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Travelex’s Travel Select has its strengths & quibbles:

Why Buy It? Quibbles
Round bullet pointThe Travel Select has $50,000 First Payer Emergency Medical & $500,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation. Round bullet point Travelex’s medical coverage ends after you return home
Round bullet point You have to get the Travel Select within 21 days of your initial trip deposit date to cover stable pre-existing medical conditions and get the Active Family, Adventure Plus & Professional Paks. Round bullet point Travelex does not cover trips to, or cruises who port in the following OFAC destinations: Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria.
Round bullet point Children under age 21 are covered at no additional cost for up to a $10,000 maximum trip cost when accompanied by a covered adult family member; limit of 1 child per 1 adult. Round bullet point If a child’s trip cost exceeds $10,000 or any adult’s trip cost, the child’s share of the premium will be equal to what a 21 year old will pay.
Round bullet point The Travelex Select plan covers stable pre-existing medical conditions of family members who are not scheduled or booked to travel with you. Round bullet point The waiver of the pre-existing medical conditions exclusion does not override this General Exclusion: “a diagnosed sickness from which no recovery is expected and which only palliative treatment is provided and which carries a prognosis of death within 12 months of your Effective Date; Sickness, Injury or Death if insurance is purchased after entering a hospice facility or receiving hospice treatment.”
Round bullet point The lowest trip cost you can cover is $0. This means you won’t have any trip cancellation, nor pre-existing conditions coverage. You have $1,000 Return Air only. Round bullet point The Missed Connection coverage only covers you for Cruise departures ($1,000 after a 3 hour delay)
Round bullet point Travel Select has a 60 day pre-existing medical conditions Lookback Period
Round bullet point Advance payment will be made to a Hospital, if needed to secure Your admission to a Hospital because of a covered Sickness or Injury which first occurs during the course of the Covered Trip.
Round bullet point The maximum trip cost you can insure is $25,000 per person
Round bullet point You have a 10 day Free Look Period
Round bullet point Trip interruption is 150% of the covered trip cost.
Round bullet point Travelex’s maximum trip length is 180 days.
Round bullet point If your travel supplier cancels the covered trip, you are covered up to $200 for the reissue fee charged by the airline for your tickets. You must have covered the entire trip cost of the covered trip including the airfare.
Travelex is 1 of the 6 companies we trust
If you already know you want the Travel Select plan, click here for Travel Select’s secure online order form. You call us toll free at 1-888-407-3854 to order over the telephone, too.

TravelexTravel Select covers you for $50,000 First Payer Emergency Medical (you can get $75,000 total as an optional upgrade), $500,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation & 150% Trip Interruption. 10 day money back Smile of Satisfaction Guarantee. Available to all US residents or citizens including APO addresses.

Travel Select’s Certificate of Insurance:

Travel Select’s Description of Coverage
A brief description is below. For complete coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, select the desired Travel Select Certificate of Insurance. You can view or download Travelex’s Certificates with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Ready to Order? It’s easy (and safe) to order online or over the telephone – just call Deanna, Becky, Kim or Steve toll free at 1-888-407-3854 or 816-282-6858. Click here for the Travel Select secure online order form

Here’s What the Travel Select plan covers:

Plan Name Travel Select
Secure online order form link (you don’t pay extra fees using us) Go to the Travel Select secure online order form
Who can get this? US Residents and US Citizens Only
Money Back Guarantee 10 days
Trip Cancellation (per person) Up to the insured amount
Trip Interruption (per person) Up to 150% of the insured amount
First Payer Emergency Medical (per person) – Travelex can advance payment to a medical facility if needed to secure Your admission (this doesn’t mean paying your full bill). $50,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation (per person) $500,000
Emergency Dental Treatment for Accidental Injury (per person) $750
Your deadline to waive the Pre-Existing Medical Condition exclusion Your Initial Trip Deposit Date plus 21 days
Pre-Existing Condition Lookback Period 60 Days
Travel Baggage (per person) $1000
Travel Baggage Delay (per person) $250 after 12 hour delay
Trip Delay (per person) $750 after a 5 hour delay
Missed Cruise Connection (per person) $750 after a 3 hour delay for Cruise departure
24-hr Accidental Death & Dismemberment (per person) $25,000
Rental Car Collision / Loss Damage Waiver Yes, in the $59 Transportation Pak upgrade: Collision Damage Waiver $35,000
24-hour Assistance Services Yes
Additional Flight Accident Insurance Yes, in the $59 Transportation Pak upgrade: Flight Accident AD&D $200,000 per person
Travel Supplier Financial Default Bankruptcy and/or Default of Your Travel Supplier which occurs more than fourteen (14) days following Your Effective Date is covered
Terrorist Incident coverage in Itinerary City Yes
Here’s some more information about the Optional Upgrade Paks: You have 21 days after your initial trip deposit date to get the Active Family, Adventure Plus and Professional Paks. They must be added at the time of original plan purchase – you cannot add it later See the Description of Coverage for all the Optional Upgrade Paks’ specific policy language • $49 Active Family: Protects against weather related cancellations or delays in sporting competitions while waiving base plan exclusions on professional athletics activities and motor competitions. Includes reimbursement of tuition fees for the traveling student. The Pak includes coverage for cancellation of child care arrangements, additional kennel coverage costs & movie rental reimbursement for overnight delays along with internet usage fees.
• $49 Adventurer Plus Pak: Provides a rental allowance in case of lost, stolen or damaged sporting equipment. Waives base plan exclusions such as skydiving, mountain climbing, bungee cord jumping, parachuting, hang gliding and more. Includes an additional $25,000 in medical coverage and helpful services.
• $99 Professional Pak: Covers for trip cancellation and interruption for business reasons and protection on some lost, stolen or damaged professional equipment. Reimburses for airline club usage and internet usage fees if a trip is delayed.
• $59 Transportation Pak: Provides two great benefits – $200,000 flight accident coverage per person and $35,000 rental car damage coverage per plan.
Insurance Underwriter Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company (A- Rated)
Secure online order link (you don’t pay extra fees using us) Go to the Travel Select secure online order form

Ready to Order? It’s easy (and safe) to order online or over the telephone – just call Deanna, Becky, Kim or Steve toll free at 1-888-407-3854 or 816-282-6858. Click here for the Travel Select secure online order form

Here are the Travel Select prices:

Take note of this important Travel Select Plan pricing information:

  • $0 Trip Cost band does not include Trip Cancellation. You have $1,000 Trip Interruption coverage
  • The maximum trip cost you can insure with the Travel Select plan is $25,000 per person
  • The table below contains rates for Trip costs up to $10,000 per person.
  • It’s the same price for a trip of up to 30 days in length
  • For trips from 31 – 180 days, add $8 per day per person
  • Here’s the Travel Select plan’s secure online order form

The Travel Select Plan’s Prices:

Per Person Trip Cost Ages 0 – 34 35 – 59 60 – 69 70 – 79 80+
$0 $28 38 55 69 126
$1-500 $34 47 65 78 148
$501-1,000 $52 65 85 125 217
$1,001-1,500 $67 87 116 173 274
$1,501-2,000 $90 113 157 231 351
$2,001-2,500 $113 139 194 284 430
$2,501-3,000 $136 166 232 339 508
$3,001-3,500 $158 182 269 390 590
$3,501-4,000 $179 196 307 450 696
$4,001-4,500 $199 219 373 505 774
$4,501-5,000 $224 245 422 562 874
$5,001-5,500 $258 288 472 652 1,021
$5,501-6,000 $281 327 504 698 1,180
$6,001-6,500 $316 349 554 773 1,378
$6,501-7,000 $340 393 595 826 1,746
$7,001-8,000 $381 433 700 979 2,041
$8,001-9,000 $433 474 777 1,097 2,075
$9,001-10,000 $457 515 807 1,221 2,118
$10,001-11,000 $485 561 855 1,249 2,174
$11,001-12,000 $514 606 907 1,337 2,305
$12,001-13,000 $545 648 961 1,430 2,443
$13,001-14,000 $577 687 1,009 1,530 2,565
$14,001-15,000 $612 728 1,060 1,630 2,693
$15,001-16,000 $649 772 1,113 1,728 2,828
$16,001-17,000 $688 819 1,168 1,831 2,969
$17,001-18,000 $729 868 1,227 1,941 3,118
$18,001-19,000 $773 920 1,288 2,058 3,274
$19,001-20,000 $819 975 1,352 2,181 3,437
$20,001-21,000 $868 1,033 1,420 2,312 3,609
$21,001-22,000 $920 1,095 1,491 2,451 3,790
$22,001-23,000 $975 1,161 1,566 2,573 3,979
$23,001-24,000 $1,034 1,231 1,644 2,702 4,178
$24,001-25,000 $1,096 1,305 1,726 2,837 4,387
The Travel Select Plan’s Rates are subject to Change

Click here for the Travel Select secure online order form


Ready to Purchase? It's easy and safe to purchase online or over the phone - just call Deanna, Becky, Kim or Steve at (888) 407-3854 or (816) 282-6858.

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