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2 Simple Ideas to Relax Your Wrists When Using a Mouse

A few weeks ago (2-25-08) I wrote a post telling you I decided I would learn to type better. And I’m doing just that.

I have 2 more tips for you. Over the years I’ve used two “tricks” to avoid using my mouse. That takes stress off my wrists which is always a good thing to do. Here are those tricks:

1) Trackball mice
2) Keyboard Shortcuts

1) Trackball mice: I use the Kensington cueball-sized trackball mice. I don’t get them new, since I’m more of a cheapskate (read: frugal). I always get used ones on ebay. I use the Kensington Expert Mouse on my Windows computers & the Kensington Turbo Mouse on my Macs.

2) Common Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows Operating Systems: Instead of using your mouse, try these shortcuts to save time and a whole lot of hand action!

#1 CTRL z – undo
#2 CTRL y – redo
#3 CTRL a – select all
#4 CTRL x – cut
#5 CTRL c – copy
#6 CTRL v – paste
#7 TAB–VERY USEFUL. takes you from one field to another, one “button” to another, one icon to another etc.
#8 SHIFT+TAB — it tabs you backward
#9 ESC — to cancel, or get rid of something like a box or window that popped up when you don’t need it.
#10 CTRL+ALT+DEL–reboots the computer � eventually. First, it’ll tell you what’s stuck.

The Mac uses similar Keyboard Shortcuts, though I didn’t list them here since different operating systems have different shortcuts.

I hope you find these tips helpful & they improve your wrists’ health.

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