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How To Learn To Type Better

I’m not much of a typist, though I am finally going to make the effort to get better at typing. I was using Mavis Beacon’s typing course in 2001, but once TripInsuranceStore.com took off, it seems like I haven’t had the time to learn to type. Truth be told, I have had the time, but this hasn’t been a priority (it was never even on my list).

Now my 10 year old’s learning typing in school and he’s at 35 wpm. I, on the other hand, just took a typing test and, without looking at the keys when I type (as I’m doing right now), I’m at 11 wpm with 12 errors which means my “calculated speed” is 0!

The website they use at his school is FreeTypingGame.net. It’s easy to use and if you need to get better at typing, it’s a good place to start.

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