Travel Insurance Won’t Help With Paul’s Pre-Ex Condition

by Steve Dasseos on October 23, 2009

We are leaving for Europe on 11/12/09. We booked non-refundable flights on 6/14/09.

This is the issue. I had a TIA on 8/31/09. Following several hours in the ER on 8/31, I’ve seen my doctor several times and had many tests to determine the area of concern. I am now taking medications to control my blood pressure, cholesterol levels and anti-coagulation. The last time I saw the doctor was 10/22/09.

Question: If I promise to not file a claim for these routine TIA treatments, can I get trip insurance to cover me if something very unexpected and expensive happens with my TIA? Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

I’m sorry to tell you that nothing with your TIA will be covered because you’re past the pre-existing condition waiver deadlines.

The problem with being past the pre-existing condition waiver deadlines is that any medical condition you have in the “Lookback Period” must be “Medically Stable”.

“Medically Stable” means that in the 60, 90 or 180 days (depending on the provider) prior to the day you buy travel insurance, there can’t have been any medical condition which:

  1. Manifested itself, became acute or exhibited symptoms which would have caused one to seek diagnosis, care or treatment;
  2. Required the taking of prescribed drugs or medicine, unless the condition for which the prescribed drug or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription; or
  3. Required medical treatment or treatment was recommended by a legally qualified physician.

If 1, 2 or 3 apply and you’re past the first 14 or 21 days after you made your initial trip deposit or more than 24 Hours after you paid your final trip payment, you won’t have any coverage for claims from that pre-existing medical condition.

You can learn more about the Lookback Period here.

And, even though your offer to not file a claim is a kind offer, insurance companies don’t accept offers like this.

I hope this makes sense. If you want the right travel insurance advice, call us at 1-888-407-3854 and we'll help you figure it all out.

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