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Tip #1 For Having a Successful Travel Insurance Claim

Since money isn’t ever quite as easy to get as it is to spend, I want to help you get the most out of your trip cancellation travel insurance policy. Here’s the first in a series of what you can do to help your travel insurance claim be processed quickly and correctly:

Tip #1: If you get sick or injured prior to or on your trip, it’s important you go to a doctor. If you don’t go to a doctor, the insurance company won’t believe you were sick or injured.

Why should you go to a doctor? It’s because of how travel insurance policies typically read:

“For Trip Cancellation benefits, an actual examination by a licensed Physician must take place before the cancellation is made. For Trip Interruption benefits, this examination must take place during Your Trip.”

If you’re thinking “Yes, this makes perfect sense” then you’ll do fine if this happens to you. However, you’d never believe how many people cancel or interrupt their trip because they get sick, yet never go to the doctor.

We regularly get calls from non-customers (they call because they know we’ll have the correct answer) asking for our help on their claim that’s not being paid. I’ve had people tell me: “I felt I was sick enough to cancel / to interrupt my trip so that’s what I did”. But, those same people write on the on the claim forms that they weren’t “so seriously sick to justify paying for an office visit to confirm what they already knew”.

Who expects the trip cancellation travel insurance company to pay their claim when they clearly state that they weren’t “so seriously sick to justify paying for an office visit…”?

Make sure what you tell the trip cancellation travel insurance company on the claim forms lines up with the facts of what happened. This is one example where telling the truth will help you.

PS – Here’s bonus tip: while you’re pondering making a claim, think through how you’ll explain it to the insurance company. If you’re missing any important information, I suggest you get the documentation right now while it’s fresh in your mind.

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