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Jim Waited Too Long to Get Travel Insurance

My wife and I are cruising from New Orleans on 1/17/10 on NCL. I have learned that my mom has just been diagnosed with pneumonia and has been admitted to the hospital. Now I worry that, worst case, I might need to cancel the cruise. What plan would cover reimbursement of trip cost? Jim

Hi Jim,

I hope your Mother recovers quickly.

Unfortunately, you cannot get any travel insurance that will cover you as you are past the deadlines to cover your Mother’s illness. What she has is now defined as a pre-existing condition.

Your only option is to wait until your Mother recovers from the pneumonia & any related conditions. When this happens I have one plan that can cover an unexpected recurrence of a non-traveling family member’s pre-existing condition.

For your future information, if you get trip cancellation travel insurance at least a day before you or a relative gets unexpectedly ill or injured you will have coverage.

** Steve’s followup note: the reason Jim’s past the deadlines is because he’s leaving in just 34 days and his cruise has been paid in full as of today 12/14/09.

If he was still before his final payment, we have 3 plans that could cover his Mother’s pre-existing condition.

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