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Do I Have to Disclose Private Information if I Have a Claim?

If I had to cancel my trip, will your trip cancellation plans give me back all the money I’d lose for my airfare, cruise, excursions & hotel costs with no questions asked? I guard my privacy and I won’t disclose personal information. Jamie

Jamie, If you want to protect your privacy, I suggest you do not get a travel insurance plan. Just self-insure so you can keep your personal details private.

If you do decide to get a trip cancellation travel insurance policy, you will be giving up your right to privacy. That’s because if you are asking an insurance company to pay a claim that could easily be tens of thousands of dollars (big medical claim, evacuation & trip interruption), you will have to disclose a lot of private information.

No insurance company is going to “take your word” and send you any money without substantiating proof.

For example, if you have a claim, the travel insurance company will want to know, at a minimum, this information:

– Your name, address and other contact information
– Were you able to travel when you bought the insurance?
– Did you buy it within the deadline?
– Did you insure your trip’s cost?
– Do you have proof you prepaid the trip & that you didn’t get a refund?
– Do you have other medical insurance?
– What were the exact circumstances that lead to your loss?
– Copies of your medical records relating to your claim Attending Physicians Statements.

In addition, there are a lot more pieces of information you may have to supply.

As you can see, it’s a trade-off. If you want to prevent a potential loss of tens of thousands of dollars, you will have to give up your private information.

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