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What is the Difference Between Trip Cancellation and Trip Cancellation for Any Reason?

The Trip cancellation coverage means some covered reason causes you to cancel your trip. The “Cancel For Any Reason / Change Your Mind” is an optional upgrade that allows you to cancel your trip for any reason including ones that are not normally covered reasons. If you have a “Cancel For Any Reason” claim, it will simplify your claim if you enter the reason for cancellation as “I changed my mind”.

The normally covered reasons to cancel a trip include you, a close family member or a traveling companion gets unexpectedly hurt or sick before you leave (if it’s one of the travelers make sure they see their doctor in person because their doctor must say they can’t travel). If you insured your prepaid non-refundable trip costs, Travel Insurance reimburses you the money you lose. This can include pre-existing medical conditions.

Other events that could cause you to cancel your trip are: Your travel supplier unexpectedly ceases operation, you are laid off, you are required to work, terrorism at your destination, bad weather, hurricanes, natural disasters or unexpected jury duty.

The timing of when something happens determines if it’s a trip cancellation or trip interruption. If the covered reason happens as early as the day after you buy your trip cancellation insurance policy from us (that was a shameless plug), and before you leave, it’s a trip cancellation. If it happens after you leave, it’s a trip interruption.

Here’s my detailed page with a lot more information on the “Cancel For Any Reason / Change Your Mind” plans: https://tripinsurancestore.com/cancel-for-any-reason-travel-insurance-plans.

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