Don’t Miss Tonight’s Total Eclipse of the Moon

by Steve Dasseos on December 20, 2010


A Sky-High Lunar Eclipse
It’s been almost three years since those of us in North America saw a total lunar eclipse.

Visibility of December’s lunar eclipse
North and Central America see the entire eclipse from start to finish. Europe, Australia, and East Asia can only observe some of it due to the Moon setting or rising.

Now the whole continent is in for another on Monday night and Tuesday morning, December 20-21. Earth’s shadow will totally engulf the Moon from 2:41 to 3:53 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, or 11:41 p.m. to 12:53 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, as shown in the timetable below. The partial phases of the eclipse will last for a little more than an hour beforehand and afterward.

Read the entire Sky and Telescope article here.

I hope you get to enjoy this eclipse. I’ll be up. Maybe we can watch it together from different places?

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