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Why Does My Trip Cancellation Coverage End on My Departure Date?

Steve, I received my travel insurance confirmation and I am very concerned because it says that my Trip Cancellation Expiration Date is July 31 which is the day I leave on my trip. Can you please explain this? Thanks, Karen

Hi Karen,

The reason your travel insurance confirmation says your Trip Cancellation Expiration Date is your departure date is because once you leave on your trip you cannot have a cancellation. Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 am on the day after you buy a policy and it ends when you leave home.

Once you leave home, you are technically on your trip. This means that if you have to return home early, you will now have a trip interruption.

While Trip Interruption coverage is very similar to Trip Cancellation coverage, a trip cancellation can only can happen before you leave.

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