I’m Doing a Q & A on Cruise Critic for December 2020

December 2, 2020

Subscribe I am doing a month long Question and Answer about Trip Insurance on CruiseCritic.com for December 2020. Come and check it out here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2500-qa-cruise-insurance-with-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-read-only/ The forum is open for any member, so if you have any questions you think would be helpful to others, please ask them in this forum. If you cruise, or […]

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Third Party Travel Supplier Financial Default

October 18, 2020

Subscribe Does travel insurance cover the cost of a cruise line or a travel supplier going out of business? If you were to ask this simple and straightforward question to nearly anyone who sells trip cancellation travel insurance, whether online or through a travel agency, you will get a definite “Yes” answer. You also might […]

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CardRates.com Interviews Steve Dasseos

June 20, 2020

In a Nutshell: TripInsuranceStore.com was one of the first one-stop-shop internet sites for travel insurance. Today, the website and its founder, Steve Dasseos, helps countless travelers protect their financial investments when booking a trip for business or pleasure. During a global pandemic, those insurance plans become more important – and sometimes harder to understand. By […]

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I’m Doing a Q & A on Cruise Critic for June 2020

June 3, 2020

Subscribe I am doing a month long Question and Answer about Trip Insurance on CruiseCritic.com for the month of June 2020. Come and check it out here: The forum is open for any member, so if you have any questions you think would be helpful to others, please ask them. If you cruise, or even […]

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Overlooked Travel Insurance Exclusions

March 30, 2020

Subscribe Why don’t you come right out and say that your Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance plans do not cover pandemics? TripInsuranceStore.com claims be the most informative Travel Insurance website, so why don’t you address this? What are you hiding? They vented their anger at me. The pièce de résistance is the popular website they bought […]

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Do You Have an Upcoming Trip?

March 19, 2020

Subscribe Like TripInsuranceStore.com has always been, I (Steve) am being direct about your choices. This could change in the future if the companies themselves make changes to their procedures. If you cancel your trip for a not-Covered Reason, you will still have a payable claim if your travel insurance includes the Cancel For Any Reason […]

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What You Should Do If You Have a Trip Booked Now

March 11, 2020

Subscribe If you have not yet read these three pages, I suggest you do so because they contain important information that could save you from making a costly mistake: Travel Insurance and the Coronavirus Don’t Cancel for Your Own Medical Reasons If You’re Not Ill or Injured The Coronavirus is disrupting travel partly due to […]

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Travel Insurance and the Coronavirus

February 5, 2020

Subscribe I am copying TripInsuranceStore.com‘s Coronavirus page here because you may not see it on TripInsuranceStore.com Travel Insurance and the Coronavirus The Geopolitics & Int’l Relations website GreatGameIndia.com has had the truth about the virus and Communist China since Jan 2020. All our plans cover covid the same as any illness. Take a look at […]

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Find Cures With Your Computer

February 2, 2020

Subscribe How to Use Your Computer for Good You can get involved with legitimate research projects that use your computer’s spare and unused computing power to solve complex computations that are used to find cures for diseases. I have done this for over 12 years. This blog post is about Protein Folding projects. The wording […]

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My November 2019 Q & A on Cruise Critic

December 5, 2019

Subscribe I did a month long Question and Answer about Trip Insurance on CruiseCritic.com in November 2019. I am thankful for everyone who participated and asked questions. If you cruise, or even if you are potentially interested in cruising in the future, I suggest you become a member of CruiseCritic.com if you are not already. […]

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How Do I Protect Against Brexit?

October 26, 2019

Subscribe I’m booking a trip to the United Kingdom for August 2020. I’m a bit worried about Brexit. I’m not sure what might happen, e.g. getting stuck in Europe while on my connection, or my flights becoming unavailable or something. I’m interested in having insurance in case of travel delays or any other coverage that […]

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We Average the Cruise Suite’s Cost Between Us

September 5, 2019

Subscribe We are four friends taking a cruise together. We don’t think it’s fair that the first two passengers listed on the invoice have to pay more for their cruise insurance just because they randomly have a higher per person trip cost than the 3rd and 4th passengers. To get around that, we split the […]

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Why Doesn’t CFAR Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

July 19, 2019

Subscribe To clarify, since I am not up to speed in these things, I have have been told by other companies that the Cancel for any Reason (CFAR) doesn’t apply to pre-existing medical conditions, so is it not truly Cancel for ANY Reason? Thanks for writing. What you were told is technically correct, but you […]

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New Job Will Not Allow Me to Take My Trip

April 2, 2019

Subscribe I recently got a new job and just found out I may not be able to take off for my planned trip. I booked this trip 3 months ago when I had my previous job and had the time off approved with that job. I don’t have any approved time off for this, but […]

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Cruise Critic’s Jan 7, 2019 Q & A with Steve Dasseos

February 18, 2019

Subscribe CruiseCritic invited me to be their Question and Answer featured guest: “Everything you’ve always wanted to know about cruise insurance will be answered by Steve Dasseos of TripInsuranceStore.com”. Here’s the Cruise Critic Q & A I did on Jan. 7th: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2441-qa-cruise-insurance-w-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom/ I have always been very thankful by the kind things people say about […]

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