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I Have Great News

Before I tell you the good news, if you don’t like hearing about anything supernatural or religious, I suggest you don’t read any further. I am not telling you what to believe because you have the right to make up your own mind. It’s out of respect I am telling you this first.

Last week my Dad went to the doctor due to discomfort in his abdomen. The CT scan revealed a golf ball sized growth in the upper lobe of my Dad’s pancreas. Generally, anything with the pancreas is bad, so my family and others started praying for him. That included my children and I praying over the phone for him.

As you can imagine, this was in my mind all the time, so late on Sunday April 29, 2012 I put this on my Facebook page:

“Please pray for my Dad & Mom. Their names are Jim & Marilyn. A golf ball sized growth was just found in the upper lobe of my Dad’s pancreas. On May 1st they see a specialist to find out more. Rather than waiting to tell you what was found, and being desperate for a miracle, I’m putting this out there as a prayer request with the hope that the specialist says to my Dad, ‘Jim, there’s nothing to worry about. I can’t find whatever appeared on the CT scan.’ ”

Thank you to everyone who responded, whether you told us or not!

Very early today, May 3, 2012, I put this on my Facebook page:

“My Dad got great news later yesterday: the biopsy today showed there’s no cancer or anything else negative! Thank you everyone for all your prayers! We are very thankful. And, my Dad said he knows he received a miracle.”

Again, thank you to everyone for their prayers, good thoughts and compassion. If you happen to know my parents, and talk to them, they didn’t know about the Facebook part because I un-friended my Mom. I wanted it to be a surprise. She probably knows about it now, but I haven’t exactly told her. 😉

Bye for now,

Steve Dasseos

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