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Homeopathy – Quackery or Real Medicine?

Posted by Steve Dasseos

I knew when I read Dr. Mercola’s post on Homeopathy that others need to read this, too.

I first learned about homeopathy from my Grandma in 1977. In fact, when I was growing up I thought my Grandma was a doctor. She was always “prescribing” things to help her, her family and friends feel better. It was a huge surprise to me when in junior high I found out my Grandma wasn’t a doctor!

Besides homeopathy, my Grandma introduced me to many other alternative, but widely accepted, effective medical practices. Many of these have helped me personally, too.

That’s the reason I enjoyed Amy L. Lansky, PhD’s article “Why Skeptics Love to Hate Homeopathy” and found it very helpful.

Here Are Some Homeopathy Basics:

Homeopathic practice is based on a single law of therapeutics called the Law of Similars. This law states that a substance that can cause the symptoms of a disease can also cure it. In fact, that’s exactly what word ‘homeopathy’ means: similar (‘homeo’) suffering (‘pathy’). For example, one reason that the remedy Coffea Cruda (made from coffee) can be curative for insomnia is that coffee can cause sleeplessness. Interestingly, allopaths sometimes utilize the Law of Similars, but are unaware of it when they do and are perplexed by the phenomenon.

Ask any conventional doctor why Ritalin (a substance that would normally cause hyperactivity) can treat hyperactivity in children, and they’ll scratch their heads in confusion. Ask a homeopath, and it’s a no-brainer: the Law of Similars.

Read the rest of Amy L. Lansky, PhD’s article “Why Skeptics Love to Hate Homeopathy” here.

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