What is Repatriation of Remains Coverage?

by Steve Dasseos on April 16, 2008

I am going on an organized tour in Asia. The tour operator requires that each person have $75,000 insurance for “repatriation of remains”. Even though I would just as soon leave my remains in Asia, I do want to go on the tour! I looked at your plan comparisons and I can’t see any that specify insurance for repatriation of remains. Which plans offer it? Jane

“Repatriation” means “to bring or send back to his or her country or land of citizenship.”

All our plans include “repatriation” as part of the Emergency Evacuation or Transportation coverage. There are 2 different kinds of repatriation coverage in our plans:

1) Medical Repatriation: Something bad happens to you and you are sent home, for example, via an air ambulance

2) Repatriation of Remains: Something even worse happens to you (you pass away) and your body is transported home

We often hear “I would just as soon leave my remains in _____”, but the reality is that if you passed away, you are removed from the decision-making process. I’m sure your relatives would rather have you repatriated back home. It wouldn’t be fair for them to have to pay the expense, so that’s why all our travel insurance plans include “repatriation”.

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