Will a Travel Date Change Void My Policy?

by Steve Dasseos on October 13, 2018

We changed our travel dates. Due to the delay in processing the change, the payment was not received within 14 days of booking and paying for the award flights. My concern is that the date change put us one day over the 30 day trip duration, so an additional $18 was required. My concern is that the delay in paying the $18 due to the date change may invalidate the pre-existing condition waiver, etc. Is my concern justified?

No, your concern is not justified. Date changes, including ones that result in a higher policy cost do not affect the pre-existing conditions coverage. In addition, award travel has a $0 insurable trip cost, so you didn’t add any additional non-refundable prepaid trip costs.

The only items that will affect the waiver of the pre-existing medical condition exclusion are:

  • Buying the policy within the deadline (within the first 14, 15 or 21 days after you pay your earliest trip payment for most plans or no later than 24 Hours after you make your final Trip payment for a few plans) and
  • You you must be “medically able to travel” when you buy your policy and
  • You insure at least your trip’s full prepaid non-refundable trip cost (there are a few plans that don’t require this)

Another way to look at why a date change doesn’t void the waiver of the pre-existing medical condition exclusion is that it’s somewhat common that an airline changes departure and / or arrival dates. When you have a pre-departure date change, you need to adjust the dates on your trip insurance policy so that you are fully covered. These last-minute date changes do not affect the waiver of the pre-existing medical condition exclusion.

You may learn more about Pre-existing Medical Condition exclusions here: https://tripinsurancestore.com/how-travel-insurance-pre-existing-medical-conditions-coverage-works/

I hope this made sense. If you have any questions about travel insurance, email Steve (me), The Travel Insurance Guru, here.

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