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Help – My Travel Insurance Claim Was Denied!

I didn’t buy travel insurance from you. The company is ______. I need your help: I needed medical treatment on my cruise, but now the insurer is telling me it wasn’t medically necessary and is denying the claim. Can you help me? The company who sold it to us says we have to deal with the insurance company directly. Lisa

Hi Lisa, I’m sorry to hear what’s happened. I can help a little, but not much.

Unfortunately, the company you bought your travel insurance plan from isn’t one of the selected, trusted, pre-screened travel insurance plans I use. The reason I don’t use them is because I feel they have restrictive medical conditions coverage.

When I say “restrictive medical conditions coverage” – this is my opinion. However, my opinion is the only one that counts at TripInsuranceStore.com.

You might consider contacting the insurance department of the state you live in to see if they can help you since they regulate any insurance company doing business in your state.

Call us next time you’re taking a trip. We watch out for our clients:

“Client” means one that depends on the protection of another, one who leans on another for protection – we will protect you. This means we protect you from getting the wrong policy. If a travel insurance policy won’t cover what you want covered (ie – a waste of your money) we will tell you the truth.

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