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How Does Travel Insurance Cover a Vacation House Rental?

This is new to me but we are renting a condo next year in Florida for a total of $6,000. There is no cancellation clause in the lease, which we have’t signed yet. Is there any kind of protection we can buy in case of cancellation? We don’t plan on it, but you never know. Sherry

Travel insurance covers prepaid and nonrefundable trip costs. Since the owner isn’t asking for a deposit, then you won’t have any prepaid non-refundable trip costs to cover.

In addition, since there’s no wording that specifically states the dollar amount of money that you would lose for forfeit if you left early, then as the agreement stands there isn’t any trip cost that you can cover with travel insurance.

I suspect that the owner thinks his wording clearly states that you are obligated to pay all or part of the $6,000 for the rental. However, I don’t think a travel insurance company will agree with the owner based on the wording you sent me.

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