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by Steve Dasseos on February 13, 2008

Hey Steve, You must hear of luxury travel websites from your clients & from your own research. Can you share some with me? Sid

You’re right Sid, I do have one luxury travel website I hear good things about. And there are 2 more mentioned below.

The one website I regulary hear about is Luxury Link. Luxury Link has luxury hotels and luxury resorts at auction. Here’s their link: Luxury Link. I’ve heard numerous good things about it.

Another good site if you want a very nice All-Inclusive in Mexico is Palladium Addict – this is the forum for the Grand Palladium Resort and Spa which is an all inclusive 5 star resort located in the Riviera Maya region of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. A lady named Brenda founded this website. I myself participate regularly in their Monday Night chat.

And here’s another one I found: Globorati – breaking luxury travel news. Visit Globorati here. Globorati’s articles are very well written and cover a number of topics. See for yourself.

If you have favorites, send them to me here and I’ll include them in future articles.

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