What Is Travel Insurance? (part 2)

by Steve Dasseos on October 16, 2007

I ended my last entry with this:What Commonly Is Called Travel Insurance?

  • travel health / medical
  • trip cancellation
  • flight accident
  • baggage / luggage
  • rental car damage waivers
  • evacuation plans

Learn what these coverages are:

Travel health / medical covers you if you are hurt or get sick when you are traveling outside your country of residence. Generally, these plans have a deductible and copay. They rarely cover pre-existing conditions. If so, their definition of a pre-existing condition may be different form what you expect.

Trip cancellation plans include in a package these & other coverages: trip interruption, travel health, emergency evacuation and a wide range of other coverges. All Trip cancellation plans I know of are package plans even though articles sometimes appear advising people to get trip cancellation only plans. Click here to see how different plans compare.

Flight accident is life insurance. You have to die in a plane crash to collect on it. Some plans include medical benefits if you’re hurt in a plane crash, too. You can see flight insurance plans here.

Baggage / luggage coverage. You can get stand alone plans, but the drawback with these is that they usually don’t cover stolen luggage. However, a Trip cancellation / interruption package plan includes coverage for stolen luggage.

Rental car damage waivers – this is a 3rd party damage to a rental car plan available to most US residents. Instead of paying up to $30 a day, you can get one for $9 a day. We have a Rental car damage waiver plan here.

Evacuation plans – Emergency evacuation / transportation is included in many trip cancellation / interruption plans. What’s attractive about these plans is that if you are hospitalized you can be transported to the medical facility of your choosing. Medjet Assist’s the best known of the Evacuation plans.

That’s it for now.

I hope this makes sense. If you want the right travel insurance advice, call us at 1-888-407-3854 and we'll help you figure it all out.

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