Use Your Frequent Flier Miles

by Steve Dasseos on February 4, 2008

We have a lot of NWA Frequent Flier miles. We’ve been lucky using them as we have gotten some great free flights over the past 8 years. But our luck seems to have run out.

Ten months ago we tried to plan a family vacation via the NWA website, but no matter how hard we tried, the best we could do was to get 3 tickets on the same flight (we needed 4). After much frustration we called NWA where the agent was happy to help us (for a $60 fee). She got the flights in just a few minutes!

Here’s some additional important information from Joe Brancatelli , too: Frequent Flier Fallacies

And, if you do get a trip with Frequent Flier miles, here’s how Frequent Flier miles are covered with travel insurance.

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