Frequent fliers: No more free ride

by Steve Dasseos on September 8, 2008

Frequent fliers: No more free ride

As I’ve written in previous posts (Happy Valentine’s Day From Your Frequent Flier Accounts and Airlines Have New Frequent Flier Fees) the airline are making it more expensive to redeem your Frequent Flier miles.

Now, today 9/8/08, Aaron Smith, staff writer wrote a good article on what effect the higher oil prices are having on the fees to cash in your Frequent Flier miles:

“As a struggling airline industry looks for new ways to alleviate high fuel costs, it is becoming increasingly difficult for passengers to cash in miles and expect them to cover the cost of a ticket.

On Sept. 15, Northwest Airlines (NWA, Fortune 500) is set to impose fuel surcharges on its WorldPerks frequent flier program, including fees of $25 within North America, $50 for trans-Atlantic flights, $100 for trans-Pacific, $75 for flights within Asia and the South Pacific, and $50 for all other itineraries.

You can read Aaron Smith’s entire article here.

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