If You’re So Smart, Why Can’t You …

by Steve Dasseos on February 20, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert has a different way to think about creative genius

My good friend Amrit Hallan sent me this link and I’m thankful he did! For better or worse, I took intelligence tests in 4th grade. The results must’ve been good because in the years following many teachers told me they expected great things from me. The number of Cs, Ds & Fs on my report cards seemed to say otherwise.

In 1989 I was diagnosed with Klinefelter’s Syndrome and mild Tourette’s Syndrome. I was struggling with various challenges, so my doctor had me tested for learning disablities.

It turned out I didn’t have any. The doctor testing me said “without analyzing the results, I think it’s safe to say you don’t have any learning disablities”. His words came after 2 hours of him giving me tests with the instructions “Don’t worry about finishing. The tests are designed so that no one can finish them in the allotted time”. My issue was that I finished each test before the time was up.

Ever heard the phrase “If you’re so smart, why can’t you…”? I have. Now I have a better answer to that question. I don’t hear voices telling me what to do, but I have always been truthfully able to say that the ideas I get come from a source outside of me.

I sure hope Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk helps you:

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