Ed’s Frequent Flyer Re-deposit Fee Isn’t Covered

by Steve Dasseos on December 2, 2010

I have no trip costs, hence my $0 trip cost, as I am using frequent flyer miles. Do your plans cover the cost of redepositing miles in a frequent flyer account if miles were used to pay for travel? Thanks for your very informative website, Ed

Not if you insure a $0 trip cost. A $0 trip cost means there’s no trip cancellation nor trip interruption coverage.

If you want a plan to pay the frequent flyer re-redeposit fee should you cancel or interrupt your trip for a covered reason, you’ll need to insure your full prepaid & non-refundable trip costs including the taxes paid on your frequent flyer miles.

Here’s more information about insuring frequent flyer tickets and award travel:

For all my detailed oriented friends, technically, a $0 trip cost does have trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage. The reason I say there’s “no trip cancellation nor trip interruption coverage” is because if you multiply the $0 by the 100% trip cancellation benefit or the 150% trip interruption benedit, you have $0 at a $0 value. Therefore, for all practical purposes you have no trip cancellation nor trip interruption coverage.

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