How To Avoid A Common Pickpocketing Trick

by Steve Dasseos on March 24, 2008

Since is open 7 days a week including holidays, somebody has to be available to answer the phones. So I worked on Easter. In case you’re wondering if I spent time with my family, yes I did. I don’t sit by the phone the whole time. I use voicemail if I’m unavailable and of course I call everyone back.

Yesterday I had 2 calls from unrelated people who had their wallets stolen. One was in Rome and the other was in Paris. That got me thinking about Pickpocketing.

I found this wording at How Stuff Works: “Pickpocketing is one of the oldest and most widespread crimes in the world. The appeal is its relative safety: A skilled pickpocket can make off with just as much money as an armed robber, without much danger of confrontation or risk of being identified in a line-up. By the time the victim realizes what’s happened, the pickpocket is long gone. And since no weapons are involved, pickpockets who do get caught face minimal jail time.”

I hope what I wrote today protects you and your loved ones.

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