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Don’t Waste $429 on Un-Needed Trip Cancellation Insurance

My name is Kathy. I am interested in low cost trip cancellation insurance to cover the costs shown below in case we need to cancel our trip and also to have our mileage reinstated in that event. Ages 72 & 66, our per person cost is $3500 for hotels, car and plane tickets:

  • We bought our flight on reward points on April 12, 2012
  • The hotel we have booked will be paid on the date we arrive there, 6-11-12
  • We live in California
  • We pay our car rental after we drop the car off

Hi Kathy,

Trip cancellation insurance reimburses you the money you lose if you cancel or interrupt your trip for a covered reason. If your costs are prepaid & non-refundable they are insurable. However, it looks like you have no prepaid and non-refundable costs:

  • The credit points aren’t insurable
  • You pay your hotel after you arrive so that’s not prepaid. In addition, if you have a penalty assessed to you if you fail to show up, it’s still not insurable because it’s not prepaid.
  • Your car rental isn’t prepaid

I’d be happy to sell you a low cost ($429) trip cancellation travel insurance plan if I knew it would benefit you. However, since you have no prepaid and non-refundable trip costs, the $429 trip cancellation insurance would be a complete waste of $429 for you. Therefore, don’t waste your money buying a trip cancellation insurance plan.

The reason I’m being picky here is because I don’t want you spend $429 on travel insurance that wouldn’t pay you if you had a claim.

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