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Does Travel Insurance Cover the BP Oil Spill?

We are planning on renting a house in Alabama. Which trip cancellation plans will cover us if the beaches are fouled with oil?

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill following the April 20, 2010 explosion on the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Deepwater Horizon is a man-made disaster. Unfortunately, man-made disasters are not a covered reason to cancel or interrupt your trip.

Therefore, the only kind of trip cancellation plan you can get that will cover you at all is one with the “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage. Keep in mind that it’s a “Cancel For Any Reason” and not “Interrupt For Any Reason” plan. Click here to learn more.

That means that you must cancel your trip, for a reason that’s not covered, more than two days (some plans) or fortyeight hours (other plans) prior to Your Scheduled Departure Date. Depending on which plan you get, you will receive a maximum of 75% or 80% of the money you lose at the time you cancel your trip.

Are you interested in following the progess on the Deepwater Horizon Response? Click here to see their Facebook page.

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