Overlooked Travel Insurance Exclusions

by Steve Dasseos on March 30, 2020

Why don’t you come right out and say that your Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance plans do not cover pandemics? TripInsuranceStore.com claims be the most informative Travel Insurance website, so why don’t you address this? What are you hiding?

They vented their anger at me. The pièce de résistance is the popular website they bought from gives cookie-cutter customer service.

None of our Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance plans exclude pandemics or epidemics.

The policy wording is precise and complicated at the same time. Even before the Coronavirus, there was an abundance of vague / misleading information about what a Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance plan covers. i.e. – not being excluded is different from being covered.

If you bought a policy from us before Jan 21, 2020 you are completely covered if you get ill with the Coronavirus before your trip (trip cancellation) and on your trip (trip interruption, medical treatment, etc). The Cancel For Any Reason covers you no matter when you buy it.

If pandemics or epidemics aren’t always excluded why are people getting surprised by their policy’s coverage?

For the most part, people are not cancelling their trips because there are illnesses in the world. There have always been serious illnesses in different places and most people have opted not to go to those places.

Instead, you’re likely being forced to change your travel plans due to any one or a combination of these common Travel Insurance Exclusions:

  • A government regulation, mandate or prohibition
  • Failure of any tour operator, common carrier, person or agency to provide the bargained-for travel arrangements. If a travel supplier changes the itinerary, but still gives you a similar trip or a future travel credit or waives the change fees, there’s no payable claim.
  • Changes in plans by the Insured, a Family Member, or Traveling Companion, for any not-covered reason; unless the optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage was purchased.
  • Fear, worry, concern about something that might happen on the trip. Read this if your doctor’s suggesting you don’t take your trip: Don’t Cancel for Your Own Medical Reasons If You’re Not Ill or Injured

Q. Does a pre-departure government mandated quarantine meet the definition of a quarantine for a covered reason when the insured traveler(s) are not sick themselves?

A. No. The Stay at Home or Shelter in Place orders are not a quarantine. Of the government orders I’ve read, they all allow you to leave your home for groceries. A quarantine wouldn’t allow you to leave a particular room. The quarantine covered reason covers when an insured is ill and is quarantined. The insured must be quarantined due to a Sickness.

I hope this makes sense. If you want the right travel insurance advice, call us at 1-888-407-3854 and we'll help you figure it all out.

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