It’s Too Late For Kathy To Get Travel Insurance

by Steve Dasseos on December 14, 2010

I think we’re out of luck, but I just want to double check!

On Nov 4 my husband and I made the first payment for a $1662 per person trip. He had been seeing a doctor now and again for years because of a slowly deteriorating leg problem. The doctor said that SOME DAY my husband was probably going to have to get a knee replacement, so we thought we’d better travel while we had the chance.

We did NOT pursue trip cancellation insurance, however, because we thought they would deny payment on account of my husband’s leg being a ‘pre-existing condition’

Well, since we finished getting airline tickets for our planned February trip to Italy, his situation RAPIDLY AND UNEXPEXTEDLY became worse, and just yesterday (Dec. 9, 2010) he DID have to have the knee-replacement surgery!

And now, of course, we are wondering if he will be ABLE to do the planned trip at all.

Is this something that would be now classified as an “emergency accident ” that WOULD be covered – should we be unable to take the planned trip? Could we still get cancellation coverage, and would they pay should we decide it’s just not possible for him to travel by February. Or would they revert back to the ‘pre-existing condition excuse?

Please tell me the truth. Thanks!


“Hi Kathy,

Thanks for visiting and writing. Don’t worry, I will tell you the truth.

First, had you purchased any of our plans on Nov. 4th or some plans as late as Dec. 4, 2010, they would have covered trip cancellation for your husband’s knee.

I may still have plans that could cover you, but the problem is that your husband isn’t currently able to travel today. Being able to travel when you buy the policy is an important, but often overlooked, requirement of all travel insurance plans.

Has his doctor given you any idea when he can travel?”

Kathy wrote me back this on Monday Dec. 13, 2010:

We don’t know when he can travel. Richard and I are in Mexico, where he had the knee surgery done, and where we’ll be until February! We’re leaving the hospital tomorrow, though.

I wrote Kathy back with this:

“Based on your husband’s condition, none of our plans will cover him. I hope Richard recovers quickly.”

Looking back, it seems foolish that Kathy didn’t get trip cancellation coverage. But, that’s too harsh of a judgement on her considering that “The doctor said that SOME DAY my husband was probably going to have to get a knee replacement, so we thought we’d better travel while we had the chance.”

The bigger problem is that Richard’s lack of being able to travel is the issue. Could Kathy have bought a trip cancellation policy? Yes, any company would be happy to take her money. The problem is getting the claim paid if needed.

Becky, Deanna, Mary or myself wouldn’t sell her a policy since we know the claim will be denied, but I don’t know of anyone else who would refuse to take the order.

You’ve probably seen this on

“Client” means one that depends on the protection of another, one who leans on another for protection – we will protect you. This means we protect you from getting the wrong policy. If a travel insurance policy won’t cover what you want covered (ie – a waste of your money) we will tell you the truth.

I hope this makes sense. If you want the right travel insurance advice, call us at 1-888-407-3854 and we'll help you figure it all out.

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