How Does Travel Insurance Define A Trip?

by Steve Dasseos on March 26, 2008

My wife and I are flying to Europe on April 8. We will return to our home on April 23 then fly to Detroit, Michigan on April 25 then return to our home on April 27. These trips are interrelated and involve seeing our children and delivering a gift purchased in Europe. Will your flight insurance plan cover this entire event from April 8 to April 27? Thank you, Michael

Hi Michael,

No, because returning home April 23 means that trip has ended. Departing April 25 begins a new trip. Most travel insurance plans define a trip like this:

“Trip” means a period of travel away from home to a Destination outside the Insured’s city of residence; the purpose of the Trip is business or pleasure and is not to obtain health care or treatment of any kind; the Trip has defined departure and return dates specified when the Insured applies.

Since you have 2 different trips, you will have to get a separate flight or travel insurance plans for each trip. The only exception is to get an Annual flight insurance plan.

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