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How To Give Your Pet an at Home Wellness Exam

How to Perform an at Home Wellness Exam on Your Pet
By Dr. Karen Becker

We have a 6 year old Bischon-Poodle mixed breed dog named “Buddy”. This is our second Bischon-Poodle. Unfortunately, we had to put “Katy” to sleep in 2005. If you’ve held a pet as he / she’s put to sleep you’ll understand me when I say that it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

We’ve always taken good care of pets, so I was thrilled to find Dr. Becker’s video showing what to do. It’s very helpful.

Steps for Performing an At-Home Pet Exam

Perform the exam in a relaxed environment when your pet is not stressed or excited, or after an exercise session or nap (when they’re likely to be sleepy and ready to relax). Put them on your lap, start with the tip of their nose, and work your way to the tip of their tail.

– First, check the nose for debris and take note of whether it is wet or dry
– Take a look to see whether there is abnormal eye discharge
– Check whether your pet’s pupils are symmetrical and look at the whites of their eyes
– How to examine its mouth examined
– Check the jaw line to see if it feels normal
– Look at their claws and the pads of their feet
– Gently Palpate their belly to look for lumps and notice if your pet seems to experience discomfort

I hope this helps you and your pet.

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