Steve! Flight insurance these days is a must I think. I have always gotten it in the past whenever I have traveled. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know who is planning a trip. Thanks again. – Deb G., South Amboy, NJ
  • It’s cheap ($9 per $100,000 per person – prices are below)
  • You can get up to $500,000 each with up to 5 people on the same policy
  • Your beneficiaries receive this benefit Income Tax-Free
  • You’re covered for any regularly scheduled commercial flight
  • You can get this anytime before your first flight leaves – even the same day!
  • You’re covered from the moment you leave your home to the moment you return home
    No matter how many flights you take on your trip!
  • You’re covered if the airplane has an accident or crashes
  • Any US resident can get this flight insurance plan except New York and Washington residents
  • You’re covered even if your airline’s in bankruptcy
  • You can’t be turned down because of your health
  • AIG is one of the largest insurance companies in the world

Here’s how much Flight Insurance costs:

(prices include Travel Guard’s $5 policy fee)

Click here to go directly to Flight Guard’s secure online purchase page

Income Tax-Free Coverage (per insured traveler): 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people
$100,000 each $14 $23 $32 $41 $50
$200,000 each $23 $41 $59 $77 $95
$300,000 each $32 $59 $86 $113 $140
$400,000 each $41 $77 $113 $149 $185
$500,000 each $50 $95 $140 $185 $230

You can use either a credit or a debit card on the online purchase link

Note: Any US resident can get this flight insurance plan except New York and Washington residents.

Travel Guard’s Flight Guard policy is Accidental, Death and Dismemberment insurance. This policy covers an insured while a passenger on, or boarding or alighting from a certified passenger aircraft. The flight must be provided by a regularly scheduled airline or charter and operated by a properly certified pilot. This valuable insurance includes:

100% benefit paid for:

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of both limbs
  • Loss of sight in both eyes
  • Loss of one limb and sight from one eye
You can read the Flight Guard Certificate of Coverage here.
50% benefit paid for:

  • Loss of one limb
  • Loss of sight in one eye
Click here if you’re also looking for regular Travel Insurance.

If multiple losses result from the same accident, the total amount we will pay will be limited to the amount of Flight Guard coverage purchased. Loss must be within 365 days of the accident. We will pay for loss of life if your body has not been found within one year of the accident.

Flight Guard is underwritten by: American Home Assurance Company, a member of American International Group Inc. (2012 A.M. Best Rating A).

All your information is completely confidential. Our Privacy Pledge.

Common Questions and their answers:

Q. Do I get to list a beneficiary?

A. Yes, you may list a beneficiary when you are activating the coverage. There’s only room on the application for one beneficiary. You can add multiple beneficiaries just by faxing a letter of instruction toll free to “Processing” at 1-800-955-8785.

Q. Will my confirmation page show my beneficiary?

A. No. You don’t see your beneficiary listed on the confirmation page because Travel Guard keeps it confidential. In the event that you wanted to change your beneficiary, one of the ways they verify that they’re really talking to you is to have you identify the existing beneficiary, in the same way that a credit card company asks for your mother’s maiden name.

Q. Can I activate the insurance if I am flying on a private plane?

A. No. You must be a passenger on a regularly scheduled airline or charter and operated by a properly certified pilot. Private Planes are Excluded.

Q. I am already on my trip and would like to activate my flight insurance for my trip, can I do so now?

A. Flight Guard coverage must be activated prior to departure. You can’t begin coverage after the trip has started.

Q. When does the coverage begin?

A. The coverage begins on your departure date and covers all flights during the trip, including the return flight. Note: there’s an error on Travel GuardTM‘s policy confirmation page – it says the coverage begins on the day following your purchase, when in reality it begins on your departure date.

Q. How does my beneficiary file a claim?

A. To file a claim, your beneficiary can call Travel GuardTM between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm Central Time and start the process with a Claims Analyst on the telephone. The analyst will explain what needs to be provided to Travel GuardTM in order to pay your claim. The form will then be faxed or mailed to your beneficiary to provide that information.

Q. What if I want a refund of the premium?

A. Travel GuardTM is committed to providing products and services that exceed your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund. Request must be submitted to Travel GuardTM in writing within three days of the receipt of your policy, providing it is not past your original departure date.

Losses We Cover:

We will pay this benefit if the insured is injured while riding as a passenger in or boarding or alighting from a certified passenger aircraft provided by a regularly scheduled airline or charter and operated by a properly certified pilot.

Click here to go directly to Travel Guard’s Flight Guard online purchase page

Ready to Purchase? It's easy and safe to purchase online or over the phone - just call Deanna, Kim or Steve at 888-407-3854 or 507-214-3854.

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PPS - Even though TripInsuranceStore.com is the world's most informative travel insurance website, you are still responsible to know the coverage terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your plan. No comments or explanations confirm or deny coverage. You need to refer to each plan's policy wording.

PPPS - The Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the policy is purchased. All other coverages begin when you leave home for your trip when your departure date is in the future.

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