Try A Repositioning Cruise When You Have Time

by Steve Dasseos on February 1, 2008

Repositioning cruises refer to when ships are shifted from one area of the world to another. For example, one hemisphere to another. Ships often move from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean in April or to Alaska in May. These ships usually return to the Caribbean in September.

Repositioning cruises are a good value, too. If you love cruising and have the time, consider a repositioning cruise:

– You can cruise from two to three weeks and sometimes for as long as a month
– You will enjoy many relaxing days on transatlantic and transpacific cruises. Being in open water means there are no ports of call. But, you won�t get bored because the cruise lines provide many activities like: seminars by guest speakers, movies, games, demonstrations (such as cooking) and activities designed specifically for that cruise.

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