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Santa Claus Gets Free Travel Insurance For Christmas 2011

What if Santa gets sick or injured and can't deliver his presents this year? Or what if Santa gets hit by a cement truck at the North Pole? Santa doesn't have to worry because he's getting free travel insurance for Christmas 2011.

"Santa Claus is such a vital part of Christmas, it'd be a tragedy if something happened to him and he had to cancel his trip", says Steve Dasseos, a leading travel insurance authority. "Everybody just assumes Santa's showing up. Once we found out Santa hadn't thought of getting travel insurance, we decided to give it to him free of charge."

2011 isn't the first year TripInsuranceStore.com has given Santa Claus free travel and trip insurance. Steve Dasseos has provided Santa's travel insurance every year since 2000. Before 2000, Santa never had travel insurance. Steve says "I guess no one ever thought of giving it to Santa."

In addition, TripInsuranceStore.com gives free travel insurance to Cupid, the Easter Bunny, Father Time, Mother Nature and the Tooth Fairy. TripInsuranceStore.com is the Official travel insurance sponsor for the Fellowship of Super Hero and Imaginary Characters. Doesn't it make sense that the Trip Insurance Guru takes care of all these?

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