Do This Right Now To Protect Yourself

September 16, 2017

Subscribe If you haven’t heard, credit monitoring company Equifax was hacked a few months ago. Equifax discovered the hack July 29, but waited until Sept 7, 2017 to warn consumers. I don’t think that was ethical to wait so long, but I’m sure they had their reasons. The hackers gained access to company data that […]

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Does Booking a Cruise with a Non-Refundable Deposit Make a Difference?

August 29, 2017

Subscribe We are getting ready to book another cruise. Royal Caribbean now offers lower rates when booking a cruise with non-refundable deposit. Does trip insurance reimburse non-refundable deposits in the event we have to cancel? Non-refundable deposits also incur a fee if date of cruise is changed. Is that covered? Janet Hi Janet, Those fees […]

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I Enjoy Answering Email Requests Like These

July 18, 2017

Subscribe Here are three requests I recently received. I appreciate it when someone calls or emails us with any request no matter how strange it might sound. These three people wanted the correct answers and I’m happy to tell them. I recently got a new job function and just found out I may not be […]

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Does Flying Standby Cover Travel Delay?

May 28, 2017

Subscribe Since I am flying standby because of employment with a major airline, I need to know if you have an insurance that would cover my cruise in case we keep getting bumped from our flights? I am not worried about insuring the air portion of the trip since it is little cost, but if […]

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May I Buy Travel Insurance After Final Payment?

April 25, 2017

Subscribe I am booked on a Princess Cruise and am departing home on May 8, 2017. I booked on March 15, 2017 and paid in full. May I still buy insurance even though my trip is paid in full and I am past the Final Payment? Yes, you may get any of our Trip Cancellation […]

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Are Pre-Departure Date Changes a Covered Cost?

February 17, 2017

Subscribe We get a lot of requests for pre-departure date changes. Here are three recent emails: I’m planning a trip to Australia and back from the USA. There’s a possibility that I will need to change the date of my return plane ticket to later than planned if my visa gets extended so I want […]

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More on Why Kara’s Claim Wasn’t Paid

December 2, 2016

Subscribe I have two new rules before I publish a Blog post: Don’t stay up all night the night before Have someone without Austism review it first (I have Asperger’s) My good friend Amrit reviewed this one. If you need a good writer, don’t hire me. Hire Amrit. He provides professional content writing services. In […]

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Why Kara’s Claim Wasn’t Paid

November 30, 2016

Subscribe About: Kara bought a trip cancellation policy with “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage from our website. Due to some unavoidable reasons (a military coup in Turkey!) she was forced to make some changes to her trip, which is fairly understandable. The problem is, she made those changes without consulting us. The changes she made […]

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Honor The Price I Got From My Mistake

November 18, 2016

Subscribe I took a call that started with: I did a quote on and got a price. When I clicked the purchase link to order it the price was nearly double! I want you to honor the first price I got. At first I thought I was lucky enough to take this call. After […]

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Tip For Selling Expensive Items Online

October 27, 2016

Subscribe I have various blog posts that are still drafts due to them covering complicated subjects. As I was writing the past few days, I decided to publish this one in the meantime. Also, I have a disclaimer at the end for anyone who needs one. This one is not on the ever-interesting, fascinating and […]

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Don’t Be This Person

September 14, 2016

Subscribe I hope you all had a nice summer. I did, but it was busier than expected. I also have a few posts in draft form that I can’t quite figure out how to finish. This was one, but I think I finally got all my cynicism regarding this one worked out. Before you read […]

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The Best Travel Insurance for Your HSA Plan

June 1, 2016

Subscribe The best Travel Insurance to have with your HSA (Health Savings Account) or any High-Deductible Health Plan is one with Secondary medical instead of Primary (Primary is also known as First Payer). HSA (and High-Deductible Health) plans have a large annual deductibles which means that before the 100% coverage kicks in, the large annual […]

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It’s Good Dolores Took My Advice

April 14, 2016

Subscribe As you may recall when we spoke on Friday. I indicated that our children’s travel agent in South Africa was going to book our tickets. You told me that we would need to have proof of purchase that we ourselves bought the tickets for our May 3 – June 1, 2016 trip. My question […]

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Renee Should Not Get Trip Cancellation Insurance

March 16, 2016

Subscribe Hi Steve, My husband and I are leaving on a nearly $29,000 tour in 9 days. I’ve heard good things about you and I want some brutally honest advice. My sister-in-law is currently in the hospital with pnemonia on life support in the intensive care unit. I am trying to find cancellation and interruption […]

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Travel Insurance and Terrorism

November 19, 2015

How Does Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance Cover Terrorist Incidents? Like much of the world, I am angry at the recent terrorist attacks in Beirut, the downing of the Russian airplane over Sinai and the Paris attacks. And, as you can imagine, we are getting calls from our clients who want to know how their Trip […]

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